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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pro34_14.txt

Realistic Pro-34 Mods


Date: 4 Apr 89 14:24:01 GMT
Subject: PRO-34 Scanner Modifications

    In  the  May 1989  edition  of  Popular  Communications  is a
"Letter  to the Editor" on the Radio Shack PRO-34 Scanner.  Below
is the text of that letter.

                  PRO-34 Scanner Modification

    In regard to the information  presented (March Issue)  on the
handheld Radio Shack PRO-34 scanner,  my own observations  on the
modifications have been:

1. To restore missing 800 MHz frequencies, remove D-11.

2. To add 66 to 88 MHz  (European Coverage),  install a diode at

3. D-10 must remain in place for full 800 MHz coverage.

4. If a diode is added at D-13 it cuts out aero band, also seems
   to affect 800 MHz channel spacing.

5. D-12 added dosen't seem to have any affect.

6. Only D-10 and D-11 are factory installed.

    I  wish to thank you  for a fine and informative  magazine. I
have had much reading enjoyment.

                             Sam S. Jones,
                             Rebel Antenna,
                             Falls Church, VA

Julian Macassey, n6are  julian@bongo    ucla-an!denwa!bongo!julian
n6are@wb6ymh (Packet Radio) [] voice (213) 653-4495

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