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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th25at11.txt

Kenwood TH-25AT mods

On the TH-45AT:
(All frequencies are given in MHz.)

R18 in
R28 in
This is how the radio is delivered in the USA.  The radio covers
438-450 MHz.

R18 in
R20 out
The radio is prohibited from tuning outside 440-450 MHz.

R18 out
R28 in
The radio will only tune from 215-230 MHz.  Note that the PLL would not
lock up!  (What did you expect?)  Could it be possible that Kenwood
originally planned a 220 version of this radio, but then scrapped their

R18 out
R28 out
The radio will tune from 200-500 MHz (on the display only - your PLL
will not lock up over this entire range).  Transmitting is possible
anywhere your PLL will lock up.

I have found a quick and easy way to retune your PLL (in the TH45-AT)
with a minimum of test equipment.  All you need is a scope and a small
tuning tool.  First, take off the battery pack holder plate.  Then,
remove the silvery sticker covering the tuning pot access holes.  

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