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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ntsfor.txt

Sending NTS Traffic via Packet Bulletin Board Systems

            Sending NTS Traffic via Packet Bulletin Board Systems

         Before  placing  any  traffic  on  the linked BBS net, make sure a
     station  has  volunteered to handle  traffic for its destination.  You
     can  find  the  packet  NTS  volunteers  list  on  most BBS's.  If the
     destination  of  your  traffic isn't listed, don't send it via packet.
     If  it is,  make a  note  of  the  closest  BBS  to  the station  that
     volunteered to handle the traffic.
         Check  into  your  closest BBS and send the "ST" command.  The BBS
     will prompt  you  for  the addressee.  Send the callsign of the packet
     station  you  found above, a space, the "at" sign (@), the callsign of
     the BBS closest to the destination, and a carriage return (<CR>).  For
     example, W9TFC @ N9BBS <CR>.
         The  BBS  will  prompt  you  for  a title.   Send the NTS messsage
     number,  precedence,  originating station's callisgn, and destination,
     followed by a carriage return.  For example, NR 1 R WA0XYZ To: Anytown
         The  BBS  will prompt you for the message text.  Now send an extra
     carriage  return,  and then the message, in standard ARRL NTS format.
     Include all necessary elements, because a voice or CW station may have
     to relay  it.   Use  at  least  one  carriage  return  <CR>  after the
     preamble,  each line of the address, each BT, after every ten words of
     text, and  the signature.  Tabbing over to the right for the signature
     is unecessary.   Avoid unecessary punctuation that would not (or could
     not) be  sent  on  CW.   Use  a check,  even  though it's redundant on
     packet.   Remember,  another op may have to send your traffic on voice
     or CW.
         Many  ARRL publications explain NTS form...including the Operating
     Manual  mentioned  above,   the  pamphlet  "Operating an Amateur Radio
     Station," and the ARRL "Net Directory."

         Here's an example:

     ST <CR>
     W9TFC @ N9BBS <CR>
     NR 345 R WA0XYZ To: Anytown <CR>
     NR 345 R WA0XYZ 15 SIOUX FALLS SD 1030Z JAN 3 <CR>    (preamble)
     Mrs Sam Swartz <CR>
     1234 Main St <CR>                                     (address)
     Anytown IL  64578 <CR>
     617 555 9683 <CR>                                     (telephone)
     BT <CR>                                               (start of text)
     BT <CR>                                               (end of text)
     Mary <CR>                                             (signature)
     AR <CR>                                               (end of message)

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