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TUCoPS :: Radio :: sennwire.txt

Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Frequencies

                 Sennheiser UHF standard wireless frequencies

                              as of 1-25-88

       These frequencies are in the STL (Studio-Transmitter Link band.

                                948.28 MHz

                                949.14 MHz

                                950.34 MHz

                                950.75 MHz

                                951.32 MHz

                                951.92 MHz

These frequencies are standard for Sennheiser corporation and have been chosen 
for their travel-ability between cities. Those frequencies listed here are 
somewhat unique in the industry.

Sennheiser will supply other frequencies to order for special events or 
temporary permits.

          This information is supplied by Sennheiser Electronics
                   and AV-Sync Atlanta (404) 320-6202.

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