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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th25at6.txt

Kenwood TH-25AT mods


On the TH-25AT:
(All frequencies given in MHz.)

R22 in
R28 out
This is how the radio is delivered in the USA.  TX 144-1, 141-163
(I think).

R22 out
R28 in
The radio tunes from 142-151.  This may be the modification given
to US MARS members.  I don't remember where the unit will transmit.  It
may or may not transmit outside the range from 144-148.

R22 in
R28 in
The radio tunes only from 144-148.

R22 out
R28 out
Frequencies may be selected from 100-200 MHz (on the display only - your
PLL will not lock up in this entire range).  In addition, TX is possible
where your PLL locks up.

R25 out
Removing R25 disables automatic offset selection.

R23 and R24 are used for selecting the step size for tuning.  I can't
remember which positions are for which step sizes, and alas I didn't
write down what I found.  If you want to play with this, go ahead.

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