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TUCoPS :: Radio :: police5.txt

Atlanta Police Codes

ATLANTA POLICE CODES (Fulton County Police also)

1.   Routine Call
2.   Make call immediately (lights & sirens not authorized)
3.   Emergency call (use lights & sirens)
4.   Cancel call
5.   a. Domestic reference
     b. Report/Arrest
     c. Number of Reference report
6.   False alarm
7.   Back in service
8.   Left scene
9.   Handled by:
      a. Community Relations
      b. Detectives
      c. Dog Pound
      d. Fire Department
      e. Ambulance
      f. Humane Society
      g. Military Police
      h. Owner/manager
      j. Alarm Company
10.  Impound vehicle
11.  Information
12.  Investigation
13.  No such street (telephone) number
14.  Owner refused to come to scene
      a. Alarm Out
      b. Alarm Reset
15.  Owner on way to scene
      a. Alarm Out
      b. Alarm Reset
16.  Released to owner
17.  File writen report
18.  Abandoned Auto check
19.  Article Stolen
20.  Subject wanted
21.  Assistance
22.  Unable to locate
23.  Citation issued
24.  Nothing to call
25.  Explosive device found
26.  Arrived on scene
27.  Request permission to eat
28.  Wanted check
28R  Wanted & record check
     Response codes:
      a. Wanted      h. Burglary
      b. No Wants    j. Auto thief
      c. No record   k. Other felony
      d. Homicide    l. Misc.
      e. Rape        n. Narcotics 
      f. Robbery
      g. Assalt

30.  Mayor calling for assistance

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