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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pro_34.txt

Realistic Pro-34 Mods


From: (Bob)
Subject: Pro34 mod (detailed)

Disclaimer: I haven't tried this, proceed at your own risk WA2ISE.


1.  Remove the 4 small phillips scres on the back of the unit

2.  Remove the batter cover and battery holder from the case.

3.  Remove the two knobs on the top of the case (Volume &  Squelch)

4.  The Case has some pressure fit points, These are at the bottom of
    the case and you need to be a bit careful in forcing the two halves
    of the case shell appart. Once you have the pressure fit points 
    at the bottom released, angle up the bottom of the case until
    the battery sepperation wall is clear of the internal metal frame, and 
    slide towards the top of the unit, place the back half of the shell aside.

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