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TUCoPS :: Radio :: nefbi.txt

Boston FBI Frequencies

The following is a list of FBI Frequencies confirmed to be active within the
last 6 months.  Rhode Island, Mass., New Hampshire, and Maine operate as one
system controlled by Boston, MA.  Connecticut operates as a seperate system
controlled by New Haven, CT. Both systems use a PL Tone of 167.9 Hz.

Channel designations, if given, are for that system.

Both systems are still in the process of being changed so there may be future
additions or changes to this list. Also, I monitor mostly in Eastern
Connecticut and Rhode Island so there are probably more Repeaters in use in
other areas which are not included here.   Almost all Frequencies used as
repeater outputs can also be used as car-car simplex.

As you can see this is a big change from the old system in that the Repeater
Outputs are now the higher frequencies and the Inputs are low.

All Repeaters are computer controlled and have been cross linked in various

I would be interested in sharing information with anyone who is interested in
Federal Monitoring in New England.  Our little group here is interested in
PERSONALLY CONFIRMED information such as Transmitter Locations, Input
Frequencies, PL Codes, other access codes, etc. Some of the information we
have is sensitive so please respond by U.S. Mail.

Arthur P. Heely
80 North Street
Norwich, CT 06360

  August 10, 1990      at 3:35 p.m.
  ========= = ======= ================ == == =================================
   162.6375   KCB800  Boston           MA    Input to 167.4375 Rpt/"Central"
   162.7625   KCB801  Providence       RI    Input to 167.6625 Rpt
   162.9750   KCB801  Providence       RI    Input to 167.2625/4625/7125/.7625
              KCB807  Newport          RI    Input to 167.2625/4625/7125/.7625
   163.8375   KEX600  New Haven        CT A5 Input to 168.8750 Rpt/"600"
   163.8625 R KEX600- New Haven        CT    Federal Bldg./Tactical Use
   163.8875   KEX600- New London       CT    Input to 169.9500 Rpt/"900"
              KEX600- Stamford         CT    Input to 167.3875 Rpt
   163.9375   KEX600- Hartford         CT B3 Input to 167.5125 Rpt/"800"
              KEX600- New London       CT    Input to 169.9500 Rpt/"900"
   163.9875   KCB808  Worcester        MA    Input to 167.6125 Rpt
              KCB800- Foxboro          MA    Input to 167.2375 Rpt
              KCB803  Concord          NH    Input to 167.6125 Rpt
              KCB802  Springfield      MA    Input to 167.2625 Rpt
   164.1500   KCB800- Exeter area      RI    Simulcast w/167.6000
   164.2250   KCB800- Springfield area MA    Exact location unknown
   164.3500   KEX600- Stamford         CT B7 Input to 167.6875 Rpt
              KEX600- Hartford         CT B7 Input to 167.6875 Rpt/"800"
              KEX600- New London       CT B7 Input to 167.6875 Rpt/"900"
   164.8625   KEX600  New Haven        CT B8 Input to 167.7375 Rpt/"600"
   167.2375 R KCB800- Foxboro          MA    Hill St.
   167.2625 R KCB800- Exeter           RI    Rt 3
            R KCB800- Westfield        MA    WWLP Tower, No. West Street
   167.2875   KEX600- mobile           CT    Car-Car
              KCB800- mobile           MA    Active in Worcester Area
   167.3375   KEX600- mobile           CT    Car-Car
   167.3625 R KCB800- Boston Area      MA    "CENTRAL"/Exact location unknown
   167.3875   KCB800- mobile           RI    Car-Car
            R KEX600- Stamford         CT    Hanover St.
   167.4375 R KCB800- Boston           MA    Downtown-Exact location unknown
   167.4625 R KCB800- Fall River       MA    Indian Town Rd
   167.5125 R KEX600- Avon             CT B3 Talcott Mountain
   167.5375   KEX600  New Haven        CT    Input to 163.8625 Rpt/"600"
   167.5625   KEX600- mobile           CT A4 Car-Car/National Channel
              KCB800- mobile           RI A4 Car-Car/National Channel
   167.6000   KCB800-                  RI    Simulcast w/164.1500
            R KCB800-                  MA    Heard weak Rpt in Sturbridge
   167.6125 R KCB800- Paxton           MA    Asnebumskit Rd./Serves Central MA
   167.6625 R KCB800- Providence       RI    Federal Bldg
   167.6875 R KEX600- Montville        CT B7 WTWS Tower, Rt 85
            R KEX600- Avon             CT B7 Talcott Mountain
            R KEX600- Stamford         CT B7 Hanover St.
   167.7125 R KCB800- Providence       RI C1 Federal Bldg
   167.7375   KEX600- Hamden           CT B8 WTNH Tower, West Woods
   167.7625 R KCB800- Shannock         RI    Shannock Hill Rd
   167.7875   KEX600- mobile           CT    Car-Car
   168.8750 R KEX600- Hamden           CT A5 WTNH Tower,West Woods
   169.9500 R KEX600- Sterling         CT    Ekonk Hill/No PL for Carrier only
            R KEX600- Bozrah           CT    Bishop Road
   412.4500 L KEX600- Montville        CT    WTWS Tower/Link to 169.9500 Rpt
   412.5250 L KEX600- North Stonington CT    Wintechog/Link to 169.9500 Rpt
   414.0750 L KEX600- Trumbull         CT    UHF Link/Repeats 167.5625
  Unknown   L KEX600- Killingworth     CT    Rt 81/Rem Rcvr for 168.8750 Rpt

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