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TUCoPS :: Radio :: pll1.txt

The CB PLL list 1/3. Find your CB's PLL to find a mod.

PLL list A to MC

PLL List 1/3

PLL List
The CB's are listed by PLL model. Find the PLL and then find the mod :)
Models include:- Pace 8093,Royce 582/651/639/642,SBE LCMS-4 and Sommerkamp
This chip uses binary inputs and internal ROM. It is not modifiable. 

Models include:- Kraco 2410/2420/2430, Pace 8003, Realistic TRC209-18, Royce
607, SBE LCM-8P
This chip uses binary inputs. It is not modifiable.

Models include:- Cobra 19+(late), Colt 357A, Contact 40FM, Dick Smith
D-1200, GE 3-5909A, Intek M4035, Lear Jet, MCE 540, Midland 
77-106/77-112/77-155/77-157, Pace CB8001/CB8002, Regency info CB-1/CB-2, Unic
This chip uses ROM codes. It is not modifiable.

Models include:- Sharp CB-5470
When Pin 14 is LOW the Ncodes are binary in the range of N =53-308.  When
Pin 14 is HIGH the Ncodes are in the range of N=3-191. When Pin 14 is HIGH and
Pins 7 & 8 LOW programming is BCD with Ncodes of 91-135. 

Models include:- GE 3-5804A/ 3-5871B, Sanyo TA2000/4000/6000, Realistic
This chip has internal ROM with binary inputs.Ncodes (ch1)150 to (ch40)194

Models include:- Realistic TRC459/TRC480
This chip uses 7 bit binary programming with internal pull-down resistors.

When Pin 9 is HIGH the preset Ncodes are 64+N, When Pin 9 is LOW the preset
Ncodes are 128+N

Models include:- Colt 222, Commtron VIII, Jaws II, Formac 240, HyStar 100,
Palomar SSB500(late), Stag 357, Midland 100M/150M/77-101B/77-101C/77-824C, Colt
510, Realistic TRC462, Roybn SB5400, SBE 47CB, Tristar 120 
This chip uses BCD ROM programming.
Can be modified by injecting new mixing frequencies.

Models include:- DNT 4000FM, GE 3-5828A/3-5806A/3-5808A, Fox CB240/CB440,
Midland 77-104/77-805/77-805A/77-145/77-145A/77-149/77-158/77-250, Realistic
TRC413/TRC415/TRC417/TRC418/TRC419/TRC423/TRC430/TRC433/TRC434, Roadmaster
This chip uses ROM programming with direct VCO division.
This PLL is not easily modified.
These were the first generation of 'impossible' chips,although the LC7131
can now be modified.
FCC Models include:-Audiovox MCB40, Audition CB404/CB3000, Cobra
19X/19XS/19+(early)/20+/40+/66LTD/70LTD/90LTD, Midland
Colt 210, Courier Galaxy IV/V/VI, Dick Smith D-1450, Fox CB340, GE
3-5805B/3-5826A, Intek49+, K40(early), Pearce-Simpson Super Lion, Pearce-Simpson
Super Tiger, Pyramid CB-26, Realistic
TRC421A/TRC422A/TRC410/TRC414/TRC428/TRC472, SAM 2000,  Unic RV-CB50, Uniden
AX-11/PC77, US Audio U-9000B, Vice-President Roy
UK Models include:-(PCMA002F) Amstrad CB900/CB901, Fidelity 2001FM, Harrier
CBHQ, Harvard 400M/402MPA/H401/H407, Mustang CB1000/CB2000/CB3000/CB3001, Nato
40FM, Transcom GBXX4000.
(PTBM134A0X) Barracuda HP940, Binatone 5-star, Speedway, Fidelity CB2000M,
harrier CBX, Harvard 420M, Midland 76-200, Radiomobile 201/202, Rotel
220/230/240, Oscar 1, Sappire X4000, York JCP861/JCP863.
(PTBM135A0X) Cybernet Beta 1000/2000/3000

LC7137 Misc. Chassis. Shogun CB
Maxon Chassis. Cobra 21FXM, Colt 295, Commtron CB40F, Maxcom
4E/6E/16E/20E/21E, Midland 2001/2001T/3001/4001, Sirtel Searcher, Academy
501/502, Barracuda GT868, Elftone ELCB6000, Fidelity CB300M/1000M, Great
GT858B/GT868B, Halcyon Cheetah/Condor, Johnson XK2000, Lake 850/950, Sapphire
2000DX, Steepletone SCB1FM, Transcom CBX2000/CBX4000.
The chip cannot be modified except the LC7131 SBB chassis which can be
modified with an external oscillator and mixer.
Models include:- Cobra 18RV/23+, Midland 77-099/77-162, Realistic
TRC476/TRC477.  Also Realistic TRC-207, TRC-481
This chip uses ROM programming with direct VCO division.It only has one
programming bit to step UP or DOWN,getting rid of the BCD channel selector
switch.No chance of modification.

Modles include:- Channel Master CB6830/CB6832, GE 3-5800
/3-5801A/3-5810A/3-5871A/3-5821A, Teaberry 'T' Charlie/ Racer 'T'
This chip uses binary programming and preset Ncode ranges.
It can be easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal

Models include:-American Motors 32311847/848/849/850, ITT 4400M, Wards GEN
702A/730/774A/775A/828A, Kraco KCB4005, Royce 1-632,  Royce - Some AM models
with the sealed PLL 'sardine' cans
This chip uses binary programming and preset Ncode ranges.
Can easily be modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.

Models Include:- AM In-dash Models:Cobra 46/47XLR, 50/55XLR. Single
Conversion AM/SSB US models:Cobra 140/142GTL, Courier Galaxy, Midland
79-900, President P400/Mckinley/Washington(new), Realistic TRC450/TRC490, Robyn
SB505D/SBE LCBS-8/LCMS-8, Teaberry Stalker IX/XV/XX, Tram D80/D300, Uniden
Washington.Dual Conversion AM/SSB US/Australian Models:Cobra
148/2000GTL, Pearce-Simpson Super Bengal MkII, President
Grant(new)/Madison(new), Uniden Grant/Madison.Multimode AM/FM/SSB
Export Models:Cobra 148GTL-DX(early,PC879), President Grant(export,PC899),
President McKinley(export), Stalker 9-FDX(PC893), Stalker XX Export
The MB8719 is used in the popular Uniden chassis.In the Export versions it
has a pair of MC14008 binary Adders connected to it, this enables more  Ncodes
per mixing crystal.
Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystal or controlling
pin 10 on the MB8719.If the MB8734 PLL is fitted, replace it with the MB8719
then pin 10 can be controlled.

Models include:-US Models:Browning Mark 4A, Dak Mark V/IX, Robyn
440, Lake 600, Palomar SSB500(late), Regency CB501, SBE 54CB, Keycomm 1000
Export Models:Alaron B-4800, Cobra 148GTL-DX(late), Superstar
360FM(P010), Colonel FR360, Stag 357, WKS1001, President Jackson(PB042),
Universe 5500Uniden 'Clones':Connex 3300, Excalibur base/ Samurai,
Galaxy 2100/Saturn/II/Pluto, President Franklin, Superstar 3600/3900, Super
Galaxy, Texas Star.
Used in alot of the newer Uniden 'clone' export radios. Also has a pair of
MC14008 binary adders to increase Ncode range.
Easily modified by changing the programming or loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Craig L101/L102, Lake 650, SBE 44CB/45CB/27CBA(Sidebander
IV)/39CB(Sidebander V)/40CB(Console V), Maxon 40(With sealed PLL can), Royce
These two chips were paired to form a PLL.The MC14526 is a 4bit  ÷N
programmable counter. The MC14568 is a phase comparator/programmable binary
counter. If these are combined they make up a 8 bit binary counter.The AM models
use a loop oscillator singnal and can be easily modified.
Note:This chassis was replaced by the NDC40013 PLL.Does the same
functions but in one chip.

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