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Spy radio

                             THE LOS NUMEROS UPDATE

      MoonBeam Press        
      PO Box 149, Depart. BB
      Briarcliff Manor, NY  10510

                          On the plum in flower
                          By my eave,
                          The pale moon hangs               
                          At the dawning hour.            
                                           -- Tenro


      015UTC Monday, 01-21-90. "Foghorn" observed on the air-to-ground
      frequency of 6577 kHz.  As if AERINC didn't already have enough
      trouble, what with Numbers transmissions and other types of jammers.

      0200 UTC Monday, 01-21-90.  The electronic war (?) continues at a
      highly elevated level as 6577 kHz is bombarded - not only by the
      "Foghorn", but by a "Buzz Saw Jammer", and the usual 5-D Spanish
      transmission.  Said frequency being rendered totally useless for
      numerous aircraft in flight.

      WAKE UP, State Department!

      Exclusive to A*C*E - At some few times during the month of June,
      1989, the 5-D Spanish transmission on 6577 kHz was determined to
      be originating from within a 25-mile radius of Managua, Nicaragua.
      This information, as usual, from those sources that decline to be
                              * * * * * * * * * *

      * Numbers 101, Part 3 *

      Type 3 Transmission Formats
      "Atencion 133 00 30"   (repeated for several minutes)
      "30"                   (repeated for less than one minute)
       xxxxx xxxxx . . .     (ciphertext or crypt)
      "Final"                (repeated twice)

      The first three digits are the identifier, with the following two
      digits an unknown.  The last two digits before the crypt are the
      "group count" digits.  

      To the best of my knowledge, this transmission format is seldom
      heard - I would be very interested in reception reports from
      any of you who might encounter it.

      And speaking of reception reports, the *IDEAL* report would con-
      sist of the Identifier, Group Count and the first three and last
      5-digit groups of the crypt.  This in conjunction with the usual
      details regarding frequency, time in UTC, etc.  Now, while I
      realize that this is time consuming and out of the question for
      most - any of you who would be willing to spend the time would
      be contributing greatly to Numbers research efforts.

      If you listen very carefully to 5-digit and CW transmissions,
      you'll find that the pause after every tenth group is slightly
      longer than that between the other groups of the crypt.  If you 
      were to record the transmission at 2.4 cm and then play it back
      at 1.2 cm, you would notice the pause following the tenth          
      group to be very prominent.

      The number of groups is twelve per minute in 5-digit Spanish.
      The very same for 4-digit English and Spanish.  The only exception
      I've noted in this cadence is in the live, or non-computer
      generated 5-digit Spanish transmissions.


      Traditionally, our hobby has been dominated by the male of the
      species.  Look what we've been missing!  Well it's time to put
      those days behind us, guys - because the female of the species
      has much to offer this hobby and profession.

      First  - They look a hell of a lot better than we do.  
      Second - Their skill at ferreting out numbers transmissions
               is unparalleled.
      Third  - They just don't get involved in the stupid in-fighting
               that so many of us 'self-proclaimed experts' so often 
               find ourselves mixed up in.  More on in-fighting in
               a later edition of The A*C*E.

      Now I am fully aware that my stance on this issue will result
      in a hasty - and as usual, ill-prepared - meeting of NOG
      (National Organization of Guys) to immediately nish HM from
      saiorganization for ever and ever, amen.

      B that's okay, guys.  I'm sure that NOW (Nation Organiza-
      tion of Women), while perhaps skeptical at first, will eventually
      welcome me with open arms.  

      And just fortarters, here are just a few of the things YLs
      have contributed to the hobby - 

      . Potato-Chip, a DC-basedemme, who joins us every Saturday
        night on-line, is well versed in the ins and ts of the

      . Ira's Mom - w has her own shortwave radio (which she does
        NOT share with Ira) - indicates that she s discovered a
        relationship between Radio Havana Cuba and some few Numbers
        transmissions.  How about sharing the info, Mom?!

      . Thyss - a California-based YL who also joins us on Saturday
        nights.  Though only a beginner, she soaks up knowledge
       aster than one of Rosie's paper towels!

      . And lest we forget - there's the highly esteemed Lani Petit,
        whose shoes I am now attempting to fill.  Where are you
        Lani?  The high heels are bothering my feet - and the guys
        at NOG are giving me a rough time.

      . There are Pop'Comm's maven of Radio Nostalgia, Alice 
        Brannigan, Monitoring Times' Gayle Van Horn and Jean   
        Baker and Sharon Churcher and Trudy Miller of Penthouse.

      . There's Linda Reneau (KA1UKM) and Joyce Sawtelle of 73
        Amateur Radio Magazine and Carol Johnson of Portal Communi-

      . And then there's the indefatigable Kristin Kaye - of "Bits,
        Bytes & BBSs - who has lots and lots of the shadowy types who
        lurk about the Virginia countryside in a tizzy!

      Let's welcome them with open arms, guys - no pun intended,
      of course!

      AND NOW . . .  Since this is Ladies Day At The A*C*E, reception
      reports, for the most part, will be those of Kristin Kaye,
      of UeL fame (UeL - no relationship to PTL) - with an emphasis           
      on Slavic (?) Numbers transmissions - preceded by musical tones.

      4032 kHz   0600 UTC     AM    5-D    Slavic      kk/NY

      4881 kHz   0000 UTC     AM    5-D    Slavic      kk/NY

                 0600 (This parallel to 4032 kHz transmission above)

      To my knowledge, no one has ever positively identified this
      language.  Probably not Russian, says kk - no guttural sounds -
      Czech?  Serbo-Croatian?  We're just not sure.  Give a listen -
      this one is there practically every hour on the hour through
      the day and night.  Given propagation issues this one is very
      curious, indeed.


      John Fulford of FL and Zel Eaton of MO report Numbers trans-
      missions in the 32 MHz range.  Some years back, Numbers trans-
      missions were reported in the 40 MHz range.  I reported this
      in very small detail in "Uno, Dos, Cuatro."

      Strange things happening these evenings on 6840 kHz.  Maintain
      a close watch.  6802 kHz, after a long absence, once again
      active, and don't forget the mystery of 6835 kHz - shared by
      Air Force 1, Air Force 2, 5-D Spanish Numbers, and now - by
      a major electronics manufacturer which has just been granted
      an experimental license for this frequency.  Talk about 
      strange bedfellows . . .


     From: John Brewer
     Subject: Numbers Intercepts
     Date: Sat, 23-Dec-89 08:37:52 PST
     Lines: 45

     Date    Time     Freq/Mode     Comments
     15 DEC Z 0145z  6.824.8  AM    YL #s, interesting because of the fact
                                    that another YL station (#s), was 
                                    either mixing with, or being transmit-
                                    ted from the background.  The station
                                    appeared to have a different YL "voice"
                                    and different numbers being "read."
                                    Both stations disappeared after the
                                    "primary" YL station left the air.

                                    Format was "Atencion, Atencion,
                                    Atencion" followed by #s groups,
              {                      repeated, then numbers groups till
                                    end of transmission.


     John Fulford (WA4VPY), Zel Eaton, Jim Vickonoff, Ira Martin,
     Ira's Mom, Don Bishop, Mark Pierce, John Brewer and Kristin


      This month's Cosmic Spotlight shines on Ira's Mom.  Mom will be
      receiving a one-year subscription to Electronics Handbook, pub-
      lished by C&E Hobby Handbooks, courtesy of Havana Moon and "Los

      Next month's winner - to be selected at random, of course - will be
      the recipient of an original tape recording of one of the most
      unusual radio intercepts I have ever heard.  More about that below!
      Get those intercepts in!

                            * * * * * * * * * *

      There's been a truly peculiar transmission moving about the spect-
      rum lately, best described as a "Foghorn".  Well, could it be that
      the "Foghorn" is a new and sophisticated jamming device?  

      One recent Saturday Night while "Numbers Chasing" with the Amigas
      on "Los Numeros" we came across the "Foghorn" on 7920 kHz at 0500
      UTC.  Signal strength was very powerful, ranging from well over S9
      at my QTH to S7-S8 on the West Coast.  And that's not all.
      Underneath the "Foghorn" was a PAB (phonetic alphabet station)
      transmitting five character phonetic groups!  I noted the signal 
      strength of the Numbers Station to be around S7.  Reception was
      extremely weak in San Diego, and not heard at all in San Jose.       
      This (these) transmissions continued until approximately 0540 UTC.
      After the phonetic transmission ended, the "Foghorn" continued to

      The phonetic groups were broadcast by a YL using the standard inter-
      national phonetic alphabet but with decidedly non-standard pronuncia-

      Example:  LEE-MAH     (Lima)    NO-VEM-BEER  (November)
                EEN-DI-YAH  (India)   U-NEE-FORM   (Uniform)

      Use of non-standard pronunciation is an indication that the receive-
      site may use a voice-recognition system.

      Back to the "Foghorn" - it was later found jamming 6925.5 kHz, a
      known KKN50 frequency.  It was learned the following day that a
      complaint was filed by the State Department as a result of this

      A new form of jammer?  Who?  And why?  Any thoughts?

      An interesting sideline from Harry Helms - Harry says KKN50's
      marker transmission was greatly enhanced by this mysterious "Fog-
      horn" with nomadic tendencies.  Any ideas, folks?  It's got the
      self-appointed experts confused - this, much to their chagrin!
      And if you think this group is confused, you ought to see the
      tizzy the professionals are in . . .


      Ira Martin will become romantically linked to a world-famous
      female rock star.  This will lead to Mr. Martin's photo being
      plastered on the front page of many issues of The National

      Harry Helms sightings will become more frequent than Elvis sight-
      ings as he is seen scouring McDonald's dumpsters 
*      for Covert Corner material.  I beg of you, folks -
      don't let this happen.  YOU're in control.  Get Harry some
      reports before he has to move on to Burger King!

      The first Numbers transmission reception report received via a
      tooth filling will be logged by The A*C*E.  The sender of this
      report will immediately receive a crushed and empty Tecate can.
      Contents of said can will have been disposed of in HM's own 
      unique style (hic).

      John Fulford will get his check or money order off to The
      A*C*E for a membership - provided he is not molested by any more
      Mafia Dons.

      Ira's Mom will set The A*C*E record for Numbers reception reports
      while her son frolics on the Riviera with the above mentioned YL.

      And last - but certainly not least - Ed Anger, of Weekly World
      News fame - will be verbally attacked by Andre Provacateur.  Look
      out Ed - Provacateur's World has no room for you!  And you're
      going to be madder than Fred the Fed with no E-Mail system to
      invade!  And if you haven't yet picked up a copy of The Weekly World
      News - don't start now!

                              * * * * * * * * * *

      Well, folks - the intercept database is ready for distribution.
      It'll be available in two formats - one print-out by time, and
      another by frequency.  And for you Commodore users out there,
      a diskette-version will be made available at a later time, if
      demand warrants.

      Here's what you'll need to do:  Send a check or money order in
      the amount of $3.00 made payable to The A*C*E to the Club post
      office box.  Include a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope with
      your request.  PLEASE - no requests to my Chicago address
      directly.  Distribution methods will be worked
      out with Kirk.

      I'll assume all costs so that the entire $3.00 will go to The
      A*C*E Treasury.

      The first run is now in its final stages, and barring any unfor-
      seen computer snafus, will be ready a week to ten days after this
      issue of The A*C*E reaches you.

                           * * * * * * * * * *


      If you haven't done so already - be sure to pick up a copy of the
      February, 1990 edition of Popular Communications Magazine, and
      join me and John Fulford, for a "Magical Mystery Tour" of Miami's
      mysterious KKN39.  See it as a "KKN Station" has never before
      been seen.  And I mean that quite literally, folks!

      And contact Grove Enterprises for shipping and pricing information
      about the all new "Shortwave Directory."  This 1990 edition contains
      a new and revised Numbers section, courtesy of Yours Truly.

      George Zeller's 1990 edition of "The Pirate Directory" - soon to be
      available from Tiare Publications.

                              * * * * * * * * * *

      Special thanks to "Fred the Fed", The "Los Numeros" On-Line Amigas,
      and Olivier Schmidt of The Intelligence Newsletter for a recent
      profile of HM and Harry Helms.  Thanks, also, to Sweden Calling
      DX'ers, Fred Maia's W5YI Report and Wayne Green of 73 Amateur 
      Radio Magazine for recent mentions of "Los Numeros" and Portal

      Hope to see all of YOU on "Los Numeros" soon.  And by the way,
      you'll find The A*C*E Digest and Veried Response there - courtesy
      of Kirk Baxter and John Arthur!

      And don't forget, guys - introduce a YL to the hobby.  You'll be
      glad you did.  And as the legendary Gene Nobles, of WLAC fame
      used to say - "Titillate your sensibilities."

      We miss you - somewhere in time, Gene.  And as far as you guys at
      NOG are concerned, you can . . .

      See you at the Denny's on the Beach.  Time now for a Tecate and . . .

      On second thought, folks, I just might give up Tecate.  You see,
      while on the patio just now, I saw a huge, furry creature with
      beady eyes running up and down my Cable TV line - I just may
      switch to Kool-Aid - SharkleBerry Fin . . .

                           Havana Moon y Amigas

        (C) Copyright, 1990, MoonBeam Press.  All Rights Reserved.         

        This column initially appeared in the 1/90 Edition of The A*C*E
        Bulletin, a monthly publication of The Association of Clandestine
        Radio Enthusiasts.  For more information, write to PO Box 11201,
        Shawnee Mission, KS  66207.  Sample copies $1.50.           


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