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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pro34_2.txt

Realistic Pro-34 Mods


10. Now there the RF board is mostly free. The only thing holding it in is the row
    of connector pins on its botom side that plug into the logic board. You will
    need to pry this board up gently. Be warned that the bottom side of the RF 
    board is just chock full of Very Small surface mounted omponents. So use 
    something non-metalic and smooth to do the prying with.

11. Now that you have removed the RF board, place it along with the case shell back

12. The Internal Metal support frame is now exposed. there are 3 small phillips
    screws holding the mettal frame to the bottom Logic board (actually, these
    screws go through the logic board and into the front half of the case.)
    2 of the screws are near the top, and 1 is at the bottom of the metal frame.
    remove these 3 screws.


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