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TUCoPS :: Radio :: midsc.txt

Midlands Frequency Directory

030.8400 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
030.8600 +S.C. Dept. of Health & Environmental Control		Ch.1
030.9000 +S.C. Dept. of Health & Environmental Control		Ch.2
031.7800 +S.C. Forestry Commission	Forest Conditions	Ch.1
033.1200 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
033.1400 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
033.4000 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
033.9000 +Sumter County Fire Dept	Rural Low Band		Ch.1
033.9800 +Irmo Fire District		(Private Channel)	Ch.1
035.0400 +Itinerant 				Low Power H/T
035.1000 +J & L Excavating		Operations		Ch.1
035.1200 +Blossom Shop Florist	Delivery Sevice		Ch.1
035.7200 +Harrison Sand Corp.	Operations		Ch.1
035.9800 +Burriss Construction	Operations		Ch.1
037.1800 +S.C. Dept. of Agriculture	Field Operations	Ch.1
038.2000 +U.S. Army Aviation		MEDEVAC HELICOPTER	Ch.1
038.3000 +U.S. Army Aviation		MEDEVAC HELICOPTER	Ch.2
039.9600 +S.C. Dept. of Youth Services	Operations		Ch.1
039.9800 +S.C. Dept. of Youth Services	Field Operations	Ch.2
042.0600 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	car/car			Ch.08
042.0800 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	base/car		Ch.04
042.1000 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	base/car		Ch.01
042.1200 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	base/car		Ch.03
042.1400 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	car/car			Ch.07
042.2600 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	car/car			Ch.02
042.3400 +S.C. Highway Patrol/S.L.E.D.	base/car		Ch.06
043.0400 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
043.4000 +Mustard Coleman Construction	Operations	Ch.1
044.0000 +N.W. White Transport		Operations	Ch.1
044.2600 +Fredrickson Motor Express		Operations	Ch.1
044.3000 +Sun Services Sand & Soil		Delivery	Ch.1
044.3600 +Hicklin Motor Line			Operations	Ch.1
045.0800 +S.C. Disaster Preparedness	South			Ch.01
045.1200 +Lexington County Public Works	  		Ch.1
045.2000 +Fairfield County Local Gov't	Public Works	Ch.1
045.2400 +Lexington County Public Works			Ch.2
045.3600 +Richland County Public Works			Ch.1
045.4000 +Lexington County Public Works			Ch.3
045.4400 +Batesburg Local Government	Public Works		Ch.5
045.4400 +Leesville Local Government	Public Works		Ch.5
045.4400 +Saluda Local Gov't		Public Works		Ch.1
045.4800 +S.C. Disaster Preparedness	North			Ch.02
045.5200 +Lexington County Public Works			Ch.4
045.6400 +Forest Acres Public Works				Ch.1
046.1000 +Horrell Hill V.F.D.	Fire Ops		Ch.1
046.1200 +Horrell Hill V.F.D.	Fireground		Ch.2
046.5200 +Winnsboro Fire Dept.		Operations		Ch.1
046.5600 +Swansea Local Government 	Public Works		Ch.1
047.2200 +S.C. Highway Dept.		Maintenance		Ch.1
047.2800 +S.C. Highway Dept.		Maintenance		Ch.4
047.3400 +S.C. Highway Dept.		Maintenance		Ch.2
047.3600 +S.C. Highway Dept.		Maintenance		Ch.3
047.4200 +American National Red Cross	Columbia/Spartanburg	Ch.1
047.9000 +Public Service Authority	Transportation		Ch.1
047.9600 +Black River Electric CO-OP	Service Crews		Ch.1
048.7600 +Dixie Pipeline Company	Natural Gas		Ch.1
049.4400 +Dixie Pipeline Company	Natural Gas		Ch.2
049.6500 +U.S. Army Aviation 		MEDEVAC HELICOPTER	Ch.3
049.7000 +U.S. Army Aviation 		MEDEVAC HELICOPTER	Ch.4
049.8000 +U.S. Army Aviation 		MEDEVAC HELICOPTER	Ch.5
114.7000 +CAE---Columbia Airport Beacon
118.2000 +Columbia Airport		Approach/Departure
118.8500 +Shaw A.F.B.			Approach / Departure
119.5000 +Columbia Airport		TOWER
119.7500 +Columbia Airport		Clearance Delivery
120.1500 +Columbia A.T.I.S. (Terminal Info System)
121.0500 +Columbia Airport		Radar Approach
121.5000 +Columbia Airport		EMERGENCY
121.6000 +Civil Air Patrol		Operations
121.9000 +Columbia Airport		Ground Control
122.0000 +F.A.A. FLIGHT WATCH		WEATHER For Pilots
122.8000 +Owens Field			UNICOM
122.8500 +Camden Airport		UNICOM
122.9000 +Gaston Airport		UNICOM
122.9000 +Pelion Airport		UNICOM
122.9500 +Columbia Airport		Eagle Aviation
122.9750 +Columbia Airport 		UNICOM  (10,000 + Ft.)
123.0250 +Columbia Airport		Helicopter Air to Air Freq.
123.0250 +S.C. Aeronautics Commission	Air/Air Frequency
123.0500 +Columbia Airport		Helicopter Unicom
123.0750 +Columbia Airport		Helicopter Unicom
123.4500 +Columbia Airport		Plane to Plane Freq.
124.1500 +Columbia Airport 		Radar Approach
124.4000 +Owens Field			Clearance Delivery
124.7000 +Columbia Airport/Jacksonville A.R.T.T.C.
124.9000 +Columbia Airport		Approach/Departure
125.4000 +McEntire A.N.G. 		Approach/Departure
125.4000 +Shaw A.F.B.		Approach / Departure
126.2000 +McEntire A.N.G.		TOWER
126.6500 +Shaw A.F.B.			TOWER
127.8750 +Columbia Airport/Jacksonville A.R.T.T.C.
129.3250 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline Enroute Freq.
129.7500 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Piedmont Airlines
129.9500 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline Enroute Freq.
130.4250 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline Enroute Freq.
130.4500 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Eastern Airlines	
130.5250 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline Enroute Freq.
130.7000 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline	Enroute Freq.
130.8750 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline Enroute Freq.
131.4500 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Delta Airlines
131.5500 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	A.C.A.R.S.
131.8000 +S.C. Aeronautics Comm.	S.L.E.D. Aviation
131.9250 +Aeronautical Radio Inc.	Airline Enroute Freq.
139.0750 +Fort Jackson		Range Control			Ch.1
139.1500 +Fort Jackson 		Range Control			Ch.2
139.2250 +Fort Jackson		Range Control			Ch.3
142.1550 +Fort Jackson 		Army M.A.R.S.	Input to 143.450 Ch.1
142.3500 +Federal Emergency Management Agency	Simplex		Ch.1
142.8750 +Fort Jackson		Operations			Ch.4
142.9750 +Federal Emergency Management Agency	Repeater	Ch.2
143.3500 +Fort Jackson 		Range Control		Ch.4
143.4500 +Fort Jackson 		Army M.A.R.S.	Repeater 	Ch.2
143.9000 +CIVIL AIR PATROL		Input to 148.1500	Ch.1
143.9900 +U.S. Army M.A.R.S.	Repeater -- Little Mountain,SC	Ch.1
145.0100 +Ham Radio Repeater (Packet)	Columbia,S.C.
145.0100 +Ham Radio Repeater (Packet)	Sumter,S.C.
145.0300 +Ham Radio Repeater (Packet)	Columbia,S.C.
145.0500 +Ham Radio Repeater (Packet)	Columbia,S.C.
145.2100 +Ham Radio Repeater		Gaston,S.C.
145.4300 +Ham Radio Repeater		Edmund, S.C.
145.5550 +Ham Radio 			National Simplex (Hamfests)
146.5200 +Ham Radio 			National Simplex Frequency
146.6400 +Ham Radio Repeater		Sumter,S.C.	
146.6850 +Ham Radio Repeater		Newberry,S.C.
146.7150 +Ham Radio Repeater		Columbia,S.C.
146.7300 +Ham Radio Repeater		North Augusta,S.C.
146.7600 +Ham Radio Repeater		Ft.Jackson, S.C.
146.8200 +Ham Radio Repeater		St. Matthews,S.C.
146.8800 +Ham Radio Repeater		Columbia,S.C.
146.9400 +Ham Radio Repeater		Columbia ,S.C.
147.0150 +Ham Radio Repeater		Sumter, S.C.
147.0600 +Ham Radio Repeater		Shaw/Sumter,S.C.
147.2100 +Ham Radio Repeater		Little Mountain,S.C.
147.2400 +Ham Radio Repeater		Lancaster,S.C.
147.2850 +Ham Radio Repeater		Aiken,S.C.	
147.3300 +Ham Radio Repeater		Columbia, S.C.
147.3900 +Ham Radio Repeater 	Lexington,S.C.
148.1500 +CIVIL AIR PATROL		Operations Repeater	Ch.2
148.5150 +McEntire A.N.G.		Fire/Crash
148.5450 +Shaw A.F.B.		Flightline Security 	Ch.2
148.6250 +Fort Jackson Fire Dept.	Operations		Ch.1
148.9250 +Fort Jackson		Army Civil Air Patrol		Ch.1
149.4750 +McEntire A.N.G.		Base Security
149.8000 +Fort Jackson 		Operations			Ch.8
150.5000 +Fort Jackson 		Post Operations		Ch.2
150.5150 +Shaw A.F.B.		Disaster Control	Ch.1
150.5250 +Fort Jackson Moncreif Hospital	E.M.S.		Ch.1
150.5500 +Fort Jackson Post Operations				Ch.3
150.8150 +Gardner Enterprises		TOW TRUCK
150.8900 +Giles Exxon Service		TOW TRUCK
151.1600 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Little Mt	Ch.1
151.2950 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Orangeburg	Ch.2
151.3100 +Columbia Local Government	Water,Sewer, etc	Ch.1
151.3250 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Aiken		Ch.3
151.3400 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Sumter		Ch.4
151.3700 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Rock Hill
151.4150 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Columbia	Ch.6
151.4300 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Charleston	Ch.7
151.4450 +S.C. Wildlife & Marine Resources	Georgetown	Ch.8
151.4900 +Itinerant 				Low Power H/T
151.6250 +Itinerant 				Low Power H/T
151.6550 +Columbia College		Operations		Ch.1
151.6850 +Lexington High School	School Operations	Ch.1
151.6850 +U.S.C. Buildings & Grounds	Operations		Ch.1
151.7450 +Auto Recovery Bureau		Operations  	Ch.1
151.7450 +Columbia Bible College	Operations		Ch.1
151.8050 +Seven Oaks Elementary	School Operations	Ch.1
151.8350 +Columbia College		Operations		Ch.2
151.9550 +Lexington High School	School Operations	Ch.2
151.9850 +Bell South			Telephone Maintenance	Ch.1
152.8700 +Hardaway Concrete		Delivery 		Ch.1
153.1100 +Allied Chemical & Fibers Inc   Plant Ops		Ch.1
153.4700 +Newberry Electric CO-OP	Service Crews		Ch.1
153.7850 +Columbia Local Government	Municipal Services	Ch.2
153.8450 +Richland Memorial Hospital	Security		Ch.1
153.9500 +Lugoff Vol. Fire Dept.	Operations		Ch.1
154.0700 +Capital View Fire District	Operations		Ch.1
154.1150 +S.C. Dept. of Mental Health	Operations		Ch.2
154.1300 +Lexington County Fire Dept.	Fire Alert/Operations	Ch.1
154.1600 +Fairfield County Fire Dept.	Operations		Ch.1
154.2050 +Lexington County Fire Dept.	Fireground		Ch.3
154.2200 +Newberry County Fire Dept. 	Operations		Ch.1
154.2350 +Cayce Dept. of Public Safety	Operations		Ch.1
154.2500 +S.C. Fire Academy		Ops./Training		Ch.1
154.3550 +Kershaw County Fire Dept.	Operations		Ch.1
154.4300 +Lexington County Fire Dept.	Fireground		Ch.2
154.5400 +Univ. of South Carolina	System Operations	Ch.1
154.6000 +Richland County School District # 1		Ch.1
154.6500 +S.C. Aeronautics Comm.	Operations		Ch.4
154.6650 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Operations		Ch.01
154.6950 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Operations		Ch.02
154.7700 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Mobile/input to 155.580
154.8000 +Sumter County Sheriff		Operations		Ch.1
154.8750 +Sumter County Sheriff		Operations		Ch.2
154.9800 +School Bus Maintenance	Statewide		Ch.1
155.0400 +Cayce Local Government	City Services		Ch.1
155.0850 +Newberry City Local Government			Ch.1
155.0850 +Prosperity Local Gov't	Public Works		Ch.1
155.1450 +St. Matthews Fire Dept.	Operations		Ch.1
155.1600 +S.C. Dept. of Mental Health	Security (HT)	Ch.1
155.1750 +Lexington County Medical Center			Ch.4
155.2200 +Lexington County E.M.S.	Dispatch		Ch.1
155.2200 +Richland County E.M.S.	Ambulance to Hospital	Ch.3
155.2650 +Providence Medical Center	Columbia		Ch.4
155.2800 +Baptist Medical Center Columbia			Ch.4
155.3100 +Camden Police/Kershaw County Sheriff			Ch.1
155.3400 +LIFEREACH HELICOPTER		Medical Airlift
155.3400 +Regional E.M.S. Channel	Hospital / Ambulance	Ch.2
155.3400 +Richland County E.M.S.	Hospital/Ambulance	Ch.4
155.3550 +Lexington County E.M.S.	Ambulance to hospital	Ch.3
155.3850 +Richland Memorial Hospital/U.S.C. Medical School	Ch.4
155.4000 +Kershaw County E.M.S.		Operations		Ch.2
155.4000 +Richland County E.M.S.	Ambulance to Hospital	Ch.5
155.4300 +West Columbia Public Safety	Operations		Ch.1
155.4450 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Special Operations	Ch.05
155.4750 +State Law Enforcement Div.	N.L.E.E.C.		Ch.07
155.4900 +Kershaw County Sheriff	Main Patrol		Ch.2
155.5500 +Kershaw County Sheriff	car/car			Ch.3
155.5800 +S.C. Aeronautics Comm.	SLED Aviation OPS	Ch.03
155.5800 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Narcotics		Ch.03
155.6400 +S.C. Dept. of Corrections	OPERATIONS		Ch.01
155.6850 +S.C. Dept. of Corrections	Field Operations	Ch.02
155.7150 +East Richland County Public Service Authority
155.7600 +S.C. Dept. of Transportation - ENFORCEMENT		Ch.1
155.8200 +Richland County Local Gov't	Animal Control		Ch.1
155.8800 +West Columbia Local Gov't	City Services		Ch.1
155.9500 +State Police Intersystem 	(link to all counties)
156.0150 +Richland County E.M.S.	Simplex to 158.805   	Ch.1
156.4250 +Lake Murray Marina
156.8000 +Lake Murray Marina
156.8000 +Marine Emergency Channel # 16
157.5000 +City Garage and Body		TOW SERVICE		Ch.1
157.5150 +Allen's Servicecenter		TOW SERVICE		Ch.1
158.4000 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
158.7600 +Metropolitan Columbia Warning Net			
158.8050 +Richland County E.M.S.	Repeater 		Ch.2
158.8350 +Newberry County Local Gov't	Public Works		Ch.1
158.9100 +State Law Enforcement Div.	WALKIE TALKIE		Ch.06
158.9700 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Simplex to 154.695	Ch.09
159.0900 +State Law Enforcement Div.	Simplex to 154.665	Ch.10
159.2700 +S.C. Forestry Commission     	Statewide Coordination  Ch.01
159.3000 +S.C. Forestry Commission	Administration		Ch.02
159.3750 +S.C. Forestry 		Newberry County		Ch.03
159.4050 +S.C. Forestry 		Richland County		Ch.04
159.4500 +S.C. Forestry		Lexington County	Ch.05
159.5850 +G & P Trucking		Operations		Ch.1
159.6450 +Carolina Freight Carrier	Operations		Ch.1
159.9000 +Overnight Transport		Operations		Ch.1
159.9300 +Thurston Trucking		Operations		Ch.1
159.9750 +Roadway Trucking		Operations		Ch.1
160.2300 +C.S.X. Railroad		Road			Ch.1
160.2450 +Norfolk Southern		Dispatch to Train	Ch.2
160.2900 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.5
160.2900 +Norfolk Southern		Yard			Ch.3
160.3650 +Norfolk Southern		Carmen			Ch.5
160.3950 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.7
160.4700 +Norfolk Southern		Yard			Ch.8
160.4850 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.8
160.5000 +Norfolk Southern		Freight Agents		Ch.9
160.5900 +C.S.X Railroad		Main Road		Ch.3
160.5900 +Norfolk Southern		Yard			Ch.10
160.6500 +Norfolk Southern		Yard Clerks		Ch.6
160.6650 +Norfolk Southern		Yard			Ch.11
160.8300 +Norfolk Southern		Train to Dispatch	Ch.2
160.8600 +C.S.X. Railroad		Hump			Ch.7
160.8750 +C.S.X. Railroad		Police			Ch.9
160.8900 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.y1
160.9500 +Norfolk Southern		Road(Southern)		Ch.5
160.9800 +C.S.X. Railroad		P.B.X.			Ch.1
161.0400 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.9
161.1000 +C.S.X. Railroad		Main Yard		Ch.4
161.1450 +Norfolk Southern		Yard			Ch.12
161.1600 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.10
161.1900 +Norfolk Southern 		Road(Common)		Ch.1
161.2050 +Norfolk Southern	Railroad Police Intersystem	Ch.1
161.2650 +C.S.X. Railroad		P.B.X.			Ch.2
161.2800 +Norfolk Southern 		Police			Ch.2
161.3400 +C.S.X. Railroad		Yard			Ch.11
161.3700 +C.S.X. Railroad	Road / Dispatcher to Train	Ch.1
161.4000 +C.S.X.			Yard			Ch.12
161.4150 +Norfolk Southern		Carmen			Ch.11
161.4900 +Norfolk Southern	Passenger Excursion Road	Ch.6
161.5200 +C.S.X. Railroad	Train to Dispatcher		Ch.2
161.7000 +Cosmos Broadcasting	News relay			Ch.1
161.7300 +Cosmos Broadcasting 	News Relay			Ch.2
161.7300 +Norfolk Southern		Special Events		Ch.1
162.4000 +N.O.A.A. WEATHER	Columbia
162.5500 +N.O.A.A. WEATHER	Greenville
163.4100 +Fort Jackson		Corps of Engineers		Ch.3
163.4875 +Shaw A.F.B.			Base Security		Ch.1
163.5600 +Fort Jackson		Transportation			Ch.1
163.9600 +U.S. F.B.I.			N.C. Repeater		Ch.1
163.9750 +U.S. F.B.I.			S.C. Repeater		Ch.2
164.1000 +Fort Jackson Military Police	Simplex			Ch.1
164.1750 +U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital	Columbia
164.6500 +U.S. A.T.F.			OPERATIONS		CH.3
164.9850 +Fort Jackson Military Police 	Traffic/Special Event	Ch.3
165.0650 +Fort Jackson Military Police	Repeater		Ch.2
165.2850 +U.S. A.T.F.			PRIMARY			Ch.1
165.3500 +U.S. A.T.F.			LOCAL OFFICES,SIMPLEX    Ch.6
165.3750 +U.S. SECRET SERVICE		PRIMARY(Charlie)	Ch.1
165.4600 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		U.S.D.T. Common Freq.	 Ch.4
165.9125 +U.S. A.T.F.			OPERATIONS		 Ch.5
165.9500 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		OPERATIONS REPEATER	 Ch.1
166.2000 +U.S. Postal Service		Columbia Branch		Ch.1
166.4000 +U.S. SECRET SERVICE		"GOLF" Common Repeater input
166.4600 +U.S. A.T.F.			U.S.D.T. Common Freq.	Ch.4
166.4600 +U.S. CUSTOMS SERVICE		U.S.D.T. Common Freq.	 Ch.3
166.5350 +U.S. A.T.F.			TACTICAL		Ch.2
167.0000 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		OPERATIONS		 Ch.2
167.0500 +F.C.C.			Field Operations	CH.1
167.1000 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		INVESTIGATIONS DIRECT	 Ch.2
167.2750 +U.S. F.B.I.			OPERATIONS		Ch.1
167.4100 +U.S. F.B.I.			CAR TO CAR		Ch.3
167.5600 +U.S. F.B.I.			FIELD OPERATIONS	Ch.4
167.6000 +U.S. F.B.I.			CAR TO CAR		Ch.5
168.5250 +U.S. Veterans Administration	Hospital  --Columbia	Ch.2
169.7750 +Congaree Swamp National Monument	U.S. Dept of Interior
170.1500 +Capitol Communications	Operations		Ch.1
173.2250 +Columbia Newspapers	Circulation,Reporters,etc.	Ch.1
173.3750 +Columbia Newspapers Inc.	Reporters		Ch.2
173.4100 +Moncrief Army Hospital	Paging			Ch.1
173.5625 +Shaw A.F.B.			E.M.S. Medical Net	Ch.1
173.5875 +Shaw A.F.B.			Fire / Crash		Ch.1
224.1200 +Ham Radio Repeater		Little Mountain,S.C.
224.9000 +Ham Radio Repeater		Columbia,S.C.
408.8250 +Federal Aviation Administration	Operations	Ch.1
413.9500 +U.S. F.B.I. (S.C.)		TACTICAL		 Ch.1
414.7000 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		Input to 418.225		
415.2000 +U.S. F.B.I. (S.C.)		TACTICAL		 Ch.2
416.3250 +U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency	Operations		Ch.1
418.1750 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		TACTICAL		 Ch.3
418.2250 +U.S. I.R.S. (C.I.D.)		REPEATER 		 Ch.1
418.9000 +U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency	Operations		Ch.2
419.1750 +U.S. F.B.I. (S.C.)		TACTICAL		 Ch.3
421.2500 +Ham Radio Repeater (SSTV)	Lexington,S.C.
423.2500 +Ham Radio Repeater (SSTV)	Sumter,S.C.
444.5250 +Ham Radio Repeater		Sumter/Shaw,S.C.
451.0250 +Public Service Authority	Regulation Div.		Ch.1
451.1500 +Mid Carolina Electric CO-OP 	Operations		Ch.1
451.1750 +Mid Carolina Electric CO-OP 	Service			Ch.2
451.2000 +S.C.E.G.		Transportation(Buses)		Ch.1
451.3250 +Bell South			Telephone Maintenance	Ch.2
451.8000 +Itinerant			Low Power H/T
451.8750 +Hardaway Sand & Concrete	Operations		Ch.1
452.1250 +S.C. Dept of Corrections	Facility Ops		Ch.4
452.2750 +S.C. Dept of Corrections	Facility Ops		Ch.5
453.1000 +Columbia Fire Department	Central			Ch.1
453.2000 +St. Matthews Police		Sheriff			Ch.2
453.2250 +S.C. Criminal Justice Academy				Ch.1
453.2750 +Columbia Housing Authority				Ch.1
453.3000 +Saluda County Sheriff		Main Patrol		Ch.1
453.3250 +Riverbanks Zoo		Operations		Ch.1
453.4000 +Columbia Fire Department	East			Ch.2
453.4250 +S.C. E.T.V.			Broadcast Operations	Ch.1
453.4500 +Columbia Fire Department 	West/Rural		Ch.3
453.4500 +Regional Law Enforcement Channel	Piedmont	Ch.4
453.4750 +Columbia Local Government	Engineering,Traffic	Ch.2
453.5750 +Newberry Local Government 	Public Works		Ch.3
453.6250 +Capitol Complex Police	Executive Security	Ch.1
453.6500 +Forest Acres Police		Main Patrol		Ch.1
453.7500 +Capitol Complex Security	SENATE			Ch.2
453.7750 +Columbia Local Government	Main Operational Freq.	Ch.1
453.8250 +U.S.C. Police Dept.		Patrol/Traffic		Ch.1
453.8500 +U.S.C. Police Dept.		Coliseum/Stadium	Ch.2
453.8750 +S.C. Div. Of Telecommunications			Ch.1
453.9000 +U.S.C. Police / Administration   Special Ops.		Ch.3
453.9250 +Capital View Fire Dept.	Dispatch		Ch.1
453.9250 +Columbia Disaster Preparadness			Ch.1
453.9750 +Blythwood Fire Dept.		Operations		Ch.1
460.0250 +Columbia Police Dept.	Car/Car	(INFO)		Ch.1
460.0500 +Columbia Police Dept.	Regional Channel	Ch.5
460.0500 +Lexington County Sheriff	Regional Channel	Ch.5
460.0500 +Newberry County Sheriff	Regional Channel	Ch.3
460.0500 +Regional Law Enforcement Channel	Midlands	Ch.5
460.0500 +Richland County Sheriff	Regional Channel	Ch.5
460.0750 +Richland County Sheriff	Patrol South Area	Ch.2
460.1000 +Lexington County Sheriff	Main Patrol		Ch.1
460.1250 +Columbia Police Dept.	Patrol Operations	Ch.4
460.1500 +Cayce Police Department 	Main Patrol		Ch.1
460.1500 +Lexington County Sheriff 	Link 			Ch.4
460.1500 +West Columbia Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.1
460.1750 +Newberry County Sheriff	Main Patrol		Ch.1
460.2000 +Batesburg Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Chapin Police Dept.		Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Columbia Airport Police	Patrol			Ch.2
460.2000 +Gaston Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Irmo Police Dept.		Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Leesville Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Lexington County Municipalities Police		Ch.2
460.2000 +Lexington County Sheriff	Municipalities		Ch.2
460.2000 +Lexington Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Pineridge Police Dept		Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +South Congaree Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Springdale Police Dept.	Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2000 +Swansea Police Dept.		Main Patrol		Ch.2
460.2250 +Columbia Police Dept.	Investigators/Records	Ch.2
460.2750 +Newberry Police		Patrol			Ch.2
460.3750 +Richland County Sheriff 	South & East		Ch.1
460.4000 +Fairfield County Sheriff	Main Patrol		Ch.1
460.4500 +Lexington County Sheriff	Secondary Patrol	Ch.3
460.4750 +Columbia Police Dept.	Traffic/Special Ops	Ch.3
460.5000 +Richland County Sheriff	North & West		Ch.2
460.5500 +Richland County Sheriff	Investigators		Ch.4
460.6000 +Cayce Dept. of Public Safety	Fireground	Ch.2
460.6250 +Columbia Metropolitan Airport Public Safety	Ch.1
461.0250 +Coca Cola Distributing	Operations		Ch.1
461.0500 +Irmo High School		School Operations	Ch.1
461.2000 +Lower Richland High School	 School Operations	Ch.1
461.3000 +Container Corp of Carolina   Garbage		Ch.1
461.3375 +Capitol Center(ATT)	Operations		Ch.1
461.3750 +Univ. of South Carolina	Computer Services	Ch.4
461.4000 +Hobart Equipment Corp.	Service Crews		Ch.1
461.4250 +C.W. Haynes Realty	     	Operations		Ch.1
461.4750 +Midlands Technical College	  Operations		Ch.1
461.5500 +Cablevision of Columbia	Service Crews		Ch.1
461.6000 +Container Corp of Carolina   Garbage		Ch.2
461.6500 +Standard Parts Inc.	Delivery Service	Ch.1
461.8000 +Columbia Coca Cola		Route Service		Ch.1
461.9500 +Lower Richland Police Club		Operations	Ch.1
462.0375 +Univ. of South Carolina	Russell House Ops	Ch.5
462.1000 +Allen University		Operations		Ch.1
462.1125 +Columbia Mall		Operations		Ch.1
462.1750 +Macy's Department Store	Security		Ch.1
462.3000 +Michelin Tire Corp.	Plant Ops		Ch.1
462.5500 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.1
462.5750 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.2
462.6000 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.3
462.6250 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.4
462.6500 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.5
462.6750 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.6
462.7000 +General Mobile Radio Service	REPEATER		Ch.7
462.7250 +General Mobile Radio Service 	REPEATER		Ch.8
462.7750 +Neighborhood Ranger	Home Security		Ch.1
462.8000 +Michelin Tire Corp. 	Plant Ops		Ch.2
462.8750 +Marriott Hotel- Columbia	Operations		Ch.1
462.9250 +Allied Fibers Inc.	        Security		Ch.2
463.3250 +Star Cablevision		Service Crews		Ch.1
463.3750 +Communications Specialists Inc.  (Motorola Service)
463.4000 Atlantic Pepsi & Soft Drink		Operations	Ch.1
463.6250 +Wells Fargo Armored Car	Operations		Ch.1
463.7500 +Richland County School District # 2			Ch.1
463.8250 +Total Comfort Heating & Air   Service Crews	Ch.1
464.0000 +Cablevision of Columbia	Service Crews		Ch.2
464.1750 +Stonehedge Construction	Operations		Ch.1
464.3250 +Dreher High School		School Operations	Ch.1
464.3750 +Holiday Inn City Center - Columbia			Ch.1
464.4000 +Williams Tower Service	Tall Tower Erection	Ch.1
464.4250 +Holiday Inn Northeast -Columbia			Ch.1
464.4750 +S.C. State Fair Association	Operations	Ch.1
464.5000 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T	
464.5500 +Itinerant				Low Power H/T
464.7250 +Marriott Hotel - Columbia	Security		Ch.2
464.7750 +Hampton Inn Hotel West Columbia	Operations	Ch.1
464.8750 +A.C. Flora High School	School Operations	Ch.1
464.9250 +Columbia High School	School Operations		Ch.1
464.9750 +Belk's Department Store	All Columbia Stores	Ch.1
465.3000 +Columbia Police Dept.	Surveillence 		Ch.6
505.7620 +W.LT.X.			Channel 19 Audio
851.1125 +S.C.E.G.		Operations			Ch.1
851.1375 +S.C.E.G.		Operations			Ch.2
851.1625 +S.C.E.G.		Operations			Ch.3
851.1875 +S.C.E.G.		Operations			Ch.4
851.2875 +S.C.E.G.		Operations			Ch.5
855.8375 +I.B.M.  Research & Development			Ch.1
857.8625 +Federal Express Parcel Delivery	Dispatch	Ch.1
861.2125 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.1
861.4625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.1
861.4875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.1
861.9375 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.1
861.9625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.1
861.9875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.1
862.2125 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.2
862.4625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.2
862.4875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.2
862.9375 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.2
862.9625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.2
862.9875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.2
863.2125 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.3
863.4625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.3
863.4875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.3
863.9375 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.3
863.9625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.3
863.9875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.3
864.2125 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.4
864.4625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.4
864.4875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.4
864.9375 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.4
864.9625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.4
864.9875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.4
865.2125 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.5
865.4625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.5
865.4875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.5
865.9375 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.5
865.9625 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.5
865.9875 +Motorola Trunked Business System			Ch.5

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