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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pro34_13.txt

Realistic Pro-34 Mods

18. You must now move diode D11 to the place where D9 is labled. As you have
    probably noticed by now there is a tin cover over about 1/2rd of the PC
    boards solder side. The edge of the tin cover nearest the diodes has 2
    metal tabs soldered to the P board. Desolder these 2 tabs and gently bend
    the metal cover way from the soder side of the PC board. This will expose
    the board enough to let you get your soldering iron in to where the diode
    leads are.

19. Desolder the D11 diode from the bottom while pulling it away from the
    board on the top  of the board using neadle nose pliers on the LEAD only.

20. Now heat up the D9 solder pads and insert the diode (the same way it was
    oriented in the D11 location) You Have Completed the Mods for complete
    800mhz band coverage and 66-88mhz band coverage. Follow the same steps
    backwards (20->1)and replace "remove" with "replace" and "desolder" with

LASTLY, Now that you have made the mods, you can use the warranty card to
light the Bar-B-Q Grill with.
source: Mark Copple

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