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Sporting Event Frequencies

I have a few friends that enjoy listening to race car drivers
on their portable scanners during a race. Some of the frequencies
racers use are contained in this list (please pardon the non-auto freqs):
  KNEU448   461.0500    AAR Toyota Motor Sports (USA-wide)
  KNEU447   466.0250 mo All American Racers, racing (USA-wide)
  KP3213    154.6000 2w Allied Auto Racing (USA-wide)
  KB29116   154.6000 2w American Bicycle Assn, sports (USA-wide)
  KA96286   151.9550    American Honda, motorsports? (USA-wide)
  KB38932   469.5000 mo American Speed Assn, racing (USA-wide)
  KT5645    467.8000 2w Apple Jack Racing (Lake Zurich)
o WQH523    464.9750    Arlington Park Racetrack, paging, sports (Arlington Hts
o ?         151.6250 it Arlington Park Racetrack, sports (Arlington Hts)
o WQH523    464.4750              "
  KCR961    151.6550    Arrowhead Golf Club, sports (Wheaton)
  KA52803   154.5300    Auto Race Promotions, sports (USA-wide)
  KS4358    154.5700 2w Balmoral Racing Club, sports (Illinois)
  KS4358    469.8250 mo           "
  KS4358    469.8750 mo           "
  KB40093   469.5500 mo Baton Rouge Road Run..., racing? (USA-wide)
  KJ3823    469.5000 mo Bayside Racing Team (USA-wide)
  KK8624    469.5500 mo BDR Racing (USA-wide)
  KNFW308   464.3250    Bon Temps Racing Inc (USA-wide)
  KA46958    42.9800 2w Brinks Racing Team, sports (USA-wide)
  KB28380   466.3000 mo Brune, Leslie V Racing (USA-wide)
  KA92953   151.6250 it Butler National Golf Course, sports (Illinois)
  KX4444    151.6250 it Butler National Golf Course, sports (Oak Brook)
p ?         154.6000 2w Byron Dragway, sports
  KA80464   154.5700 2w Calumet Raceway Assn, sports (Illinois)
  KA44115   464.7500    Championship Auto Racing (USA-wide)
  KA77887   151.6250 it Chicago Bears, sports (USA-wide)
  KA88023   151.9250    Chicago Stadium Corp, sports (Illinois)
  KA93479   151.6250 it Chicago White Sox, sports (USA-wide)
  KK7097    151.9550    Clarke Race Cars, sports (USA-wide)
  KB24827   469.5000 mo Cobra Racing (USA-wide)
  KB24827   469.5500 mo           "
  KA7851     35.0400 it Competition Limited, sports (USA-wide)
  KB35171   154.5700 2w Daredevil Attractions, sports (USA-wide)
  KWJ865    471.3625    Dependable Swimming, sports (Lake Zurich)
  KU4811    469.5000 mo Desperado Racing (USA-wide)
  KB32647   469.5000 mo Electronic Race Patrol, auto racing? (USA-wide)
  KA91151   466.9875 mo Events and Entertainment, sports (Illinois)
  KS8119    154.6000 2w Executive Sports (USA-wide)
  KVG357     35.0800    Exmoor Country Club, sports (Highland Park)
  KB30672   469.5000 mo Falcon Racing (USA-wide)
  KAD6220   462.5750    Fast Trucks Inc, motorsports? (USA-wide)
  KA33486   464.7250    Fletcher Racing (USA-wide)
  KA83937   151.7750    Gilmore Enterprises, auto sports racing (USA-wide)
  KCC776    151.8350    Glencoe Golf Club, sports (Glencoe)
o ?         151.6250 it Goodyear Blimp, sports, entertainment
p WQP6      132.0000              "
p KA73209   154.5700 2w Great Lakes Dragway, sports
  KA51269   464.5000 it Gymnastic Federation, sports (USA-wide)
  KB35540   151.9550    Hallett Motor Racing (USA-wide)
  KNHD830   463.5000    Hawkins, Bobby Racing (USA-wide)
p KN3447    154.6000 2w Hawthorne Race Track, sports (Cicero)
  KB31930   464.4500    Hayes, Johnny Racing (USA-wide)
  WFX64     464.1750    Hidden Cove Marina, sports (Lake Zurich)
  KNDX844   151.9250    High Sierra Sports, sports (USA-wide)
  KB34600   469.4250 mo Hooker Racing Enterprises (USA-wide)
  KM7823    460.5500    I 70 Speedway Inc, sports (USA-wide)
  KM7823    460.8250              "
p KMD637    151.8650    IL: Bureau of Race Track Police, sports
p KL3446    154.6000 2w Indian Speedway, sports
  KB25794   461.1000    Jarrett, Glen Racing (USA-wide)
  KB36366   469.5000 mo JET Racing (USA-wide)
  KA33482   464.7500    Kent & Bagly Racing (USA-wide)
  KNFP607   461.0250    Kent Racing Inc (USA-wide)
  KNFP607   466.0250 mo           "
  KAD3316   462.5500    Keystone Sports Foundation (USA-wide)
  KNCV313   464.8000    Kyle Racing (USA-wide)
  KS9804    467.9000 2w Malibu Grand Prix Inc, racing (USA-wide)
  KZ9888    467.8000 2w Market Square Associates, Indy Sports Arena (Indianapol
  KNCP944   463.4000    Martin, Mark Racing (USA-wide)
  KB33210   464.0500    Mash Racing (USA-wide)
  KKW345    151.6550    Medinah Country Club, sports (Medinah)
  KA90320   154.6000 2w Megabucks Racing (USA-wide)
  KB24275   154.6000 2w Midwest Regional Gun..., sports (USA-wide)
  KB28185   469.5000 mo Milwaukee Sports Svc (USA-wide)
p KA70237   154.6000 2w Mt Lawn Speedway, sports
  KZU768    464.6750    National Jockey Club, sports (Cicero)
  KQ3618    467.8250 2w           "
  KAC3246   467.6000 mo National Rifle Assn, sports (USA-wide)
  KNGX824   464.3250    Olympia Fields Country Club, sports (Illinois)
  KNBV535    35.0400 it P & S Racing (USA-wide)
  KC8627    469.5000 mo Parnelli Jones Racing
  KNEE321   464.8250    Parrott, Buddy Racing (USA-wide)
  KA95649   464.5000 it Patrick Racing Team, auto sports racing (USA-wide)
  KA95649   464.5500 it           "
  KA95649   464.7000              "
  KA95649   464.7500              "
  KQ9180    469.7250 mo Peles Racing (USA-wide)
  KV8498    154.6000 2w Penske Speedway Inc, auto sports racing (USA-wide)
  KNAP470   464.7250    Petty Enterprises Inc, auto racing? (USA-wide)
  KB27126   469.5500 mo Prime Time Racing (USA-wide)
  ?         151.6250 it Pro Golf Association, sports (Oak Brook)
  KB24788   464.5500 it           "
  KB20325   461.7875    R & S Racing (USA-wide)
  KG2971    468.8125 mo Road Inc, racing? (USA-wide)
  KB35895   463.8000    Rose Racing Inc (USA-wide)
  KGU383    151.9250    Santa Fe Park Enterprises, sports, entertainment (Hinsd
  KNDD389   151.9250              "
o KA72881   151.6250 it Skip Barber Racing, spotter's ht (USA-wide)
  KB31929   464.4250    Skoal Bandit Racing (USA-wide)
  KQ3450    151.6250 it Sports Car Club of America, Chicago chapter (Chicago)
  KH8971    151.6250 it Sports Car Club of America, Raleigh NC (USA-wide)
  ?         467.7750 2w Sportsman Park (Cicero)
p ?         464.6750              "
p KZU769    464.9250              "
  KA95890   151.9250    St Louis Drag Boat Assn, sports (USA-wide)
  KA95890   151.9550              "
  KA37393   151.9550    Stadium Motorsports (USA-wide)
  KO7779    154.5150    Stadium View Inc, sports? (Illinois)
  KU4287    469.5500 mo Starr Racing (USA-wide)
  KYT865    151.8950    Sycamore Speedway, sports (Sycamore)
  KA96176   467.8500 2w Teleview Racing Patrol (USA-wide)
  KA96176   467.8750 2w           "
  KJ8784    154.5700 2w Tri City Speedway, sports (Illinois)
p KA75440   154.5700 2w Tri State Speedway, sports
  KB29026   467.7500 2w True Sports Company (USA-wide)
  KB29026   468.2500 mo           "
  KA91935   460.7500    Ultralight Flying Machines, sports (USA-wide)
  KB39795   151.9250    United States Ski Team, sports (USA-wide)
  KB39795   151.9550              "
  KAD0450   467.7250 mo United States Snowmobile..., sports/racing? (USA-wide)
  KJ9237    151.6250 it US Auto Club - Speedway, IN, sports (USA-wide)
  KB23467   469.5500 mo US Figure Skating, sports (USA-wide)
  KMB476    151.7150    Villa Olivia Country Club, sports (Bartlett)
  KB38764   151.6550    Wicker Basket Balloon, sports (USA-wide)
  KA47606   464.5000 it Womens Professional..., sports? (USA-wide)
  KU4357    457.5250 2w YMCA (USA-wide) sports
  KU4357    457.5500 2w           "
  KU4357    457.5750 2w           "
  KU4357    457.6000 2w           "
  KU4357    467.7500 2w           "
  KU4357    467.7750 2w           "
  KU4357    467.8000 2w           "
  KU4357    467.8250 2w           "
  KU4357    467.8500 2w           "
  KU4357    467.8750 2w           "
  KU4357    467.9000 2w           "
  KU4357    467.9250 2w           "
  KNFY906   464.5750    YMCA, West Suburban (LaGrange) sports

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