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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pro34_11.txt

Realistic Pro-34 Mods

5.  Now you will see the RF boad mounted to the metal support frame, The 
    BNC (antenna) conector leads and the volume control power switch leads
    are soldered directly to the board. Carefully desolder these 4 connections.

6.  At the bottom of the RF board there is a IF Can transformer that has a small
    wire as a groundign strap soldered directly to it. Desolder this as well.

7.  There will be some wires from the volume controle knob to the PC board that
    are socketed. Remove the plug from the ~F board (needle nose pliers work)

8.  There will also be a similar wire (small sheilded ) from the squelch control
    to the RF board wich is also Socketed. Remove the plug from the RF board.
    (Again Needle Nose Pliers work good here)

9.  Remove the 4 thredded stand-offs from the RF Board (these Hold the RF board to
    the internal mettal frame and are where the screws that hold the back of the
    case on go.) Use a nut driver or Needle Nose Pliers.


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