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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pro34_9.txt

Realistic Pro-34 Mods

   I suggested that a ground connection or a  circuit  board in  his
   PRO-34  might be loose.  The thin PRO-34 plastic case feels chintzy,
   and can flex easily by applying  just a  gentle  squeeze.  After
   prolonged use, the case motion can loosen screws which were once

   Ron disassembled his PRO-34.  He unfastened  the  helical antenna,
   knobs,  and  rear screws, then gingerly removed the plastic case.
   After Ron tightened a Phillips screw holding  the  Logic  Board
   to the front of the case, the birdie disappeared forever!

   The operation took a steady  hand.   Although  he  didn't have  to
   remove any boards, Ron warned that accessing the offending screw was
   a challenge.  He used  a  very  small Phillips  screwdriver,
   positioned  through  a  hole in a shield partition.

   -- Bob Parnass AJ9S,  AT&T Bell Laboratories  -  att!ihuxz!parnass -

Disclaimer: I haven't tried this, proceed at your own risk WA2ISE.

continued in file pro34.4

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