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TUCoPS :: Radio :: th25at1.txt

Kenwood TH-25AT mods


The following information is for the modification of the Kenwood
TH-25AT 2 meter handheld. Thanks go to Brad Killebrew, N5LJV for
providing this modification. I have not tried this modification
so I can't verify that this will work.
The following modification will allow the TH-25AT to transmit
from 141.000 Mhz to 162.995 Mhz. Specifications are guaranteed
for the Amateur band only. The transceiver may require
realignment of the PLL circuits.
1. Disconnect the battery pack and antenna.
2. Remove the VOLUME, SQUELCH, and TUNING control knobs by
   pulling them straight up from the top panel.
3. Using a 7mm spanner wrench, remove the nut from the VOLUME
   control and the nut from the TUNING control.
4. Remove one screw located by the PTT switch.
5. Remove one screw located by the speaker jack.
6. Remove two screws from the battery terminal plate.


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