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TUCoPS :: Radio :: qzcodes.txt

Long list of Q and Z codes

From: John Brock <>
Subject: FYI: 73
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 08:46:00 -0400

The DOCUMENT to which this introduction refers was extracted from a
fairly old copy of the Allied Communications Publication 131(B) amended
to Change No 1, which, if I remember correctly merely changed all
references to Kc/s and Mc/s (remember them?) to kHz and MHz.

Without quoting the introduction to the ACP131(B) it will be obvious
that the meanings of these signals are much more formal than the
abbreviated meanings of the same signals as adapted and used by

My reason for "publishing" these meanings is partly nostalgic and =
partly for the unintentional humour some of them seem to engender, for
me at least. Who can resist a smile at QAK, QAM, QAZ, QCS and QCY. QAU
could also be employed quite effectively by amateurs without any
modification in certain delicate situations. i.e. QRX5 QAU.

I doubt if any of the Aeronautical signals are used anywhere today,
but I assume the meanings still stand. If anyone has available any
meanings for those marked -unassigned- I would like to hear from
them. Reports of errors or omissions will be not be resented.

I would also like to hear from anyone who has a full and authentic
listing of the Cable & Wireless Z-code which had such gems as ZNN...End
of Work; ZAN...Can hear absolutely nothing; ZMO...Wait a mo' etc.

If I have time, I may compile a list of the Allied Z-code, although it
would probably only be of passing interest. (Even though ZBM2 could
perhaps be used to inflict some pain in certain circumstances).

The documents are all in plain ASCII text, each page being 65 lines in
length and restricted to 75 columns maximum. Each page number is
followed by a formfeed (ASCII decimal 12).

73 de Jim, G4RGA
Packet: GB7TJF.#45.GBR.EU

10 September 1997

P.S.    ZBM - Place...on watch on this frequency:
		1) a qualified speed-key operator.
		2) a competent operator.

Question:                             Answer, Advice or Order:

QAA -unassigned-

QAB May I have clearance (for...)     You are cleared ( cleared)
    from...(place and/or control)     by...from...(place and/or =
    at...(figures & units) height     to...(place and/or control) at...
    above...(datum)?                  (figures & units) height above...

QAC -unassigned-

QAD -unassigned-

QAE -unassigned-

QAF Will you advise me when you       I am (was) at (over)...(place)
    are (were) at (over)...           (at...hours) (at...(figures
    (place)?                          units)) height above...(datum)

QAG                                   Arrange your flight in order to
				      arrive over...(place) at...hours.
				      I am arranging my flight in order
				      to arrive over...(place) at ...hours

QAH What is your height above...      I am at...(figures & units) =
    (datum)?                          above datum.

    Note: An aircraft is permitted to reply to QAH IMI by using any of=20
    the answer forms of signals QBF, QBG, QBH, QBK, QBN or QBP. In such =

    cases the signal QAH is omitted from the reply.
				      Arrange your flight so as to reach...
				      (figures & units) height above...(datum)=20
				      at...(hours or place).

QAI What is the essential traffic?    The essential traffic is...

    Note: Relates to aircraft and         Note: Relates to aircraft and =
    not communications traffic.           communications traffic.

QAJ -unassigned-

QAK Is there any risk of collision?   There is risk of collision.

    Note: This signal should be followed by appropriate Q signals or=20
    ICAO approved abbreviations giving instructions for avoiding =

QAL Are you going to land at...       I am going to land at...(place).
	    or                                     or
    Has aircraft landed at...         You may land at...(place).
    (place)?                                          or
    (See also signal QTP).            Aircraft...landed at...(place).
				      (See also signal QTP)

QAM What is the latest available      Meteorological observation made
    meteorological observation            at...hours was as follows...
    for...(place)?                       =20
    Note: The information may be given in Q-code form or the AERO form=20
    of the International Meteorological Figure Code. When in Q-code,=20
    the information is to be given in the following sequence of =
    answer (or advice) forms: QAN, QBA, QNY, QBB, QNH and/or QFE and,=20
    if necessary QMU, QNT, QBJ. It is not normally necessary to precede =
    QAN, QBA, QNY and QBB information by these Q-signals but this may =
    done if considered desirable. When in the AERO form of =
    Meteorological Figure Code, the abbreviation AERO is to precede
    the information.

QAN What is the surface wind          The surface wind direction & =
    direction & speed at...               at...(place) at...hours =
    (place)?                              ection)...(speed figures & =

    Note: Unless otherwise indicated in the question, answer (or =
    surface wind direction is given in degrees relative to MAGNETIC =

QAO What is the wind direction in     The wind direction & speed at...
    degrees TRUE and speed at...      (position or zone/s) at the =
    (position or zone/s) at each      ing heights above...(datum) is:
    of the...(figures)...(units)      ...(vertical distance in figures =
    levels above...(datum)?           units)...degrees TRUE...(speed in =

				      figures and units).

QAP Shall I listen for you (or        Listen for me (or for...) =
    for...) on ...kHz (or...          (...MHz).
    MHz)?                             Note: If the frequency is given =
    Note: If the frequency is         MHz, the abbreviation "MHz" is to
    given in MHz, the abbreviation    be used.
    "MHz" is to be used.              (See also signal QSX).
    (See also signal QSX).

QAQ Am I near a prohibited area       You are...
    (or...prohibited area)?               1) near
					  2) flying over
				      a prohibited area (or...prohibited area).

QAR May I stop listening on the       You may stop listening on the =
    watch frequency for... minutes?   frequency for...minutes.

QAS -unassigned-

QAT -unassigned-

QAU                                   I am about to jettison fuel.

QAV Are you able to home on           I am homing on my DF equipment
    your DF equipment?                on...station.

QAW                                   I am about to carry out overshoot

QAX -unassigned-

QAY Will you advise me when you       I passed...(place) =
    pass (passed)...(place)           relative to my heading =
    bearing 090 (270) degrees
    relative to your heading?

QAZ Are you experiencing comm-        I am experiencing communication
    unication difficulties            difficulties through flying in a
    through flying in a storm?        storm.

    Note: attention is invited to the possible supplementary use of
    signals QAR, QBE, QCS, QRM, QRN, QRX QSZ or the signal CL to =
amplify the=20
    meaning associated with signal QAZ.

QBA What is the horizontal visib-     The horizontal visibility at...
    ility at...(place)?               (place) at...hours is...(distance
				      figures & units).

QBB What is the amount, type and      The amount, type and height above
    height above official aero-       official aerodrome elevation of =
    drom elevation of the base        base of the cloud at...(place) =
    of the cloud (at...(place))?      hours is:
					...eighths [oktas] (...type)
					at...(figures & units)*
					height above official=20
					aerodrome elevation.

    *Note: The cloud amount, type (if reported) and vertical
    distance information is reported in sequence if several
    cloud layers are present, the order of reporting being
    from low to high levels in accordance with the following
	a) the lowest individual layer of any amount;
	b) the next higher individual layer the amount of
	   which is three-eighths [3 oktas] (to the nearest
	   eighth [okta]);
	c) the next higher individual layer the amount of which
	   is five-eighths [5 oktas] or more (to the nearest
	   eighth [okta]).

    Example: =3D QBB CYUL 1300 2 300 FT 3 1500 FT 6 9000 FT =3D

QBC Report meteorological             The meteorological conditions
    conditions as observed            as observed from my aircraft
    from your aircraft                at...(position or zone) at ...
    (at...(position or zone))         hours at ...(figures and units)
    (at...hours).                     height above...datum) are ...

    Note: - The information may be given in the AIREP, POMAR or Q
    Code form.  When given in Q Code, the following sequence of
    Q signal answer (or advice) forms is used: QMX, QNY, QAO,
    QDF, QMI, QFT and QNI.

QBD How much fuel have you            Fuel remaining is ...(hours
    remaining (expressed as           and/or minutes of consumption).
    hours and/or minutes of

QBE                                   I am about to wind in my aerial.

QBF Are you flying in cloud?          I am flying in cloud at ...
				      (figures and units) height above
				      ...(datum) (and I am ascending=20
				      (descending) to ... (figures and
				      units) height above that datum).

QBG Are you flying above cloud?       I am flying above cloud and at =
				      (figures and units) height above
				      Maintain a vertical distance of
				      ...(figures and units) above=20
				      cloud, smoke, haze or fog levels.

QBH Are you flying below cloud?       I am flying below cloud and at =
				      (figures and units) height above
				      Maintain a vertical distance of
				      ...(figures and units) below=20

QBI Is flight under IFR               Flight under IFR is compulsory
    compulsory at...                  at...(place) (or
    (place) (or from...               (place)).

QBJ What is the amount, type          At...hours at...(position or =
    and height above...(datum)        the top of the cloud is:
    ...(datum) of the top of the        amount...eighths) (...type) =
    cloud (at ...(position or           (figures and units) height=20
    zone))?                             above...(datum).

QBK Are you flying with no cloud      I am flying with no cloud=20
    in your vicinity?                 in my vicinity and at ...
				      (figures and units) height above

QBM Has...sent any message for me?    Here is the message sent by... at
				      ... hours.

QBN Are you flying between two        I am flying between two layers
    layers of cloud?                  of cloud and at ...(figures and=20
				      units) height above...(datum).

QBO What is the nearest               Flying under VFR is permissible
    aerodrome at which flight         at...(place) which would be =
    under VFR is permissible and      for your landing.
    which would be suitable for
    my landing?

QBP Are you flying in and out of      I am flying in and out of cloud=20
    cloud?                            and at ...(figures and units)=20
				      height above...(datum).

QBQ -unassigned-

QBR -unassigned-

QBS                                   Ascend or descend to...(figures
				      and units) height above...(datum)
				      before encountering instrument=20
				      meteorological conditions or if
				      visibility falls beow...(figures
				      and units of distance) and advise.

QBT How far, along the runway,        At...hours, the observer at the
    from the approach end, can        threshold of runway =
    the observer at the runway        see the runway lights in =
    threshold see the runway          for your landing (at...(place)) =
    lights which will be in           a distance of...(figures & units)
    operation for my landing          from the approach end.
    (at...(place))?                  =20
    Note: If the station enquired of is
    not equipped to make the special observation requested,=20
    the reply to QBT IMI is given by the signal QNO.

QBU -unassigned-

QBV Have you reached the...           I have reached the...(figures &
    (figures & units) height          units) height above...(datum) (or
    above...(datum) (or...            ...(area or place)).
    (area or place))?                                 or
				      Report reaching the...
				      (figures & units)=20
				      height above...(datum)=20
				      (or (area or place)).

QBW -unassigned-

QBX Have you left the...(figures      I have left the...(figures & =
    & units) height above...          height above...(datum) =
    (datum) (or...(area or place))?   or place)).
				      Report leaving the...(figures & units)=20
				      height above...(datum) (or (area or=20

QBY -unassigned-

QBZ Report your flying conditions     The reply to QBZ IMI is given by =
    in relation to clouds.            appropriate answer form of =
				      QBF, QBG, QBH, QBK, QBN and QBP.

QCA May I change from...(figures      You may change from...(figures &
    & units) to...(figures &          units) height above...(datum).
    units) height above...(datum)?                    or
				      I am changing from...(figures &
				      units) to...(figures & units)
				      height above...(datum)

QCB                                   Delay is being caused by...
					1) your transmitting out of turn.
					2) your slowness in answering
					3) lack of your reply to my...

QCC -unassigned-

QCD -unassigned-

QCE When may I expect approach        Expect approach clearance =
    clearance?                                        or
				      No delay expected.

QCF                                   Delay indefinite. Expect approach
				      clearance not later than...hours.

QCG -unassigned-

QCH May I taxi to...(place)?          Cleared to taxi to...(place). =
				      place is given in plain language).

QCI                                   Make a 360-degree turn =
				      (turning to the...).
				      I am making a 360-degree turn=20
				      immediately (turning to the...).
QCJ -unassigned-

QCK -unassigned-

QCL -unassigned-

QCM -unassigned-

QCN -unassigned-

QCO -unassigned-

QCP -unassigned-

QCQ -unassigned-

QCR -unassigned-

QCS                                   My reception on...frequency has
				      broken down.

QCT -unassigned-

QCU -unassigned-

QCV -unassigned-

QCW -unassigned-

QCX What is your full callsign?       My full callsign is...
				      Use your full callsign until
				      further notice.

QCY                                   I am working on trailing aerial.
				      Work on trailing aerial.

QCZ -unassigned-

QDA -unassigned-

QDB Have you sent message...          I have sent

QDC -unassigned-

QDD -unassigned-

QDE -unassigned-

QDF What is your D-Value              My D-Value at...(position) at...
    at...(position)?                  (figures & units) height above =
				      1013.2 millibars datum is...
				      (D-Value figures & units)...*
				      (specify plus or minus)
	  or                                       or
    What is the D-value at            The D-Value at...(place or =
position)          =20
    ...(place or position)            at...hours for the ...millibar
    (at...hours) for the...           level is...(D-value figures and
    millibar level?                   units)...* (specify plus or minus)=
    *Note: When the true altitude (radio altitude)=20
    is greater than the pressure altitude PS (plus)=20
    is used and when it is less MS (minus) is used.

QDG -unassigned-

QDH -unassigned-

QDI -unassigned-

QDJ -unassigned-

QDK -unassigned-

QDL Do you intend to ask me for       I intend to ask you for a series =
    a series of bearings?             bearings.

QDM Will you indicate the             The MAGNETIC heading for you to
    MAGNETIC heading for me to        steer to reach me (or...) with no
    steer towards you (or...)         wind was...degrees (at...hours).
    with no wind?

QDN -unassigned-

QDO -unassigned-

QDP Will you accept control           I will accept control (or respon-
    (or responsibility) of            sibility) of (for) (or at
    ... now (or at ...hours)?         ...hours).

QDQ -unassigned-

QDR What is my MAGNETIC bearing       Your MAGNETIC bearing from me
    from you (or from...)?            (or from...) was...degrees (at...

QDS -unassigned-

QDT Are you flying in Visual          I am flying in Visual =
    Meteorological Conditions         Conditions (VMC).
    (VMC)?                                            or
				      Fly at all times in Visual Meteor-=20
				      ological Conditions (VMC).

QDU                                   Cancel my IFR flight plan.

QDV Are you flying in a horizontal    I am flying in a horizontal =
    visibility of less than...        ity of less than...(figures & =
    (figures & units)?                at...(figures & units) height =

QDW -unassigned-

QDX -unassigned-

QDY -unassigned-

QDZ -unassigned-

QEA May I cross the runway            You may cross the runway ahead
    ahead of me?                      of you.

QEB May I turn at the intersection?   Taxi as follows at the =
				      (straight ahead     DRT
				       turn left          LEFT
				       turn right         RITE).

QEC May I make a 180-degree turn      You may make a 180-degree turn =
    and return down the runway?       return down the runway.

QED Shall I follow the pilot          Follow the pilot vehicle.

QEE -unassigned-

QEF Have I reached my parking area?   You have reached your parking =
    or                                    or
    Have you reached your parking     I have reached my parking area.

QEG May I leave the parking area?     You may leave the parking area.
    or                                    or
    Have you left the parking area?   I have left the parking area.

QEH May I move to the holding         Cleared to the holding position =
    position for runway number...?    runway number...
    or                                    or
    Have you moved to the holding     I have moved to the holding =
    position for runway number...?    for runway number...

QEI -unassigned-

QEJ May I assume position for         Cleared to hold at take-off =
    take-off?                         for runway number...
    or                                    or
    Have you assumed position         I am assuming take-off position =
    for take-off?                     runway number...and am holding.

QEK Are you ready for immediate       I am ready for immediate =

QEL May I take-off (and make          You are cleared to take-off (turn =
    a...hand turn after take-         follows after take-off...).

QEM What is the condition of the      The condition of the landing =
    landing surface at...(place)?     at...(place) is...

Note: the information is given by sending appropriate NOTAM Code =

QEN Shall I hold my position?         Hold your position.

QEO Shall I clear the runway (or      Clear the runway (or landing =
    landing area)?
    or                                    or
    Have you cleared the runway       I  have cleared the runway (or
    (or landing area)?                landing area).

QEP -unassigned-

QEQ -unassigned-

QER -unassigned-

QES Is a right-hand circuit in        A right-hand circuit is in force
    force at...(place)?               at...(place).

QET -unassigned-

QEU -unassigned-

QEV -unassigned-

QEW -unassigned-

QEX -unassigned-

QEY -unassigned-

QEZ -unassigned-

QFA What is the meteorological        The meteorological forecast =
    forecast for...(flight,           (flight, route, section of route =
    route, section of route or        zone) for the period...hours =
    zone) for the period...hours      ...hours is...
    until...hours?                   =20
    Note: When the forecast is given in
    Q Code the following sequence of Q
    signal answer (or advice) forms is
    to be given: QAO, QMX, QMI, QNY, QBA, QMW, QFT and QNI.

QFB                                   The...
					1) approach
					2) runway
					3) approach & runway lights are
					out of order.

QFC What is the amount, the type      At...(place, position or zone) =
    and height above...(datum) of     base of the cloud is...eighths
    the base of the cloud at...       [oktas]...type at...(figures &
    (place, position or zone)?        units) height above...(datum).
    Note: if several cloud layers or masses are present,=20
    the lowest is reported first.

QFD 1) Is the...visual beacon (at     1) The...visual beacon (at...
    ...(place) in operation?          (place))is in operation.
    2) Will you switch on the...      2) I will extinguish the =
    visual beacon (at...(place))?     beacon (at...(place)) until your
    3) Will you extinguish the           landing is completed.
    aerodrome visual beacon (at
    ...(place)) until I have

QFE (At...(place)) what is the        At...(place) the atmospheric
    present atmospheric pressure      pressure at official aerodrome
    at official aerodrome elevation?  elevation is (or was observed at
				      ...hours to be)...millibars.

QFF (At...(place)) what is the        At...(place) the atmospheric
    present atmospheric pressure      pressure converted to mean sea
    converted to mean sea level       level in accordance with metero-
    in accordance with meteor-        ological practice is (or was
    ological practice?                determined at...hours to be)

QFG Am I overhead?                    You are overhead.

QFH May I descend below the clouds?   You may descend below the clouds.

QFI Are the aerodrome lights lit?     The aerodrome lights are lit.
    Please light the aerodrome lights.

QFJ -unassigned-

QFK -unassigned-

QFL Will you send up pyrotechnical    I will send up pyrotechnical =

QFM What height above...(datum)       ...
    ...                               1) Maintain (or fly =
    1) should I maintain?                & units) height =
    2) are you maintaining?           2) I am maintaining...(figures &
    3) do you intend cruising            units) height above...(datum).
       at?                            3) I intend cruising =
					 & units) height above...(datum).

QFN -unassigned-

QFO May I land immediately?           You may land immediately.

QFP Will you give me the latest       The latest information =
    information concerning...         facility ( is as
    facility (at...(place))?          follows...

    Note: The information is given by sending appropriate NOTAM Code =

QFQ Are the approach and runway       The approach and runway lights
    lights lit?                       are lit.
				      Please light the approach and
				      runway lights.

QFR Does my landing gear appear       Your landing gear appears =

QFS Is the radio facility at... facility at...(place)
    (place) in operation?             is in operation (or will be in
				      operation in...hours).
				      Please have facility=20
				      at...(place) put in operation.

QFT Between what heights above        Ice formation has been observed
    ...(datum) has ice formation      at...(position or zone) in the =
    been observed (at...(position     of...and with an accretion rate =
    or zone))?                        ...between...(figures & units) =
				      ...(figures & units) heights above=20
QFU What is the magnetic direction    The magnetic direction (or =
    (or number) of the runway to      of the runway to be used is...
    be used?                         =20
    Note: The runway number is indicated
    by a two-figure group and the magnetic=20
    direction by a three-figure group.

QFV Are the floodlights switched on?  The floodlights are switched on.
    Please switch on the floodlights.

QFW What is the length of the runway  The length of in use
    in use in...(units)?              is...(figures & units).

QFX                                   I am working (or am going to =
				      on a fixed aerial.
				      Work on a fixed aerial.

QFY Please report the present         The present meteorological =
    meteorological landing            conditions at...(place) are...
    conditions (at...(place)).       =20
    Note: When given in Q Code the information is sent=20
    in the following sequence: QAN, QBA, QNY, QBB, QNH and/or=20
    QFE and, if necessary, QMU QNT, QBJ. It is not normally
    necessary to precede the QAN, QBA, QNY and QBB information by these
    Q signals but this may be done if considered desirable.

QFZ What is the aerodrome meteor-     The aerodrome meteorological =
    ological forecast for...(place)   cast for...(place) for the period
    for the period...hours until      ...hours until...hours is...
    ...hours?                        =20
    Note: When given in Q Code the following sequence of Q signal
    answer (or advice) forms is to be used: QAN, QBA, QNY, QBB and,=20
    if necessary, QMU, QNT and QBJ.

QGA -unassigned-

QGB -unassigned-

QGC                                   There are obstructions to the...
				      of runway...

QGD Are there on my track any         There are obstructions on your =
    obstructions whose elevation      ...(figures & units) height =
    equals or exceeds my              (datum).

QGE What is my distance to            Your distance to my station (or
    your station (or to...)?          to...) is...(distance figures &

    Note: This signal is normally used in conjuction with one of the
    signals QDM, QDR, QTE or QUJ.

QGF -unassigned-

QGG -unassigned-

QGH May I land using...               You may land using...(procedure =
    (procedure or facility)?          facility).

QGI -unassigned-

QGJ -unassigned-

QGK What track should I make good?    Make good a track from...(place)
				      on...degrees...(true or magnetic).
	       or                       or
    What track are you making good?   I am making good a track from...=20
				      (place) on...degrees...
				      (true or magnetic).

QGL May I enter the... (control       You may enter the...(control area
    area or zone) at...(place)?       or zone) at...(place).

QGM                                   Leave the...(control area or =

QGN May I be cleared to land          You are cleared to land
    at...(place).                     at...(place).

QGO                                   Landing is prohibited =

QGP What is my number for landing?    You are land.

QGQ May I hold at...(place)?          Hold at...(place) at...(figures &
				      units) height above...(datum) and=20

			      await orders.

QGR -unassigned-

QGS -unassigned-

QGT                                   Fly for...minutes on a heading =
				      will enable you to maintain a track=20
				      reciprocal to your present one.

QGU                                   Fly for...minutes on a magnetic
				      heading of...degrees.

QGV Do you see me?                    I see you at...(cardinal or quad-
	    or                        rantal point of direction).
    Can you see the aerodrome?                        or
	    or                        I can see the aerodrome.
    Can you see...(aircraft)?                         or
				      I see...(aircraft).

QGW Does my landing gear appear       Your landing gear appears to be =
    to be down and in place?          and in place.

QGX -unassigned-

QGY -unassigned-

QGZ                                   Hold on...direction =

QHA -unassigned-

QHB -unassigned-

QHC -unassigned-

QHD -unassigned-

QHE Will you inform me when you       I am on...
    you are on...leg of approach?       1) cross-wind leg)
					2) down-wind leg )
					3) base leg      ) of approach.
					4) final leg     )

QHF -unassigned-

QHG May I enter traffic circuit       Cleared to enter traffic circuit
    at...(figures & units) height     at...(figures & units) height
    above...(datum)?                  above...(datum).

QHH Are you making an emergency       I am making an emergency landing.
    landing?                                          or
				      Emergency landing being made at...=20
				      (place). All aircraft below...=20
				      (figures & units) height above...=20
				      (datum) and within a distance of=20
				      ...(figures & units) leave...
				      (place or headings).

QHI Are you (or is...)...             I am (
    1) waterborne?                        1) waterborne  ) at...hours.
    2) on land?                           2) on land     )

QHJ -unassigned-

QHK -unassigned-

QHL -unassigned-

QHM -unassigned-

QHN -unassigned-

QHO -unassigned-

QHP -unassigned-

QHQ May I make a...approach           You may make a...approach (at...
    at...(place))?                    (place)).
	  or                                or
    Are you making a...approach?      I am making a...approach.

QHR -unassigned-

QHS -unassigned-

QHT -unassigned-

QHU -unassigned-

QHV -unassigned-

QHW -unassigned-

QHX -unassigned-

QHY -unassigned-

QHZ Shall I circle the aerodrome      Circle the aerodrome (or go =
    (or go around)?

QIA -unassigned-

QIB -unassigned-

QIC May I establish communication     Establish communication with... station on...kHz,    radio station on...kHz (or...MHz)
    (or...MHz) now (or at...hours)?   now (or at...hours).

QID -unassigned-

QIE -unassigned-

QIF What frequency is...using? using...kHz. (or...MHz).

QIG -unassigned-

QIH -unassigned-

QII -unassigned-

QIJ -unassigned-

QIK -unassigned-

QIL -unassigned-

QIM -unassigned-

QIN -unassigned-

QIO -unassigned-

QIP -unassigned-

QIQ -unassigned-

QIR -unassigned-

QIS -unassigned-

QIT -unassigned-

QIU -unassigned-

QIV -unassigned-

QIW -unassigned-

QIX -unassigned-

QIY -unassigned-

QIZ -unassigned-

QJA Is my...                          Your...
    1) tape         ) reversed?        1) tape         ) is
    2) mark & space )                  2) mark & space ) reversed.

QJB Will you use...                   I will use...
    1) radio?                          1) radio.
    2) cable?                          2) cable.
    3) telegraph?                      3) telegraph.
    4) teletypwriter?                  4) teletypwriter.
    5) telephone?                      5) telephone.
    6) receiver?                       6) receiver.
    7) transmitter?                    7) transmitter.
    8) reperforator?                   8) reperforator.

QJC Will you check your...            I will check my...
    1) transmitter-                    1) transmitter-
    distributor?                       distributor.
    2) auto-head?                      2) auto-head.
    3) perforator?                     3) perforator.
    4) reperforator?                   4) reperforator.
    5) printer?                        5) printer.
    6) printer motor?                  6) printer motor.
    7) keyboard?                       7) keyboard.
    8) antenna system?                 8) andtenna system.

QJD Am I transmitting...              You are transmitting...
    1) in letters?                     1) in letters.
    2) in figures?                     2) in figures.

QJE Is my frequency shift...          Your frequency shift is...
    1) too wide?                       1) too wide.
    2) too narrow?                     2) too narrow.
    3) correct?                        3) correct.

QJF                                   My signal as checked by =
				      is satisfactory...
					1) locally.
					2) as radiated.

QJG Shall I revert to automatic       Revert to automatic relay.

QJH Shall I run...                    Run...
    1) my test tape?                   1) your test tape.
    2) a test sentence?                2) a test sentence.
QJI Will you transmit a               Transmit a continuous...
    1) mark?                           1) mark.
    2) space?                          2) space.

QJJ -unassigned-

QJK Are you receiving...              I am receiving...
    1) a continuous mark?              1) a continuous mark.
    2) a continuous space?             2) a continuous space.
    3) a mark bias?                    3) a mark bias.
    4) a space bias?                   4) a space bias.

QJL -unassigned-

QJM -unassigned-

QJN -unassigned-

QJO -unassigned-

QJP -unassigned-

QJQ -unassigned-

QJR -unassigned-

QJS -unassigned-

QJT -unassigned-

QJU -unassigned-

QJV -unassigned-

QJW -unassigned-

QJX -unassigned-

QJY -unassigned-

QJZ -unassigned-

QKA                                   I have effected rescue and am
				      proceeding to...base (with...
				      persons requiring ambulance).

QKB -unassigned-

QKC                                   The sea conditions =
				      1) permit alighting but not take-off.
				      2) render alighting extremely hazardous.

QKD -unassigned-

QKE -unassigned-

QKF May I be relieved (at..           You may expect to be relieved =
    hours)?                           hours (by...1) aircraft...(ident-
				      ification) (type...). 2) vessel
				      whose callsign is...(callsign)=20
				      (and/or whose name (

QKG Will relief take place when...    Relief will take place when...
    (identification) establishes...   (identification) establishes...
    1) visual,                        1) visual,
    2) communciations, contact        2) communcications, contact with
       with survivors?                   survivors.

QKH Report details of the parallel
    sweep (track search being (or
    to be) conducted?
    In the parallel sweep (track      The parallel sweep (track) search =
    search being (or to be) cond-     being (or is to be) conducted...
    ucted, what is (are)...
    1) the direction of               1) with direction of sweeps...
       sweeps?                           degrees...(true or magnetic).
    2) the separation between         2) with...(distance figures &
       sweeps?                           units) separation between
    3) the height above the              sweeps.
       datum, employed in the         3) at a height of...(figures &
       search pattern?                  units) above...(datum).
QKI -unassigned-

QKJ -unassigned-

QKK -unassigned-

QKL -unassigned-

QKM Has locationof the survival       The location of the survival
    craft been marked?                craft was marked at...hours by:
					   1) flame or smoke float.
					   2) sea marker.
					   3) sea marker dye.
					   4) ...(specify other marking).

QKN                                   Aircraft plotted (believed to be
				      you) in position...on track...=20
				      degrees at...hours.

QKO What other units are (or will     In the operation =
    be) taking part in the oper-      )), the following units are (or =
    ation (...(identification of      be) taking part...(name of =
    operation))?                                      or
				      ...(name) unit is taking part in
				      operation (...(identification))
				      (with effect from...hours).

QKP Which pattern of search is        The search pattern is...
    being followed?                      1) parallel sweep.
					 2) square search.
					 3) creeping line ahead.
					 4) track crawl.
					 5) contour search.
					 6) combined search by aircraft
					    and ship.
					 7) ...(specify).

QKQ -unassigned-

QKR -unassigned-

QKS -unassigned-

QKT -unassigned-

QKU -unassigned-

QKV -unassigned-

QKW What has the rescue vessel        ...(identification) has =
    or rescue aircraft recoverd?          1) (...(number)) survivors.
					  2) wreckage.
					  3) (...(number)) bodies.

QKX -unassigned-

QKY Are you in the search area        I am in the (...(designation))
    (designated as...(desig-          search area.
    nator or latitude/longitude))?

QKZ What is the estimated drift       The estimated drift of the =
    of the survival craft?            craft is...(figures and units).

QLA -unassigned-

QLB Will you monitor...station        I have monitored...station and
    and report regarding range,       report (briefly) as follows...
    quality, etc?

QLC -unassigned-

QLD -unassigned-

QLE -unassigned-

QLF -unassigned-

QLG -unassigned-

QLH Will you use simultaneous         I will now key simultaneously =
    keying on...frequency and         frequency and...frequency.

QLI -unassigned-

QLJ -unassigned-

QLK -unassigned-

QLL -unassigned-

QLM -unassigned-

QLN -unassigned-

QLO -unassigned-

QLP -unassigned-

QLQ -unassigned-

QLR -unassigned-

QLS -unassigned-

QLT -unassigned-

QLU -unassigned-

QLV Is facility  facility is still
    still required?                   required.

QLW -unassigned-

QLX -unassigned-

QLY -unassigned-

QLZ -unassigned-

QMA -unassigned-

QMB -unassigned-

QMC -unassigned-

QMD -unassigned-

QME -unassigned-

QMF -unassigned-

QMG -unassigned-

QMH                                   Shift to transmit and receive
				      on...kHz (or MHz);=20
				      if communication is not established=20
				      within 5 minutes, revert=20
				      to present frequency.

QMI Report the vertical distrib-      The vertical distribution of =
    ution of cloud (at...(posit-      as observed from my aircraft =
    ion or zone)) as observed         hours at...(position or zone) is:
    from your aircraft.               lowest layer observed =
				      [oktas] (...type) with base of...=20
				      (figures & units) and tops of...=20
				      (figures & units).
				      *(and similarly in sequence for
				      each of the layers observed.)
				      height above...(datum).
    Example: =3D QMI 1400 11 2 CU 1000
    FT 2500 FT 6 SC 6000 FT 10000 FT
    5 AC 13000 FT 14000 FT MER =3D

QMJ -unassigned-

QMK -unassigned-

QML -unassigned-

QMM -unassigned-

QMN -unassigned-

QMO -unassigned-

QMP -unassigned-

QMQ -unassigned-

QMR -unassigned-

QMS -unassigned-

QMT -unassigned-

QMU What is the surface temperature   The surface temperature =
    at...(place) and what is the      at...hours is...degrees and the =
    dew point temperature at that?    point temperature at that time =
				      place is...degrees.

QMV -unassigned-

QMW At...(position or zone) what      At...(position or zone) the zero
    is (are) the height(s) above      celsius isotherm(s) is (are) =
    ...(datum) of the zero celsius    (figures & units) height above...
    isotherm(s)?                      (datum).

QMX What is the air temperature       At...(position or zone) =
    (at...(position or zone))         the air temperature is...(degrees
    (at...hours) at the...            and units) at...(figures & units)
    (figures & units) height          height above...(datum).
    above...(datum)?                 =20
    Note: Aircraft reporting QMX inform-
    ation will transmit the temperature=20
    figures as corrected for airspeed.

QMY -unassigned-

QMZ Have you any amendments to        The following amendment(s) should =
    the flight forecast in respect    made to the flight forecast...
    of section of route yet to be     (If no amendments, signal QMZ =

QNA -unassigned-

QNB -unassigned-

QNC -unassigned-

QND -unassigned-

QNE What indication will my           On landing at...(place) =
    altimeter give on landing         with your sub-scale being set to
    at...(place) at...hours, my       1013.2 millibars (29.92 inches),
    sub-scale being set to 1013.2     your altimeter will indicate...
    millibars (29.92 inches)?         (figures & units).

QNF -unassigned-

QNG -unassigned-

QNH What should I set on the sub-     If you set the sub-scale of your
    scale of my altimeter so that     altimeter to read...millibars (or
    the instrument would indicate     hundredths of an inch *), the
    my elevation if I were on the     instrument would indicate your
    ground at your station?           elevation if you were on the =
				      at my station at...hours.

    * Note: When the setting is given in hundredths of an inch the =
    iation "INS" is used to identify the units.

QNI Between what heights above...     Turbulence has been observed =
    (datum) has turbulence been       (position or zone) with an =
    observed at... (position or       of...between...(figures & units)
    zone)?                            and...(figures & units) heights

QNJ -unassigned-

QNK -unassigned-

QNL -unassigned-

QNM -unassigned-

QNN -unassigned-

QNO                                   I am not equipped to give the
				      information (or provide the
				      facility) requested.

QNP -unassigned-

QNQ -unassigned-

QNR                                   I am approaching my point of no

QNS -unassigned-

QNT What is the maximum gust speed    The maximum gust speed of the
    of the surface wind at...         surface wind at...(place) at...
    (place)?                          hours is...(speed figures & =

QNU -unassigned-

QNV -unassigned-

QNW -unassigned-

QNX -unassigned-

QNY What is the present weather       The present weather and intensity
    and the intensity thereof         thereof at...(place, position or
    at...(place, position or          zone) at...hours is... (See Notes
    zone)?                            a) and b)).

a) When present weather information is transmitted by a ground station, =
information shall be selected from the present weather table
(Table III) in PANSMET (Doc 7605- MET/526). If none of these condit-
ions prevail the reply shall be QNY NIL.

b) When present weather information is transmitted by an aircraft, the=20
information shall be selected from item 11, AIREP. If none of these
conditions prevail the reply shall be QNY NIL or alternatively the=20
appropriate answer (or advice) form of signals QBF, QBG, QBH, QBK, QBN
or QBP. The alternative may also be given in addition to present =
conditions when one or more of the conditions listed in Item 11 =

QNZ -unassigned-

QOA to QQZ    The series QOA to QQZ inclusive is reserved for
	      the Maritime Services; however, no meanings have
	      been assigned to date.

QRA What is the name of your          The name of my station is...

QRB How far approximately are         The approximate distance between =
    you from my station?              stations is...nautical miles =

QRC By what private enterprise (or    The accounts for charges of my
    State administration) are         are settled by the private
    accounts for charges for your     enterprise...(or State admin-
    station settled?                  istration).

QRD Where are you bound and where     I am bound for...from...
    are you from?

QRE What is your estimated time of    My estimated time of arrival =
    arrival at...(or over...)         (or over...) (place) is...hours.

QRF Are you returning to...(place)?   I am returning to...(place).
				      Return to...(place).

QRG Will you tell me my exact         Your exact frequency (or that =
    frequency (or that of...)?        is...kHz (or MHz).

QRH Does my frequency vary?           Your frequency varies.

QRI How is the tone of my             The tone of your transmission is:
    transmission?                         1) good.
					  2) variable.
					  3) bad.

QRJ How many radiotelephone calls     I have...radiotelephone calls to
    have you to book?                 book.

QRK What is the intelligibility of    The intelligibility of your =
    my signals (or those of...)?      (or those of...) is...
					 1) bad.
					 2) poor.
					 3) fair.
					 4) good.
					 5) excellent.

QRL Are you busy?                     I am busy (or I am busy with...)
				      Please do not interfere.

QRM Are you being interfered with?    I am being interfered with
					(1. nil
					 2. slightly
					 3. moderately
					 4. severely
					 5. extremely).

QRN Are you troubled by static?       I am troubled by static
					(1. nil
					 2. slightly
					 3. moderately
					 4. severely
					 5. extremely).

QRO Shall I increase transmitter      Increase transmitter power.

QRP Shall I decrease transmitter      Decrease transmitter power.

QRQ Shall I send faster?              Send faster (...words per =

QRR Are you ready for automatic       I am ready for automatic =
    operation?                        Send at...words per minute.

QRS Shall I send more slowly?         Send more slowly (...words per

QRT Shall I stop sending?             Stop sending.

QRU Have you anything for me?         I have nothing for you.

QRV Are you ready?                    I am ready.

QRW Shall I inform...that you         Please inform...that I am calling
    are calling him on...kHz          him on...kHz (or MHz).
    (or MHz)?

QRX When will you call me again?      I will call you again at...hours
    (on...kHz (or MHz)).  Must        Wait. (or Wait until I have =
    I wait?                           communicating with ...)

QRY What is my turn?                  Your turn is number...(or =
    (Relates to communication).       to any other indication). =
				      to communication).

QRZ Who is calling me?                You are being called =
				      or MHz)).

QSA What is the strength of my        The strength of your signals (or
    signals (or those of...)?         those of...) is...
					1) scarcely perceptible.
					2) weak.
					3) fairly good.
					4) good.
					5) very good.

QSB Are my signals fading?            Your signals are fading.

QSC Are you a cargo vessel?           I am a cargo vessel.

QSD Is my keying defective?           Your keying is defective.

QSE What is the estimated drift       The estimated drift of the =
    of the survival craft?            craft is...(figures & units).

QSF Have you effected rescue?         I have effected rescue and am
				      proceeding to...base (with...
				      persons injured requiring

QSG Shall I send...telegrams at       Send...telegrams at a time.
    a time?

QSH Are you able to home on your      I am able to home on my D/F
    D/F equipment?                    equipment (on station...).

QSI Will you inform ... (callsign)    I have been unable to break in on
    that I have been unable to        your transmission
    break in on his transmission=20
    (on...kHz (or MHz)?

QSJ What is the charge to be          The charge to be collected to...
    collected to...including          including my internal telegraph
    your internal telegraph           charge is ...francs.

QSK Can you hear me between your      I can hear you between my =
    your signals and if so can I      break in on my transmission.      =
    break in on your transmission?

QSL Can you acknowledge receipt?      I am acknowledging receipt.

QSM Shall I repeat the last telegram  Repeat the last telegram which =
    telegram which I sent to you (or  sent me (or telegram(s) =
    previous telegram)?

QSN Did you hear me (or...(call-      I did hear you (or...(callsign))
    sign)) on...kHz (or MHz)?         on...kHz (or MHz).

QSO Can you communicate with...       I can communicate =
    direct or by relay?               by relay through...).

QSP Will you relay of       I will relay of charge.

QSQ Have you a doctor on board        I have a doctor on board (or...
    (or is...(name of person) on      (name of person) is on board).

QSR Shall I repeat the call on        Repeat your call on the calling
    the calling frequency?            frequency; did not hear you (or
				      have interference).

QSS What working frequency will       I will use the working frequency
    you use?                          ...kHz (normally only the last
				      three figures of the frequency=20
				      need be given).

QST -unassigned-

QSU Shall I send or reply on this     Send or reply on this frequency =
    frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)   on...kHz (or MHz)) (with emission =
    (with emissions of class...)?     class...).

QSV Shall I send a series of V's      Send a series of V's on this =
    on this frequency (or...kHz       uency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).
    (or MHz))?

QSW Will you send on this frequency   I am going to send on this =
    (or on...kHz (or MHz)) (with          (or on...kHz (or MHz)) (with
    emissions of class...?                emissions of class...).

QSX Will you listen to...(call-       I am listening to...(callsign(s))
    sign(s)) on...kHz (or MHz)?           on...kHz (or MHz).

QSY Shall I change to transmission    Change to transmission on another
    on another frequency?                 frequency (or on...kHz (or =

QSZ Shall I send each word or group   Send each word or group twice =
    more than once?                       times).

QTA Shall I cancel telegram           Cancel telegram number...

QTB Do you agree with my counting     I do not agree with your counting =
    of words?                         words; I will repeat the first =
				      or digit of each word or group.

QTC How many telegrams have you to    I have...telegrams for you (or
    send?                             for...).

QTD What has the rescue vessel or     ...(identification) has =
    rescue aircraft recovered?           1) ...(number) survivors.
					 2) wreckage.
					 3) ...(number) bodies.

QTE What is my TRUE bearing from      Your TRUE bearing from me is...
    you?                              degrees (at...hours).
	    or                                    or
    What is my TRUE bearing from      Your TRUE bearing =
    ...(callsign)?                    was...degrees (at...hours).
	    or                                    or
    What is the TRUE bearing of       The TRUE bearing of...(callsign)
    ...(callsign) from...(call-       from...(callsign) was...degrees
    sign)?                            at...hours.

QTF Will give me the position of      The position of your station
    my station according to the       according to the bearings taken
    bearings taken by the D/F         by the D/F stations which I =
    stations which you control?       was...latitude...longitude (or =
				      indication of position), class...=20

QTG Will you send two dashes of       I am going to send two dashes of =
    ten seconds each followed by      seconds each followed by my =
    your callsign (repeated...        (repeated...times) (on...kHz (or
    times) (on...kHz (or MHz))?       MHz).
		or                                    or
    Will you send two    I have send two
    dashes of ten seconds followed    dashes of ten seconds followed by
    by his callsign (repeated...      his callsign (repeated...times) =
    times) on...kHz (or MHz)?         ...kHz (or MHz).

QTH What is your position in          My position =
    latitude and longitude (or        (or according to any other
    according to any other            indication).

QTI What is your TRUE track?          My TRUE track is...degrees.

QTJ What is your speed?               My speed is...knots (or =
				      or statute miles per hour).=20
				      (Indicates the speed of a ship or=20
				      aircraft through the water or air=20

QTK What is the speed of your         The speed of my aircraft in =
    aircraft in relation to the       to the surface of the earth is...
    surface of the earth?             knots (or...kilometres or statute
    miles per hour).

QTL What is your TRUE heading?        My TRUE heading is...degrees.

QTM What is your MAGNETIC heading?    My MAGNETIC heading is...degrees.

QTN At what time did you depart       I departed from...(place) at...
    from...(place)?                   hours.

QTO Are you airborne?                 I am airborne.
	    or                                    or
    Have you left dock (or port)?     I have left dock (or port).

QTP Are you going to alight (or       I am going to alight (or land).
		or                                    or
    Are you going to enter dock       I am going to enter dock (or =
    (or port)?

QTQ Can you communicate with my       I am going to communciate with =
    station by means of the           station by means of the =
    international code of signals?    code of signals.

QTR What is the correct time?         The correct time is...hours.

QTS Will you send your callsign       I will send my callsign for =
    for tuning purposes or so         purposes or so that my frequency =
    that your frequency can be        be measured now (or at...hours) =
    measured now (or at...hours)      kHz (or MHz).
    on...kHz (or MHz)?

QTT                                   The identification signal which
				      follows is superimposed on another=20

QTU What are the hours during which   My station is open =
    your station is open?

QTV Shall I stand guard for you on    Stand guard for me on the =
    the frequency of...kHz (or MHz)   of...kHz (or MHz) (
    (              hours).

QTW What is the condition of          Survivors are in...condition and
    survivors?                        urgently need...

QTX Will you keep your station open   I will keep my station open for
    for further communciation with    further communcation with you
    me until further notice (or       until further notice (or until...
    until...hours)?                   hours).

QTY Are you proceeding to the         I am proceeding to the position =
    position of incident and if so    the incident and expect to arrive
    when do you expect to arrive?     at...hours (

QTZ Are you continuing the search?    I am continuing the search for...
				      (aircraft, ship, survival craft,=20
				      survivors or wreckage).

QUA Have you news of...(callsign)?    Here is news of...(callsign).

QUB Can you give me, in the           Here is the information =
    following order, information=20
    concerning:  the direction in=20
    degrees TRUE and speed of the=20
    surface wind; (The units used=20
    for speed and distances should=20
    be indicated), present weather,=20
    visibility, and amount, type and=20
    height of base of cloud above
    surface elevation at...
    (place of observation)?

QUC What is the number (or other      The number (or other indication) =
    indication) of the last           the last message I received from =
    message you received from me      (or from...(callsign) is...
    (or from...(callsign))?

QUD Have you received the urgency     I have received the urgency =
    signal sent by...(callsign of     sent by...(callsign of mobile
    mobile station)?                  station) at...hours.

QUE Can you use telephony in...       I can use telephony =
    (language), with interpreter      on...kHz (or MHz).
    if necessary; if so, on what

QUF Have you received the distress    I have received the distress =
    signal sent by...(callsign of     sent by...(callsign of mobile
    mobile station)?                  station) at...hours.

QUG Will you be forced to alight      I am forced to alight (or land)
    (or land)?                        immediately.
				      I will be forced to alight (or land)=20
				      at...(position or place) at...hours.

QUH Will you give me the present      The present barometric pressure =
    barometric pressure at sea        sea level is...(units).
    level?                               =20

    Aeronautical Note:
    Stations of the international aeronautical telecommunications =
service     =20
    will interpret this signal as: =20
    What is the present atmospheric   The present atmospheric pressure =
    pressure at...                    ...(place or position) at...hours =

    (place or position)?              is...(figures & units).=20

QUI Are your navigation lights        My navigation lights are working.

QUJ Will you indicate the TRUE        The TRUE track to reach me =
    track to reach you (or...)?       is...degrees at...hours.

QUK Can you tell me the condition     The sea at...(place of =
    of the sea observed at...         is...
    (place or co-ordinates)?

    Aeronautical Note: Stations of the international aeronautical tele- =

    communications service will complete the answer, information or =
    form by the use of a numbered alternative as given hereunder, =
    according to the average wave height as obtained from the larger=20
    well-formed waves of the wave system being observed. If observed =
    coincides with one of the limits, report the lower numbered =
    e.g. waves with a mean maximum height of 4 metres are to be =
    as "5".

	  Number                    Metres             Feet (approx)
	    0    Calm-glassy           0                  0
	    1    Calm-rippled          0-0.1              0-1/3
	    2    Smooth wavelets       0.1-0.5            1/3-1 2/3
	    3    Slight                0.5-1.25           1 2/3-4
	    4    Moderate              1.25-2.5           4-8
	    5    Rough                 2.5-4              8-13
	    6    Very rough            4-6                13-20
	    7    High                  6-9                20-30
	    8    Very high             9-14               30-45
	    9    Phenomenal            Over 14            Over 45

QUL Can you tell me the swell         The swell at...(place or =
    observed at...(place or           ates) is...

    Aeronautical Note: Stations of the international aeronautical tele- =

    communications service will complete the answer, information or =
    form by the use of the following numbered alternatives:

    Number   Length of Swell  Height      Number   Length of Swell  =
      0             -           -           5      Long             =
      1      Short or average  Low          6      Short            =
      2      Long              Low          7      Average          =
      3      Short             Moderate     8      Long             =
      4      Average           Moderate     9      Confused           -

    Additionally, stations of the international aeronautical=20
    telecommunication service may indicate the direction of swell by =
    use of the appropriate cardinal or quadrantal point abbreviation N, =

    NE, E, SE, etc. following the numbered alternate for indicating =
    condition. The descriptions in the above numbered alternatives are=20
    as follows:

				Length of Swell
			    Metres       Feet (approx)
    Short      =3D            0-100        0-300
    Average    =3D            100-200      300-600
    Long       =3D            Over 200     Over 600
				Height of Swell
			    Metres       Feet (approx)
    Low        =3D            0-2          0-7
    Moderate   =3D            2-4          7-13
    Heavy      =3D            Over 4       Over 13

    When there is no swell, the numbered alternative "0" is used;=20
    when the swell is such that the length and height of the swell =
    cannot be determined, the numbered alternative "9" is used.

QUM May I resume normal working?      Normal working may be resumed.
	    or                                   or
    Is the distress traffic ended?    The distress traffic is ended.

QUN Will vessels in my immediate      My position, TRUE course and
    vicinity (or in the vicinity      speed are...
    of...latitude...longitude (or
    of...)) please indicate their
    position, TRUE course and

    Aeronautical Notes:
    a) All stations of the international aeronautical telecommunication =

       service will interpret this signal (in part) as referring to=20
       TRUE TRACK.

    b) English-speaking stations of the maritime mobile service=20
       may interpret this signal (in part) as referring to TRUE =
       When communicating with such stations it is recommended that =
       mentary use be made of the signal QTI to avoid any =

QUO Shall I search for...             Please search for...
    1) aircraft,                          1) aircraft,
    2) ship,                              2) ship,
    3) survival craft,                    3) survival craft
    in the vicinity of...                 in the vicinity of...latitude
    latitude...longitude (or              ...longitude (or according to
    according to any other                any other indication).

QUP Will you indicate your            My position is indicated by...
    position by...                        1) searchlight.
    1) searchlight?                       2) black smoke trail.
    2) black smoke trail?                 3) pyrotechnic lights.
    3) pyrotechnic lights?

QUQ Shall I train my searchlight      Please train your searchlight on =
    nearly vertical on a cloud,       cloud, occulting if possible and,
    occulting if possible and,        if my aircraft is seen or heard,
    if your aircraft is seen or       deflect the beam up wind and on =
    heard, deflect the beam up        water (or land) to facilitate my
    wind and on the water (or         landing.
    land) to facilitate your

QUR Have survivors...                 Survivors...
    1) received survival                  1) are in possession of =
       equipment?                            equipment dropped by...
    2) been picked up by                  2) have been picked up by =
       rescue vessel?                        vessel.
    3) been reached by ground             3) have been reached by =
       rescue party?                         rescue party.

QUS Have you sighted survivors or     Have sighted...
    wreckage?                             1) survivors in water,
    If so, in what position?              2) survivors on rafts,
					  3) wreckage,
				      in position...latitude...longitude=20
				      (or according to any other indication).

QUT Is position of incident           Position of incident is marked =
    marked?                               1) flame or smoke float.
					  2) sea marker.
					  3) sea marker dye.
					  4) ...(specify other marking).

QUU Shall I home ship or aircraft     Home ship or =
    to my position?                       ...
					1) to your position by trans-=20
					   mitting your callsign and=20
					   long dashes on...kHz (or MHz).
					2) by transmitting on...kHz
					   (or MHz) TRUE track to reach you.

QUV What is my MAGNETIC bearing       Your MAGNETIC bearing from me=20
    from you (or from...)?            (or from...) was...degrees at...
    (This signal, in general,         hours. (This signal, in general,
    will not be used in the           will not be used in the maritime
    maritime mobile service.)         mobile service.)

    Aeronautical notes:
    a) When using QDL QUV procedure in the international aeronautical
       telecommunication service, completion of the "hours" blank
       space is not required.
    b) In communications between stations of the aeronautical mobile
       service the signal QDR will be used instead of QUV.

QUW Are you in the search area        I am in the...(designation) =
    designated as...(designator       area.
    or latitude & longitude)?

QUX Will you indicate the MAGNETIC    The MAGNETIC course* for you to
    course* for me to steer towards   steer to reach me (or...) with no
    you (or...) with no wind?         wind was...degrees at...hours.
    (This signal, in general,         hours. (This signal, in general,
    will not be used in the           will not be used in the maritime
    maritime mobile service.)         mobile service.)

    Aeronautical notes:
    a) All stations of the international aeronautical tele-
       communication service will interpret "course" as referring=20
       to "heading".
    b) When using QDL QUV procedure in the international aeronautical
       telecommunication service, completion of the "hours" blank
       space is not required.
    c) In communications between stations of the aeronautical mobile
       service the signal QDR will be used instead of QUV.


QUY Is position of survival craft     Position of survival craft was
    marked?                           marked at...hours by...
					  1) flame or smoke float.
					  2) sea marker.
					  3) sea marker dye.
					  4)....(specify other marking)

QVA to QZZ The series QVA-QZZ inclusive has not been allocated to date


Signal          Question                 Answer, advice or order

ZAA                                   You are not observing proper=20
				      circuit discipline.

ZAB                                   Your speed key is improperly

ZAC                                   Cease using speed key.

ZAD                                   Your operating signal (made at
				      ...) received as ...
					(1. Not understood
					 2. Not held.)

ZAE                                   I am unable to receive you.
				      Receipt through...

ZAF Will you patch me through         I am about to patch you through   =

    to...(via you or...)?             to...(via...)

		    Army Z Signals
		 Doug Faunt, N6TQS

Question                              Answer, Advice or Order

ZAA                                   You are not observing proper =

ZAB                                   Your speed key is improperly

ZAC                                   Cease using speed key.

ZAD                                   Your operating signal (made =
				      received as...(1. Not understood;
				      2. Not held).

ZAE                                   I am unable to receive you.
				      Receipt through...

ZAF Will you patch me through         I am about to patch you through
    to...(via you or...)?             to...(via...).

ZAG                                   Break...(1. Go ahead with next =
				      2. Go back...feet; 3. Advance your
				      key tape to reference mark number
				      and repeat last transmission (or

ZAH                                   Unable to relay =
				      form. We file. Transmit correctly
				      prepared tape under new number to
				      all addressees (or to...).

ZAI                                   Run...(1. Caller; 2. Test tape;
				      3. Synchronising tape; 4. Traffic
				      tape; 5. Marking signals; 6. Spacing
				      signals; 7. Reversals; 8. Run tele-
				      typewriter space bar signals).

ZAJ                                   I have (or...has) been unable to
				      break you.

ZAK                                   Transmission on...kHz (or MHz)
				      suspended until...(or was suspend-
				      ed at...) on account of electrical
				      hazards (or...)

ZAL                                   I am closing down (until...) due

ZAM                                   I am unable to obtain reply from
				      teleprinter switchboard...(for
				      connection to...). Request you call
				      him (or other intermediate switch-
				      board) for me.

ZAN                                   Transmit only messages of and =

			     - Page 1 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZAO                                   I cannot understand your speech.
				      Use radiotelegraph.

ZAP Shall I work...(1. Simplex;       Work...(1. Simplex; 2. Duplex;
    2. Duplex; 3. Diplex;             3. Diplex; 4. Multiplex;
    4. Multiplex; 5. Single           5. Single Sideband; 6. With auto-
    Sideband; 6. With automatic       matic error correction system;
    error correction system;          7. Without automatic error =
    7. Without automatic error        ion system.
    correction system)?

ZAQ                                   The last word (or group)... (1. =
				      ceived from you was...; 2. Trans-
				      mitted to you was...)

ZAR                                   This is my...request (or reply).
				      (1. First; 2. Second; 3. Third; etc.)

ZAS                                   Rerun all tapes run on...since...
				      (1. Your present frequency; 2....kHz
				      (or MHz); 3. Callsign...; 4. This

ZAT                                   Am preparing traffic (perforating
				      tape) for transmission.

ZAU What is the teletype range of     Teletype range taken on your
    my signal(s)?                     signal(s)

ZAV                                   Transmit traffic for me (or =
				      by broadcast method until further
				      directed (or until...).

ZAW Shall I transmit 12 inches of     Transmit 12 inches of blank tape =
    blank tape at short intervals     short intervals at...words per
    at...words per minute?            minute.

ZAX                                   You are...(1. Causing =
				      Listen before sending. 2. Causing
				      interference by inattention to order
				      to wait; 3. Sending at the same time
				      as...(callsign); 4. Causing delay by
				      slowness in answering. 5. Causing
				      delay by slowness in answering my
				      service or procedure messages;
				      6. Answering out of turn).

ZAY                                   Transmit traffic to me (or to...
				      on...kHz (or MHz) without waiting
				      for receipts. I (or...) will receipt
				      your traffic later (on...kHz)
				      (or MHz)).

ZAZ                                   One or more transmitters, simul-
				      taneously keying on this broadcast,
				      are defective but transmission will
				      continue on remaining transmitters.
				      Traffic so transmitted will be re-
				      peated when full service is

			     - Page 2 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZBA What is the cause of delay        Delay (or bad transmission) due
    (or of bad transmission)?         to...

ZBB                                   For following message you will
				      require a total of...copies.

ZBC                                   You are transmitting a continuous
				      (1. Mark; 2. Space).

ZBD Will you repeat what you          Following is what I (or...) sent
    (or...) sent (at...)?             (at...).

ZBE                                   Retransmit =
				      (1. Action; 2. Information).

ZBF                                   For following message use large
				      message forms.

ZBG                                   You are transmitting in upper =

ZBH                                   Make preliminary call before =
				      mitting traffic.

ZBI                                   Listen for radiotelephony.

ZBJ -unassigned-

ZBK Are you receiving my traffic      I am receiving your traffic...
    clear?                            (1. Clear; 2. Garbled).

ZBL                                   I am unable to receive you while =
				      am transmitting. Do not use break-
				      in procedure.

ZBM                                   Place...on watch on this =
				      (1. A qualified speed key operator;
				      (2. A competent operator).

ZBN                          reversed. (1. Tape;
				      2. Mark & Space).

ZBO Of what precedence(s)?            I have (or...has)...(numeral =
				      ed by precedence prosign for each
				      precedence) message(s) for you
				      (or for...).

ZBP                                   Your...(1. Characters are =
				      2. Spacing is bad).

ZBQ When and on what frequency        Message...was received at...on...
    was message...received?           kHz (or MHz).

ZBR Shall I send by...                Send by...(1. Direct (R) method;
    (1. Direct (R) method; 2.         2. Broadcast (F) method; 3. Int-
    Broadcast (F) method;             ercept (I) method; 4. Repeat back
    3. Intercept (I) method;          (G) method.
    4. Repeat back (G) method)?

			     - Page 3 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZBS                                   Your...(1. Dots are too heavy; 2.
				      Dots are too light; 3. Dots are
				      varying in bias; 4. Dot spacing is
				      bad.; 5. Dots are missing; 6. Dots
				      are burring).

ZBT How do you count following        Text group(s) should be counted
    text group(s)...?       

ZBU                                   Report when you are in radio
				      communication with...

ZBV                                   Answer me (or...) on...kHz (or =

ZBW Will you shift (or       I am (or...) is shifting to =
    shift) to transmit on...kHz       on...kHz (or MHz).
    (or MHz).

ZBX Will you shift (or       I am (or...) is shifting to =
    shift) to receive on...kHz        on...kHz (or MHz).
    (or MHz).

ZBY                                   Pass...(1. On boradcast...;
				      2. On broadcast...single
				      operator; 3. On broadcast...
				      two operator period; 4. On
				      broadcast...general periods

ZBZ What is the printing accuracy     The printing accuracy of your =
    of my signals (or those of...)?   (or those of...) is...(1. Totally
				      corrupt; 2. Very corrupt; 3. Partly
				      corrupt rendering traffic unaccept-
				      able; 4. Occasionally corrupt but
				      traffic acceptable; 5. Perfect - no

ZCA -unassigned-

ZCB -unassigned-

ZCD -unassigned-

ZCD -unassigned-

ZCE -unassigned-

ZCF -unassigned-

ZCG -unassigned-

ZCH -unassigned-

ZCI -unassigned-

ZCJ -unassigned-

ZCK -unassigned-

ZCL -unassigned-

			     - Page 4 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZCM -unassigned-

ZCN -unassigned-

ZCO -unassigned-

ZCP -unassigned-

ZCQ -unassigned-

ZCR -unassigned-

ZCS -unassigned-

ZCT -unassigned-

ZCU -unassigned-

ZCV -unassigned-

ZCW -unassigned-

ZCX -unassigned-

ZCY -unassigned-

ZCZ -unassigned-

ZDA                                   I have a formal message for you.
				      (precedence is...).

ZDB                                   Expedite reply(ies) to my...(1.
				      Previous operating signal; 2.
				      Request(s) for repetition and
				      correction; 3. Service message...).

ZDC Does the last message (or         Last message (or message...)
    message...) require a signal      requires a signal of execution.
    of execution?

ZDD                                   Bring the circuit.

ZDE                                   Message...undelivered...(1. Will
				      continue efforts to effect
				      disposal; 2. Advise disposition;
				      3. Will not continue further
				      efforts. Request cancel and file;
				      4. Give more complete address.

			     - Page 5 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZDF                                   Message...was received by...
				      (addressee designation) at...Z or
				      was (1. Received by action address-
				      ee(s) at...Z; 2. Received by info-
				      rmation addressee(s) at...Z;
				      3. Received by all addressees at...Z;
				      4. Received by action addressee(s)
				      message centre at...Z; 5. Received by
				      information addressee(s) message
				      centre at...Z; 6. Received by all
				      addressees' message centre at...Z;
				      7. Delivered by broadcast at...Z;
				      8. Forwarded by commercial means
				      at...Z; 9. Mailed at...Z).

ZDG                                   Accuracy of following message(s)
				      (or message...) is doubtful.
				      Correction or confirmation will be

ZDH                                   Request corrected copy of message =
				      forwarded to...

ZDI                                   Place this message (or =
				      on (1. MERCAST; 2. MERCAST one
				      operator period).

ZDJ How many groups does your         I have a message =
    message contain?                  to transmit to you (or to...).

ZDK Will you repeat message...(or     Following repetition (of...) is =
    portion...) (or will you rerun    in accordance with your request.

ZDL                                   Confirmation...(1. Was omitted;
				      2. Differs from text).

ZDM                                   I am holding your message...

ZDN                                   Report disposal of message...your
				      your station with any reason for

ZDO                                   I could not send

ZDP                                   Hold my message...until =
				      is confirmed.

ZDQ                                   Message...was relayed
				      by...(on...kHz (or MHz)).

ZDR                                   This is a multiple-address or =
				      message tape containing...routeing
				      indicators in the routing line which
				      is to be routed in accordance with
				      the established doctrine.

			     - Page 6 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or=20
Order:                                      portion...) is...

ZDS                                   Message (or message...) which you
				      have (or...has) just forwarded was
				      incorrectly transmitted. Correct
				      version of message (or part or

ZDT                                   Exercise messages are not to be =
				      until further orders (or until...).

ZDU                                   Pass the following...(1. Private
				      message (telegram); 2. Service
				      telegram...) (Number of words charged
				      for is...).

ZDV                                   Private message (telegram) =
				      for...Request instructions.

ZDW                                   In addition to the regular =
				      times, this hydrographic message is
				      to be transmitted on the following
				      hydrographic schedules...
				      (1...schedule; 2. All schedules on...
				      (date); 3. All schedules
				      (dates inclusive)).

ZDX                                   Messages up to and including =
				      (or circuit) number...have been
				      previously transmitted.

ZDY                                   Private messages (telegrams) are =
				      to be sent until further orders. (or

ZDZ                                   On...(date) message(s) was (were)
				      mailed to...(command(s)) bearing
				      serial numbers...

ZEA                                   Pass plain language copy
				      by secure means.

ZEB                                   This is a reprocessed ICAO =

ZEC Have you received message...?     Message...(1. Not received; =
				      entified. Give better identifying

ZED                                   The following confirmatory =
				      ation as received is at variance
				      with the text.

ZEE                                   Request transmitted.

ZEF                                   This message has been read =
				      or intercepted) from a ship at sea.

ZEG                                   This message is not to be =
				      or reported outside the communication
				      centre in...(1. Agressor force;
				      2. Friendly force).

			     - Page 7 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or=20
Order:                                      portion...) is...

ZEH                                   Accuracy of...portion of =
				      message (or message...) is doubtful.
				      Correction or confirmation will be
				      forwarded when received.

ZEI                                   Accuracy is doubtful of heading =
				      message received as follows...Check
				      to station of origin if necessary
				      and repeat.

ZEJ                                   Replies to this message (or
				      message...) are to be sent now (or

ZEK                                   No answer is required.

ZEL Is message...a correction to      This message is a correction (to
    message...which was previously    message...) (transmitted to...)
    transmitted with doubtful or      Note: May only be used in conjun-
    missing groups (words)?           ction with ZDG.

ZEM -unassigned-

ZEN                                   This message has been delivered =
by a
				      separate transmission or by other
				      means (1. Messenger/courier;
				      2. Mail) to the addressee(s)
				      immediately following this operating

ZEO                                   Transmit this message by rapid =
				      when no charges are involved and to
				      all others by mail.

ZEP                                   This message (or message...) was
				      was incompletely received. Each word
				      or group missed, which is indicated
				      by position of ZEP in the message,
				      will be forwarded as soon as

ZEQ                                   Your message...has been missent =
				      this station...(1. Request you re-
				      transmit to correct addressee;
				      2. I will retransmit to correct

ZER                                   This is a multiple-address or =
				      message tape containing...routeing
				      indicators in the routing line for
				      which the station called in the
				      pilot is responsible.

ZES                                   Your message...has been =
				      (1 Incomplete; 2. Garbled). Request

ZET                                   Message has been protected and no
				      further action required.

			     - Page 8 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZEU                                   Exercise (drill) message.

ZEV Request you acknowledge           Message (or message...) is
    message...                        acknowledged.

ZEW                                   Your attention is invited, for...
				      (1. Action; 2. Information) to
				      message...which is in your files.

ZEX                                   This is a book message and may be
				      delivered as a single-address
				      message to addressees for whom you
				      are responsible.

ZEY                                   This message (or message...) has
				      been (or will be) put on the...
				      broadcast schedules (serial

ZEZ                                   When delivery is effected of this
				      book message to addressee by comm-
				      ercial means, or when copy is
				      forwareded to confirm message pre-
				      viously delivered by telephone, it
				      is to be sent as a single address
				      message. (May only be used in
				      conjunction with ZEX).

ZFA                                   Following message has been read
				      (received or intercepted).

ZFB                                   Pass this message to...(1. On
				      arrival; 2. On return to base)

ZFC Have you received (or sent)       Executive signal ("Execute") for =
    the executive signal              message (or following message) =
    ("Execute") for message...        been made (or was made at...).

ZFD                                   This message is a suspected =

ZFE                                   Pass message...(which is in your
				      files) to addressee(s) for whom you
				      are responsible using the indicated
				      supplementary heading.

ZFF                                   Inform me when this message (or
				      message...) has been received by...
				      (addressee designation) or by...
				      (1. Action addressee(s); 2. Inform-
				      ation addressee(s); 3. All address-
				      ee(s); 4. Action addressee's/
				      addressees' message centre; 5. Inform
				      -ation addressee's/addressees'
				      message centre; 6. All addressees'
				      message centre).

ZFG                                   This message is an exact =
duplicate of
				      a message previously transmitted.

			     - Page 9 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZFH                                   This message (or message...) is =
				      (or has been) passed to you (or..)
				      for...(1. Action; 2. Information;
				      3. Comment) (at the request of...)

ZFI Is there any reply to             There is no reply to message.

ZFJ                                   Message(s)...number(s)...not =
				      mitted on this schedule (or on
				      schedule...) are no longer needed.

ZFK Does message...(or station        Message...(or station serial =
    serial number...) concern me      ...)...(1. Does not concern you
    (or...)?                          (or...); 2. No longer concerns =

ZFL Was there any traffic addressed   Following traffic was addressed =
    to me on...broadcast schedule     you on...broadcast schedule =
    between serial numbers...         serial numbers...and...

ZFM                                   Message(s) serial number(s)...(to
				      ...) which was (were) transmitted
				      during unserviceability of one or
				      more transmitters, simultaneously
				      keyed, will now be repeated.

ZFN -unassigned-

ZFO                          being delivered as a
				      basegram message.

ZFP                                   Basegram.

ZFQ                                   Two messages (...and...) received
				      under channel number (or station
				      serial number)... Both released.

ZFR                                   Cancel transmission...(made under
				      channel or station serial number...).

ZFS                                   Make message...same channel or
				      station serial number as this
				      procedure message.

ZFT                                   Message...received without =
				      number (or station serial number)
				      following message bearing channel
				      number (or station serial number)...
				      Both released.

ZFU                                   Channel numbers...and...preceeded
				      message... Lower number recorded
				      and higher number blanked.

			     - Page 10 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZFV                                   Message...containing channel =
				      ...separated by portions of the
				      message, released subject to
				      correction. Take necessary action
				      to provide corrected copy.

ZFW                                   BLANK channel number(s)...Forward
 channel number...

ZFX                                   Channel number (or station serial
				      number) open.

ZFY -unassigned-

ZFZ -unassigned-

ZGA What is my callsign for           Your callsign for use on this
    use on this circuit only?         circuit only is...

ZGB                                   Send (answer)...(1. In =
				      sequence of callsigns. Each station
				      to make its callsigns once (or...
				      times); 2. In the following sequence
				      of callsigns).

ZGC -unassigned-

ZGD                                   Two stations are using the same
				      indefinite callsign on...kHz (or
				      MHz). Both stations are to select
				      different callsigns.

ZGE                                   Send your callsign(s) once (or...
				      times) on this frequency (or on
				      ...kHz (or MHz)).

ZGF                                   Make callsigns more distinctly.

ZGG What is callsign of...            Callsign Friendly
    (1. Friendly striking force       striking force aircraft; 2. =
    aircraft; 2. Friendly shadow-     shadowing aircraft; 3. Incoming
    ing aircraft; 3. Incoming         vessel; 4. Senior officer present
    vessel; 4. Senior officer         afloat (or Officer in tactical
    present afloat (or Officer in     command); 5. Ship acting as flag-
    tacticl command); 5. Ship         ship for...).
    acting as flagship for...)?

ZGH                                   I am using this transmitter to =
				      calls on two or more frequencies.
				      Answer to calls may be delayed.

ZGI                                   I am or have been ( or has
				      been) calling you (on...kHz (or

ZGJ When will you call me again       I will call you again as soon as
    on present frequency (or on       possible (or at...) on present
    ...kHz (or MHz))?                 frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).

			     - Page 11 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZGK When shall I call you again       Call me again at...on present
    on present frequency (or on       frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).
    ...kHz (or MHz))?

ZGL                                   ...will answer calls for me (or

ZGM Did you (or...)     I have (or...has) been unable to
				      communicate with...(since...).

ZGN When was I (or...) last heard?    Nothing heard from you (or...)

ZGO What is my number and sequence    Your number is... Answer after
    of answering?                     number... (Numbers are to be
				      separated by separative sign).

ZGP                                   Answer calls for me on present
				      frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).

ZGQ -unassigned-

ZGR -unassigned-

ZGS -unassigned-

ZGT -unassigned-

ZGU -unassigned-

ZGV -unassigned-

ZGW -unassigned-

ZGX -unassigned-

ZGY -unassigned-

ZGZ -unassigned-

ZHA Shall I decrease frequency        Decrease frequency very slightly =
    very slightly (or...kHz)          ...kHz) to clear interference.
    to clear interference?

ZHB Shall I increase frequency        Increase frequency very slightly =
    very slightly (or...kHz)          ...kHz) to clear interference.
    to clear interference?

ZHC -unassigned-

ZHD -unassigned-

ZHE -unassigned-

ZHF -unassigned-

ZHG -unassigned-

ZHH -unassigned-

			     - Page 12 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZHI -unassigned-

ZHJ -unassigned-

ZHK -unassigned-

ZHL -unassigned-

ZHM -unassigned-

ZHN How do you receive my             Your automatic transmissions =
    automatic transmission?           (1. Good; 2. Fair; 3. =

ZHO What is your speed of auto-       My speed of automatic =
    matic transmission?               in...(1. Revolutions per minute;
				      2. Words per minute; 3. Bauds) is...

ZHP What is preventing automatic      Automatic reception is prevented =
    reception?                        ...

ZHQ                                   Please listen for me on...kHz (or
				      MHz) and transmit to me on...kHz
				      (or MHz).

ZHR Is my speed of automatic          Your speed of automatic =
    transmission correct?             is...(1. Fast; 2. Slow; 3. =
				      4. Correct).

ZHS -unassigned-

ZHT -unassigned-

ZHU -unassigned-

ZHV -unassigned-

ZHW -unassigned-

ZHX -unassigned-

ZHY -unassigned-

ZHZ -unassigned-

ZIA                                   This message (or message...) is
				      being (or has been) passed out of
				      proper sequence of station serial

ZIB Two messages...and... (or         Change station serial number of
    group counts and time of read number...OR
    origin...and...), both            Assign to message...station =
    received as serial number...      number...
    What are correct serial

ZIC What is (are) station serial      Station serial number(s) or =
    number(s) or channel number(s)    number(s) of last message(s) =
    of last message(s) you trans-     mitted to you (or to...) is =
    mitted to me (or to...)?

			     - Page 13 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZID What is (are) station serial      Station serial number(s) or =
    number(s) or channel number(s)    number(s) of last message(s) =
    of last message(s) received       from you (or from...) is (are)...
    from me (or from...)?

ZIE                                   Station serial number(s) or =
				      number(s) (from...) has (have) not
				      been received. Repeat message(s) or
				      cancel serial number(s) or channel

ZIF                                   I (or...) did not use serial

ZIG Is (are) number(s)... (to...)     Number(s)...(to...) is (are) =

ZIH                                   Repeat headings of message number
 by you (or...)
				      to check serial numbers.

ZII What was...of your (or...'s)      My (or...'s) number...had =
    number...? (1. Date-time group;   ...(1. Date-time group; 2. Filing
    2. Filing time)?                  time).

ZIJ                                   I am now changing my channel =
				      letter. Last number sent in this
				      series is that of this message.

ZIK                                   This is a weather controlled =
				      which is not to be transmitted in the
				      clear over radio circuits.

ZIL -unassigned-

ZIM -unassigned-

ZIN -unassigned-

ZIO -unassigned-

ZIP                                   Have set continuous watch, or (1.
				      Single operator period; 2. Two
				      operator period; 3. General periods
				      only; 4. Reduced single operator
				      periods) on broadcast indicated.
				      First serial number received is...
				      /No number yet received.

ZIQ -unassigned-

ZIR -unassigned-

ZIS -unassigned-

ZIT -unassigned-

ZIU -unassigned-

ZIV -unassigned-

			     - Page 14 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZIW -unassigned-

ZIX -unassigned-

ZIY -unassigned-

ZIZ -unassigned-

ZJA                                   Read signalling light of...

ZJB May I close down visual           Close down visual watch now (or
    watch now (or at...)?             at...).

ZJC                                   Repeat all flag signals made by =
				      senior officer (senior officer
				      present afloat).

ZJD                                   Use...(1. Better light; 2. Better

ZJE                                   Set visual watch now (or at...).

ZJF                                   Visual relaying station between
				      senior officer (senior officer
				      present afloat) (or...) and...
				      is to be...

ZJG                                   Repeat all flashing (or =
				      messages made by the senior officer
				      (senior officer afloat).

ZJH                                   Your light is unreadable...(1. =
				      trained correctly; 2. Not bright
				      enough; 3. Too bright).

ZJI What are the callsigns of the     Callsigns of teh ships in company
    ships in company with you?        with me are...(For visual use =

ZJJ                                   Use double-flash procedure.

ZJK Are you (or is...) visual         I am ( visual guard =
    guard for...?

ZJL                                   Hoist the following signal.

ZJM                                   ...(1. Flaghoist; 2. Semaphore;
				      3. 20-inch signalling projector;
				      4. 10-inch signalling projector;
				      5. ALDIS; 6. Intermediate;
				      7. Heather; 8. Daylight signalling
				      lantern; 9. Masthead flashing light;
				      10. Infrared; 11. Signal searchlight;
				      12. Omnidirectional flashing light;
				      13. Directional flashing light)

ZJN                                   Message...has been passed to =
				      for whom I am responsible (or to...)
				      (at...) but "L" has not been

			     - Page 15 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZJO                                   Repeat back each group of the =
				      of this message as it is transmitted.

ZJP                                   Message which follows is to be
				      encrypted and passed to all
				      addressees (by...). (Only to be used
				      by visual not liable to inter-

ZJQ                                   Repeat signal (or message...) the
				      senior officer (senior officer
				      present afloat) (or ship indicated)
				      is now transmitting or is about to

ZJR                                   Only semaphore is to be used for
				      visual signalling between...and
				      ...(or from...).

ZJS                                   Directional lights of minimum
				      brillance are to be used for all
				      visual traffic between...and...
				      except for messages of precedence
				      priority and above requiring
				      transmission to two or more ships.

ZJT                                   Broadcast transmitter indicated =
				      about to be taken off for...minutes
				      (or until...).

ZJU -unassigned-

ZJV -unassigned-

ZJW -unassigned-

ZJX -unassigned-

ZJY -unassigned-

ZJZ -unassigned-

ZKA Who is controlling station        I am ( controlling =
    (net control station) on          (net control station) on this
    this frequency (or on...          frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).
    kHz (or MHz))?

ZKB Is it necessary to obtain the     It is necessary to obtain the
    permission of the controlling     permission of the controlling
    station (net control station)     station (net control station)
    before transmitting messages?     before transmitting messages.

ZKC                                   Substitute code sign (callsign) =
				      of control station of group (net)
				      in place of this operating signal.

ZKD Shall I take control of net       Take control of the net (for...)
    (for...) (until...)?              (until...).

			     - Page 16 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZKF                                   Station leaves net temporarily =
				      for...minutes) (to communicate
				      with...) (will be on...kHz (or

ZKG                                   Observe (or obeserve)
				      schedule with...on...kHz (or MHz)

ZKH Did you (or...) observe           I (or...) observed schedule with
    schedule            ...(at...).

ZKI                                   Set watch on...kHz (or MHz)...
				      (1. Continuous; 2. Until further

ZKJ May I close down (until...)?      ...(1. Close down (until...);
				      2. I am closing down (until...))

ZKK                                   Assume radiotelegraph (wireless)
				      organisation...forthwith (or at...)

ZKL                                   Resume normal radio communication
				      now (or at...).

ZKM                                   Take guard (for...) (on...kHz (or

ZKN                                   I have taken over guard on...kHz =

ZKO                                   I have handed over guard (to...) =
				      ...kHz (or MHz)). (Serial number of
				      last message received was...

ZKP Are you (or is...) radio guard    I am ( radio guard for...
    for... (on...kHz (or MHz))?       (on...kHz (or MHz)).

ZKQ                                   Indicate ships or stations for =
				      you are ( guard. (1. Radio
				      (on...kHz (or MHz)); 2. Visual).

ZKR On what frequencies are you       I am ( maintaining watch =
    (or...) maintaining watch?        ...kHz (or MHz)).

ZKS What stations are keeping         Following stations are keeping =
    watch on...kHz (or MHz) (or       on...kHz (or MHz) (or are in =
    are in net)?

ZKT                                   Am keeping watch on...kHz (or =
				      for...(1. First five minutes in each
				      half hour; 2. From 10 to 15 and 40
				      to 45 minutes past the hour;
				      3. Between...and...minutes past
				      the hour).

			     - Page 17 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZKU                                   I am ( maintaining =
				      watch, or (1. Single operator period;
				      2. Two operator period; 3. General
				      periods only; 4. Reduced single-
				      operator period) on...(callsign)...

ZKV                                   I am ( standing =
				      watch on...and...kHz (or MHz).

ZKW -unassigned-

ZKX -unassigned-

ZKY -unassigned-

ZKZ -unassigned-

ZLA                                   I have pictures of the following
				      types to tranmsit...(1. Photo-
				      graphs; 2. Weather maps; 3. Blue-
				      prints; 4. Printed matter; 5. Test).

ZLB What drum rotation speed          Transmit at...revolutions per =
    shall I use?                      (1. 30; 2. 45; 3. 50; 4. 60; 5. =
				      6. 100)

ZLC                                   Your transmission...(1. Shows =
				      ional modulation; 2. Suitable for
				      communication but not for picture;
				      3. Shows caption too close to edge of
				      picture; 4. Shows buckled print;
				      5. Shows fork drift; 6. Picture shows
				      too much contrast; 7. Picture shows
				      insufficient contrast; 8. Picture
				      shows cross-over).

ZLD                                   I am unable to...(1. Sychronise =
				      you; 2. Transmit pictures; 3. Copy

ZLE                                   Send...(1.Fence; 2. White; 3. =
				      4. Picture; 5. Synchronise; 6. Fence
				      swinging black; 7. Fence swinging
				      white until I stop you).

ZLF                                   ...(1. Inverter; 2. Converter; 3. =
				      line 12 x 18 transceiver; 4. 100-
				      line transceiver; 5. 300-line trans-

ZLG Shall I transmit (1. Negative;    Transmit...(1. Negative;
    2. Positive)?                     2. Positive).

ZLH Will you transmit map(s)...       I am going to transmit mpa(s)...
    (...area...time...type)?          (...area...time...type).

ZLI                                   Reverse material on drum and =
				      until I break you.

			     - Page 18 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZLJ What size lettering shall         Use...(1. Standard telegraphic =
    I use?                            writer; 2. Jumbo typewriter (if
				      available; 3. Hand lettering at least
				      3/16 of an inch high).

ZLK -unassigned-

ZLL -unassigned-

ZLM -unassigned-

ZLN                                   Facility indicated cannot be =
				      at present.

ZLO Is (are) facility(ies)...         The following...facility(ies) is
    operative at your station         (are) operative at this station =
    (or at...)?                       at...). 1. Homing beacon; 2. =
				      beacon; 3. Revolving and/or flashing
				      beacon; 4. Radio beacon;
				      5. Instrument landing system;
				      6. Ground control approach;
				      7. Approach control; 8. Tower
				      transmitter (state which type LF, MF
				      VHF or UHF); 9. MF direction finder;
				      10. VHF direction finder; 11. UHF
				      direction finder; 12. Runway lights;
				      13. Sandra lights; 14. Radio track
				      guide; 15. Radio range).

ZLP What is (are) the magnetic        The magnetic line(s) of shoot of =
    line(s) of shoot of the...        ...(facility) is (are)... =

ZLQ -unassigned-

ZLR -unassigned-

ZLS -unassigned-

ZLT -unassigned-

ZLU -unassigned-

ZLV -unassigned-

ZLW -unassigned-

ZLX -unassigned-

ZLY -unassigned-

ZLZ -unassigned-

ZMA What was bearing of unknown       Bearing of unknown station (or
    station (or station using         station using callsign...) was...
    callsign...) at...(time)          (at...time) class...(on...kHz
    (on...kHz (or MHz))?              (or MHz)).

			     - Page 19 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZMB                                   Bearing of you (or of...) was...
				      (class...) from me (or from...)

ZMC                                   Bearing of station which answered
				      message (or transmission) from...
				      was...(at...(time)) class...(on
				      ...kHz (or MHz)).

ZMD                                   1. Your bearing appears to be =
				      ...degrees and...degrees, and sense
				      indicates you are to the...(direct-
				      ion) of this station;
				      2. Your bearing is changing rapidly.

ZME                                   Pass in direction finding bearing
				      (of...) obtained on...kHz (or MHz)
				      (or between...and...kHz (or MHz).

ZMF Will you endeavour to obtain      Bearing of station now =
    a direction finding bearing       (or of...) (on...kHz (or MHz)) =
    of station now transmitting       ...(class...) sense determined =
    (or of...) (on...kHz
    (or MHz))?

ZMG                                   This bearing (course or position) =
				      unreliable. Error in excess of class
				      C bearing (or position) may amount
				      to...degrees or miles).

ZMH                                   Surface craft using callsign...
				      cooperating. Change to...kHz (or MHz)
				      and follow diretion finding procedure
				      when called.

ZMI Will you send your callsign       I am about to send my callsign =
    and dashes of five-seconds'       dashes of five seconds' duration =
    duration at intervals in          intervals in order that you =
    order that I (or...) may          may home on me.
    home on you?

ZMJ                                   Check...(1. Correctness of last =
				      2. Sense of last QDR; 3. Correctness
				      of last QDM; 4. Sense of last QDM).

ZMK                                   Cannot determine your =
				      (1. Position; 2. Bearing).

ZML                                   Steer...degrees for 2 minutes if
				      possible and send callsign and long
				      dashes while you are so doing.

ZMM                                   Increase height to enable more
				      accurate bearing to be completed.

ZMN                                   Change over to loop direction =
				      on...kHz (or MHz) (and home on
				      transmissions made by...).

			     - Page 20 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZMO What is my position by            Your position by direction =
    direction finding bearing         cross bearings from nearest =
    from the nearest landmark         (or from...) is...(class...) =
    (or from...)?                     (hours).

ZMP                                   Endeavour to plot position from
				      bearings taken on station(s) now
				      transmitting (or of...) (on...kHz
				      (or MHz)).

ZMQ                                   Cannot determine your position, =
				      are in line or nearly in line with
				      direction finding station baseline.

ZMR                                   Take over direction finding guard =
				      previously ordered (on...kHz (or
				      MHz)) ( (or MHz)).

ZMS                                   Carry out short direction finding
				      procedure (as locally prescribed).

ZMT                                   Sense determination unreliable,
				      bearing may be reciprocal.

ZMU                                   ...(1. Listen (for...0 on =
				      finding on...kHz (or MHz) (or between
				      ...and...kHz (or MHz));
				      2. Shift to direction finding
				      frequency...and listen for call-

ZMV What is the Grid Course for       The Grid Course for you to steer =
    me to steer to reach you          reach me (or...) is...degrees =
    (or...)?                          hours.

ZMW -unassigned-

ZMX -unassigned-

ZMY -unassigned-

ZMZ -unassigned-

ZNA                                   You are encrypting...incorrectly.
				      (1. Operating signals; 2. Radio
				      callsigns; 3. Address groups).

ZNB What is authentication of...      Authentication (of...) is...
    (1. Message...; 2. Last           (1. Message; 2. Last =
    transmission; 3. ...)?            3. ...).

ZNC                                   All transmissions will be =
				      ated...(1. On all circuits; 2. On
				      this circuit; 3. On...frequency).

ZND                                   You are using authenticator in-
				      correctly...(1. Verify authenticator
				      system key; 2. Check authentication
				      of your last transmission).

			     - Page 21 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZNE                                   I am prepared to authenticate.

ZNF                                   Addressees who are not holders of
				      the cryptographic system employed
				      in the text need not decrypt
				      (decipher), but shall sight (read)
				      translation at first opportunity
				      and obtain copy if applicable.

ZNG                                   Commands who are included in the
				      collective address used in this
				      heading, who are not holders of
				      the cryptographic system employed
				      in the text, are exempted.

ZNH                                   Plaintext tape of this message
				      should be prepared during process
				      of decipherment.

ZNI                                   Shift to...(1. On-line; 2. Plain)
				      operation now.

ZNJ -unassigned-

ZNK                                   Addressees who do not hold =
				      graphic facilities are exempted.

ZNL                                   Receiving Cryptographic Office
				      concerned should refer queries
				      relating to the text of this
				      message (e.g. requests for
				      verification) to...(address
				      designators except plain language).
				      Note: To be used in codress messages
				      when necessary to indicate
				      originating crypto centre and then
				      normally limited to messages of
				      Immediate precedence and above.

ZNM                                   Originator authorises the =
				      of this message into the secure
				      networks of all authorities address-
				      ed, provided the networks are
				      secured or approved for the security
				      classification of the message

ZNO                                   Unable to decrypt message... =
				      indefinite callsign...). Note: Only
				      to be used under circumstances laid
				      down in cryptographic instructions.

ZNP                                   Transfer operation of channel now
				      to...(1. Normal; 2. Top Secret;
				      3. Conference; 4. Engineering;)
				      on-line cipher operation. Note:
				      Note: This signal is for use only
				      when already in on-line operation.

			     - Page 22 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZNQ                                   This message (or message...) =
				      at this station... (1. Without
				      authentication (when authentication
				      is in force); 2. Incorrectly

ZNR                                   This message may be forwarded =
				      change by radio or non-approved

ZNS -unassigned-

ZNT -unassigned-

ZNU -unassigned-

ZNV -unassigned-

ZNW -unassigned-

ZNX -unassigned-

ZNY -unassigned-

ZNZ -unassigned-

ZOA                                   Relay this message (or =
				      by visual (to...).

ZOB                                   Take (I will take) no further
				      action regarding forwarding

ZOC                                   Station(s) called relay this =
				      to addressees for whom you are

ZOD                                   Act as radio link (relaying =
				      between me and...(or between...and

ZOE Can you accept message            Give me your message. I will =
    for...? (1. On-line;              of it...(1. On-line; 2. =
    2. Off-line)

ZOF                                   Relay (pass) this message (or
				      message...) (or at...).

ZOG                                   Transmit (pass) this message (or
				      message...) to...(for...)
				      (1. Action; 2. Information).

ZOH                                   Send message for...on...kHz (or =
				      by...(1. Receipt method; 2. Broadcast
				      method; 3. Intercept method).

ZOI                                   Pass this message to the nearest
				      (or...) weather central/control.

			     - Page 23 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZOJ                                   Unable to relay =
				      form...(1. Callsigns not encrypted;
				      2. Text not encrypted).

ZOK                                   Relay this message via...

ZOL                                   I will relay your callsign to =
				      officer present afloat, whose call-
				      sign is...

ZOM                                   Delivery of this message by mail =
				      lieu of broadcast permissable

ZON                                   Place this message (or =
				      on...(1. Continuous wave broadcast;
				      2. Radioteletype broadcast)
				      indicated by following specific
				      broadcast designator(s)...

ZOO                                   Place this message (or =
				      on MERCAST indicated by following
				      specific broadcast designator(s).

ZOP                                   This message (or message...) has
				      been delivered to all broadcast areas
				      (or to the following specific broad-
				      cast area(s)...).

ZOQ                                   Deliver this message (or =
				      to all broadcast areas (or to the
				      following specific broadcast

ZOR                                   1. Route traffic for...via...area
				      broadcast; 2. Beginning at...
				      traffic for you (or...) will be
				      routed via...area broadcast.

ZOS Request area routeing for         Area routeing for messages for...
    messages for...                   is...

ZOT                                   Transmit or handle this message =
				      the lower precedence to the station
				      or address designator(s) which

ZOU How should traffic for...         Route traffic =
    be routed.                        kHz (or MHz)).

ZOV                                   Station designation preceding =
				      operating signal is the correct
				      routeing for this message, rerouted

ZOW                                   Broadcast this message at special
				      watchkeeping periods for ships with
				      (1. One radio operator; 2. Two radio

			     - Page 24 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZOX                                   Place this message (or =
				      on submarine broadcast indicated
				      by following specific broadcast

ZOY                                   Relay this message only to the
				      station(s) whose designation(s)
				      preceed this operating signal.

ZOZ                                   Relay this message (or =
				      in its present form without

ZPA                                   Your speech is distorted.

ZPB                                   Your transmitter has strong =
				      while idling.

ZPC                                   Your signals are...(1. Fading =
				      2. Fading slightly; 3. Good for...
				      ...words per minute; 4. Getting
				      stronger; 5. Getting weaker).

ZPD Is your signal as checked by      My signal as checked by =
    monitor...satisfactory (1.        is satisfactory (1. Locally;
    Locally; 2. As radiated)?         2. As radiated).

ZPE                                   Maximum power is now being =

ZPF What is the readability of the    The readability of the signals of
    signals of the group (net)        the group (net) (or of...) is...
    (or of...)?                       (1 to 5).

ZPG What is (are) signal strength(s)  Signal strength(s) of the group =
    of group (net) (or of...)?        (or of...) is... (1 to 5).

ZPH -Unassigned-

ZPI -Unassigned-

ZPJ -Unassigned-

ZPK -Unassigned-

ZPL -Unassigned-

ZPM -Unassigned-

ZPN                                   IFF switched ON in distress =

ZPO                                   The text of this message is to be
				      relayed in precisely the same format
				      as that in which it is received. No
				      characters or machine functions are
				      to be added, inserted or deleted and
				      the relative positions of the groups
				      are to be retained.

			     - Page 25 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZPP                                   Message which follows is a a
				      submarine surfacing signal to be
				      cleared on the calling frequency.

ZPQ -Unassigned-

ZPR                                   I have (number) messages =
				      prepared in tape relay format for
				      you (or for...(addressees)).
				      (Consideration should be given to
				      receiving these messages directly
				      on a printing reperforator/typing

ZPS -Unassigned-

ZPT                                   This transmission is a =
				      pre-acceptance trial. Request
				      expeditious strength and readability

ZPU                                   If more than one tropical wind
				      warning message in this sequence is
				      awaiting transmission, transmit
				      highest serial number first.
				      (Sequence/serial is understood to
				      include tropical warning name or
				      number and consecutive warning

ZPV                                   If the earlier wind warnings =
				      ified by DTG(s) following this signal
				      are awaiting transmission, file those
				      warnings without further trans-

ZPW                                   This message cancelled at time
				      indicated. File without further

ZPX                                   This message is forwarded to your
				      for screening and determination of
				      need for broadcast promulgation.
				      Advise broadcast control commander
				      of recommended message disposition.

ZPY -Unassigned-

ZPZ -Unassigned-

ZQA                                   The landing lights at the =
				      (or at the aerodrome at...) are out
				      of order.

ZQB What is the magnetic direction    The magnetic direction in which
    in which landing is to be made?   landing is to be made is... =

			     - Page 26 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZQC Are you (or is...)...             I am (
    (1. Airborne; 2. Waterborne;      (1. Airborne; 2. Waterborne;
    3. On land)?                      3. On land).

ZQD Am I to carry out the procedure   You are to carry out the =
    appropriate to the use of the     appropriate to the use of the...
    ...(facility)?                    (facility).

ZQE What is your desired rate of      My desired rate of descent is...
    descent expressed in hundreds     hundreds of feet per minute.
    of feet per minute?

ZQF What is the length in yards of    The length of the runway in use
    the runway in use?                is ...yards.

ZQG -Unassigned-

ZQH -Unassigned-

ZQI -Unassigned-

ZQJ -Unassigned-

ZQK -Unassigned-

ZQL -Unassigned-

ZQM -Unassigned-

ZQN -Unassigned-

ZQO -Unassigned-

ZQP -Unassigned-

ZQQ -Unassigned-

ZQR -Unassigned-

ZQS -Unassigned-

ZQT -Unassigned-

ZQU -Unassigned-

ZQV -Unassigned-

ZQW -Unassigned-

ZQX -Unassigned-

ZQY -Unassigned-

ZQZ -Unassigned-

			     - Page 27 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZRA How does my frequency check?      Your frequency is...(1. Correct;
				      2. Slightly (or...Hz (or kHz))
				      high; 3. Slightly (or...Hz (or kHz))
				      low; 4. Stable on steady mark;
				      5. Stable on steady space;
				      6. Unstable; 7. Erratic).

ZRB                                   Check your (or...'s) frequency on
				      this circuit (or on...kHz (or MHz)).

ZRC Shall I tune my transmitter       Tune your transmitter to...(1. =
    to...(1. Proper frequency;        frequency; 2. Zero beat with my
    2. Zero beat with your            (or...) transmitter).
    (or...) transmitter)?

ZRD What is the frequency of the...   The frequency of =
    radio facility now in operation?  now in operation is...

ZRE On what frequency do you hear     I hear you best on...kHz (or =
    me best?

ZRF Will you send tuning signal on    Am about to send tuning signal on =
    your present frequency (or on     present frequency (or on...kHz =
    ...kHz (or MHz)) for one          MHz)).
    minute or until AS is given?

ZRG When will a change of frequency   A change in frquency (to...kHz =
    (to...kHz (or MHz)) be            MHz)) will be necessary at
    necessary?                        approximately...

ZRH Is my frequency shift correct?    Your frequency shift is...(1. Too
				      wide; 2. Too narrow; 3. Not linear;
				      4. Correct) (by Hz).

ZRI -Unassigned-

ZRJ Will you check your...?          I will check my...

ZRK Shall I revert to single         Revert to single channel working.
    channel working?

ZRL Are you working on the correct   I am working on the correct code.
    code? NOTE: This meaning         NOTE: This meaning applies only to
    applies only to frequency        frequency shift diplex.
    shift diplex.

ZRM Can you receive both sidebands   I can receive...(1. The upper =
    of my independent sideband       band; 2. The lower sideband; 3. =
    transmissions?                   sidebands).

ZRN Do you intend to transmit on...  I intend to transmit on...(1. The
    (1. The upper sideband; 2. The   upper sideband; 2. The lower side-
    lower sideband; 3. Both          band; 3. Both sidebands independ-
    sidebands independently)?        ently).

ZRO Can you read me on... (1.        I can read you on...(1. Channel A;
    Channel A; 2. Channel B;         2. Channel B; 3. Channel(s)... 4. =
    3. Channel(s)...; 4. All         channel(s).

			     - Page 28 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZRP                                  Transfer signal on

ZRQ                                  Change to other sideband.

ZRR                                  Message(s) number(s)...will no =
				     be broadcast but are effective and of
				     interest (to units indicated).

ZRS                                  Your carrier is...(1. =
				     2. Under-suppressed).

ZRT                                  Radiate full unmodulated power

ZRU Are my tone frequencies          Your tone for...(1. Marking and
    correct?                         spacing are high; 2. Marking and
				     spacing are low; 3. Marking and
				     spacing are correct).

ZRV -Unassigned-

ZRW -Unassigned-

ZRX -Unassigned-

ZRY -Unassigned-

ZRZ -Unassigned-

ZSA May I ascend to...(height)?       You may ascend to...(height).

ZSB May I descend to...(height)?      You may descend to...(height).

ZSC                                   Switch on IFF.

ZSD                                   IFF switched OFF.

ZSE Do you have glider in tow?        ...(1. We have glider in tow; 2. =
				      are forced to release glider at
				      (approximate position)...).

ZSF                                   Switch off...(1. IFF; 2. IFF sets =
				      10 minutes in area denoted except for
				      ships whose callsigns follow).

ZSG May I make an approach using      You may approach using the =
    the facility indicated.           indicated.

ZSH -Unassigned-

ZSI                                   You are...(1. To maintain height
				      of...feet and report over...(call-
				      sign) range station; 2. To hold on
				      ...leg of the beam...(callsign)
				      range station at height...feet)

ZSJ -Unassigned-

ZSK -Unassigned-

			     - Page 29 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZSL -Unassigned-

ZSM -Unassigned-

ZSN -Unassigned-

ZSO                                   Send tapes...(1. Once; 2. Twice).

ZSP -Unassigned-

ZSQ -Unassigned-

ZSR -Unassigned-

ZSS -Unassigned-

ZST -Unassigned-

ZSU -Unassigned-

ZSV -Unassigned-

ZSW -Unassigned-

ZSX -Unassigned-

ZSY -Unassigned-

ZSZ -Unassigned-

ZTA                                   ...(1. Radio; 2. Visual; 3. =
				      4. Teletypewriter (Teleprinter);
				      5. Telephone; 6. Automatic;
				      7. Fascimile; 8. Shore telephone;
				      9. Shore teleprinter; 10. Radio-

ZTB                                   ...(1. Tranmitter-distributor;
				      2. Auto-head; 3. Perforator;
				      4. Reperforator; 5. Printer;
				      6. Undulator; 7. Keyboard;
				      8. Frequency shift keyer;
				      9. Multiplexing carrier base;
				      10. On-line crypto device).

ZTC ...(1. Does my...appear to be     ...(1. Your...appears to be =
    faulty; 2. Is your...faulty)?     2. faulty).

ZTD Shall I use...?                   Use...

ZTE Are you (or is...) able to        I am ( able to use...

ZTF Are repairs completed?            Repairs completed.

ZTG                                   ...(class of emission/type of

ZTH -Unassigned-

			     - Page 30 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZTI                                   ...(1. Receiver; 2. Transmitter;
				      3. Power supply; 4. Antenna system;
				      5. Radio direction finder).

ZTJ                                   Cease using...

ZTK Are you (or is...) connected      I am ( connected to...

ZTL Are you (or is...) about to       I am ( about to =

ZTM                                   I (or...) is unable to use...

ZTN What is my bias distortion?       Your bias distortion is...
				      (1. Excessive; 2. ...percent
				      (marking); 3. ...percent (spacing);
				      4. ...percent (total distortion)).

ZTO Is my character formation         Your character formation is...
    correct?                          (1. Correct; 2. Defective in the
				      start element; 3. Defective in the
				      1st unit; 4. Defective in the 2nd
				      unit; 5. Defective in the 3rd unit;
				      6. Defective in the 4th unit;
				      7. Defective in the 5th unit;
				      8. Defective in the stop element).

ZTP What is the duration of your      The duration of my modulation
    modulation cycle?                 cycle is...
					      50 Baud Equipment
				      1. 148 milliseconds (7.42 units)
				      2. 150 milliseconds (7.5 units)
				      3. 152 milliseconds (7.6 units)
				      4. ... erratic per character.

					     45.5 Baud Equipment
				      1. 161 milliseconds (7.35 units)
				      2. 163 milliseconds (7.42 units)
				      3. 165 milliseconds (7.5 units)
				      4. ... erratic per character.

ZTQ Will you...(1. Get the Circuit    I will...(1. Get the Circuit
    Engineer/Facility Control         Engineer/Facility Control Tech-
    Technician to speak on this       nician to speak on the circuit;
    circuit (or circuit...);          2. Hand the line over to the
    2. Hand the line over to the      Circuit Engineer/Facility Tech-
    Circuit Engineer/Facility         nician for check and call you =
    Control Technician for check)?    check has been completed).

			     - Page 31 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZTR Will you...(1. Disconnect your    I will...(1. Disconnect (or I am
    equipment from line and carry     disconnecting) my equipment from
    out local test, reconnecting to   and carry (or to carry) out local
    line in ...minutes; 2. Connect    test, reconnecting to line in...
    your transmit line to your        minutes; 2. Connect my transmit =
    receive line to enable me to      to my receive line to enable you =
    carry out a loop test for...      carry out a loop test for...
    minutes)?                         minutes).

ZTS Is the line satisfactory?         The line is...(1. Satisfactory;
				      2. Unsatisfactory).

ZTT -Unassigned-

ZTU -Unassigned-

ZTV -Unassigned-

ZTW -Unassigned-

ZTX -Unassigned-

ZTY -Unassigned-

ZTZ -Unassigned-

ZUA Request a timing signal now       Timing signal will be transmitted =
    (or at...)                        (or at...). The numerals =
				      the time will be followed by a five-
				      second dash terminating exactly at
				      the time indicated.

ZUB                                   At...


ZUD                                   Until further orders (or =

ZUE                                   Affirmative (Yes).

ZUF                                   Air raid...(1. Warning; 2. In
				      progress; 3. All clear).

ZUG                                   Negative (No).

ZUH                                   Unable to comply.

ZUJ                                   Stand by.

ZUK ...(Appointment Code) desires     ...(Appointment Code) is now =
    key conversation on this          to begin key conversation with...
    circuit with...(Appointment       (Appointment Code).
    Code). Will you indicate when
    you are ready?

ZUL -Unassigned-

ZUM -Unassigned-

ZUN -Unassigned-

			     - Page 32 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZUO -Unassigned-

ZUP -Unassigned-

ZUQ -Unassigned-

ZUR -Unassigned-

ZUS -Unassigned-

ZUT -Unassigned-

ZUU -Unassigned-

ZUV -Unassigned-

ZUW -Unassigned-

ZUX -Unassigned-

ZUY -Unassigned-

ZUZ -Unassigned-

ZVA                                   Station called is responsible for
				      relay or delivery to all stations
				      in line two (2) or to stations

ZVB What was your time over last      My time over last compulsory
    compulsory reporting point,       reporting point was...and my ETA
    and ETA at next compulsory        at next compulsory reporting =
    reporting point?                  is...

ZVC -Unassigned-

ZVD -Unassigned-

ZVE What are the security             Security conditions at my =
    conditions of your                of this channel =
    termination(s) of this            designated) are...(1. Secured for
    channel (     Restricted; 2. Secured for =
    designated)?                      ential; 3. Secured for Secret;
				      4. Secured for Top Secret).

ZVF                                   This channel =
				      designated) is unserviceable for
				      classified traffic.

ZVG -Unassigned-

ZVH -Unassigned-

ZVI -Unassigned-

ZVJ -Unassigned-

ZVK -Unassigned-

ZVL -Unassigned-

			     - Page 33 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZVM -Unassigned-

ZVN -Unassigned-

ZVO -Unassigned-

ZVP -Unassigned-

ZVQ                                   This message, relating to a =
				      an alert, distress, or an emergency,
				      is authorised to be relayed via the
				      facilities of your network without
				      prior arrangement.

ZVR                                   Retransmit this message (or =
				      ...) at once to all subordinate

ZVS -Unassigned-

ZVT -Unassigned-

ZVU -Unassigned-

ZVV -Unassigned-

ZVW -Unassigned-

ZVX -Unassigned-

ZVY -Unassigned-

ZVZ -Unassigned-

ZWL                                   No forwarding action to the =
				      nation(s) immediately following is

ZWM                                   Correct answer to last question =
				      question...) is...(or will be found

ZWN                                   Correct version of the part of =
				      last message (or message...) which
				      was sent incorrectly is...(or will
				      be found in...).

ZWO                                   Following message (or question, =
				      exercise) is for the exercise of
				      (1. Junior operators; 2. Senior
				      operators; 3. Ratings on watch).

ZWP                                   A junior operator is to carry =
				      (1. A standard flashing exercise;
				      2. A standard semaphore exercise;
				      3. A standard radio telegraphy
				      transmitting exercise; 4. A standard
				      radio telegraphy receiving exercise).

ZWQ -Unassigned-

			     - Page 34 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZWR -Unassigned-

ZWS -Unassigned-

ZWT -Unassigned-

ZWU -Unassigned-

ZWV -Unassigned-

ZWW -Unassigned-

ZWX -Unassigned-

ZWY -Unassigned-

ZWZ -Unassigned-

ZXA                                   The following group is a =
				      delivery group or an address group.
				      (Used in plain language texts of
				      messages other than procedure

ZXB                                   Station(s) to whom this message =
				      routed obtain a complete copy of
				      this interrupted transmission by
				      addressing a service message to
				      the originating station.

ZXC -Unassigned-

ZXD                                   This message is to be delivered =
				      the addressee(s) in tape form.

ZXE -Unassigned-

ZXF -Unassigned-

ZXG -Unassigned-

ZXH -Unassigned-

ZXI -Unassigned-

ZXJ -Unassigned-

ZXK                                   Station called relay this message
				      (or message...) addition to
				      predetermined responsibilities.

ZXL -Unassigned-

ZXM -Unassigned-

ZXN -Unassigned-

ZXO                                   Request you obtain retransmission
				      of messages...from station...

			     - Page 35 -

    Question:                         Answer, Advice or Order:

ZXP                                   I have for you...(1. A request =
				      direct air support; 2. A reply to
				      a support request. Precedence

ZXQ                                   I have for you...(1. A request =
				      tactical reconnaisance; 2. A request
				      for photographic reconnaisance;
				      3. A request for artillery reconn-
				      aisance. Precedence is...)

ZXR                                   Extensive flag signalling will =
				      place shortly (or in...minutes).

ZXS                                   Message which follows is to be
				      handled by...(Officer Emergency
				      Cryptographic team; 2. Ratings
				      Emergency Cryptographic team;
				      3. Senior Communications Rating;
				      4. Junior Communications Rating;
				      5. Coder (Educational)).

ZXT                                   This message is not to be =
				      by radio telegraph or radiotelephone
				      in any form over part of its route.

ZXU -Unassigned-

ZXV -Unassigned-

ZXW                                   This message has been delivered =
				      all action addressees whose
				      designations follow this operating

ZXX                                   This message has been delivered =
				      all information addressees whose
				      designations follow this operating

ZXY                                   Transmit this message to the add-
				      ressee(s) indicated by the
				      numeral(s) following... All add-
				      ressees are to be counted conseq-
				      utively as they appear (numbers to
				      be separated by the Separative

ZXZ -Unassigned-

The series ZYA through ZZZ is reserved for assignment as required by
national authorities.

			     - Page 36 -

Cable & Wireless Service Z-Code.

(This is probably not a complete list

ZAC.....Advise...(callsign) the frequency you are reading
	...running dual for you.

ZAK.....Transmission interrupted at...hours.

ZAL.....Alter your wavelength. (Change frequency).

ZAN.....We can receive absolutely nothing.

ZAP.....Acknowledge please.

ZAR.....Revert to automatic relay.

ZCA.....Circuit seriously affected. All signals or channels
	from...unreadable. Please try to advise us on which
	frequency a readable signal is useable.

ZCB.....Circuit interrupted. Signals unheard.

ZCC.....Collate code.

ZCD.....Your collation is different.

ZCF.....Please check your centre frequency.

ZCI.....Circuit interrupted. We are advised
	running and available. Please cover also and
	advise which signal first becomes useable.

ZCK.....Check your keying.

ZCL.....Transmit your callsign intelligibly (in
	international morse at no more than 24 wpm, (or by
	voice) for station identification.

ZCO.....Collation is missing.

ZCP.....Local receiving conditions are poor, please
	increase power to maximum.

ZCR.....Now using concentrator. Please give preliminary

ZCS.....Cease sending.

ZCT.....Send words twice.

ZCW.....Are you in direct communication with...?

ZDC.....We are diagnosing circuit faults and will advise.

ZDF.....Your frequency is drifting

ZDH.....Your dots are too heavy.

ZDL.....Your dots are too light.

ZDM.....Your dots are missing.

			     - Page 37 -

ZDT.....Following transmitters are running dual...

ZDV.....Your dots are varying in length.

ZED.....We are experiencing drop-outs.

ZEF.....We are experiencing fill-ins.

ZEG.....We are experiencing garbles.

ZFA.....Auto transmission is failing.

ZFB.....Signals are fading badly.

ZFC.....Please check your shift.

ZFD.....Your signal is fading.

ZFF.....Please observe and furnish FRAME code
	reports on...(...frequency).

ZFK.....Revert to FSK.

ZFO.....Signals faded out.

ZFQ.....Your frequency shift is...Hz.

ZFR.....Your signal is fading rapidly.

ZFS.....Your signal is fading slightly

ZGF.....Your signals good for...wpm.

ZGP.....Please give priority.

ZGS.....Your signals getting stronger.

ZGW.....Your signals getting weaker.

ZHA.....How are your conditions for auto reception?

ZHM.....Indicate extent of reception of harmonic radiation.

ZHS.....Send high speed auto.

ZHY.....We are holding your...

ZIM.....Interruption by ISM interference.

ZIP.....Increase power.

ZKO.....Revert to on/off keying.

ZKQ.....Advise when ready to resume.

ZKW.....The key weight of your signals is...percent.

ZLB.....Please give long breaks.

ZLD.....Receiving a long dash (mark or space) from you.

			     - Page 38 -

ZLL.....Landline control signals distorted due to
	inductive pickup.

ZLP.....Reduce power.

ZLS.....We are suffering from a lightning storm.

ZMH.....Magnetic activity.

ZMO.....Standby a moment.

ZMP.....Mispunch or perforator failures

ZMQ.....Standby for...

ZMU.....Multipath effect causing distortion.

ZNB.....We do not get your breaks, we send twice.

ZNC.....No contact with...

ZNG.....Receiving conditions no good for code.

ZNI.....No call letters (ident) heard.

ZNN.....Nothing further. All traffic cleared.

ZNO.....Not on the air.

ZNR.....Not received.

ZNS.....Here new slip.

ZOA.....We have checked...(equipment or callsign).

ZOD.....We are observing...

ZOK.....Receiving OK.

ZOL.....OK on line.

ZOM.....Mail delivery possible.

ZOR.....Transmit reversals.

ZPA.....Printer line-feed missing.

ZPC.....Printer carriage-return missing.

ZPE.....Punch (perforate) everything.

ZPF.....Printer motor running fast.

ZPO.....Send plain once.

ZPP.....Punch (perforate) plain only.

ZPR.....Restart present slip.

ZPS.....Printer motor running slow.

			     - Page 39 -

ZPT.....Send plain twice.

ZRA.....Your tape is reversed.

ZRB.....Relayed signals is corrupt. Please check
	signal being received.

ZRC.....Can you receive code?

ZRF.....Run foxes. (Send a QBF test tape).

ZRK.....Reversed keying.

ZRL.....Rerun previous slip.

ZRM.....Please remove modulation from...

ZRN.....Rough note.

ZRO.....Are you receiving OK?

ZRR.....Run reversals.

ZRS.....Rerun slip number...

ZRT.....Revert to traffic.

ZRY.....Run a test tape.

ZSF.....Send faster.

ZSH.....Heavy static.

ZSI.....Advise signal intensity as received.

ZSM.....Microvolt input to receiver is...

ZSN.....Please observe and furnish SINPO code
	reports on...(call and/or frequency).

ZSO.....Send slips once.

ZSR.....Signals strong/readable.

ZSS.....Send slower.

ZST.....Send slips twice.

ZSU.....Your signals unreadable.

ZSV.....Your speed is varying.

ZTA.....Transmit by auto.

ZTH.....Transmit by hand.

ZTI.....Transmission temporarily interrupted.

ZUA.....Conditions unsuitable for automatic working.

ZUB.....Unable to break you.

			     - Page 40 -

ZUC.....Unable to comply. (Will do so at...hours).

ZVB.....Varying bias.

ZVF.....Signals varying in frequency.

ZVP.....Send Vs please.

ZVS.....Signals vary in intensity.

ZWC.....Wipers or clicks here.

ZWO.....Send words once.

ZWR.....Signals weak but readable.

ZWS.....Frequency varies.

ZWT.....Send words twice.

ZXA.....Adjusting (or please adjust) to receive

ZXC.....Pictures...conditionally accepted. Will advise.

ZXD.....Send dashes.

ZXF.....You are floating badly.

ZXH.....Your limits are too high. Reduce to...Hz.

ZXJ.....You are jumping out of phase.

ZXK.....Is your sync correct?

ZXL.....Your limits are too low. Reduce to...Hz.

ZXO.....Last run defaced (due to...).

ZXP.....Go ahead with pictures.

ZXS.....You are floating slowly.

ZXV.....Your modulation varies.

ZYA.....Cease traffic on all channels. Send As on
	"A" channel for synch.

ZYC.....Cycling on ARQ with errors stored your end.

ZYK.....Your keying on channel...affected; please check.

ZYN.....Reduce bias.

ZYP.....Change from multiplex to single-channel.

ZYR.....Put...on multiplex reversals.

ZYS.....Transmission speed is...

ZYX.....Revert to multiplex reversals...channels.

			     - Page 41 -

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