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TUCoPS :: Radio :: jan95.txt

January 1995 Dialogs

  Welcome to the January DiaLogs. New stations this month are CUMM 
  "The Masturbation Station", Radio City a European station relayed 
  via ???, Radio Fornication, Radio Mirage a British station relayed 
  via NAPRS, Radio Toronto who was testing on 43 meters, Starshine 
  Radio from Scandinavia relayed via Radio Doomsday and WKHz.

  Congratulations to Cap'n Eddy of the Radio Airplane for surviving 
  2 years, Nemesis of Radio Doomsday for his first anniversary and 
  to Joe of One Voice Radio who made it back after a 3 year abscence.

  KTVI spans another continent this month! They were logged in 
  New Zealand by Graham Barclay of Kiwi Radio. Congratulations!


La Voz del CID, Guatemala
  NOV 29 - 0410-0440+ - 9922.0 KHz - AM - OM ancr w/ Cuban pop 
  tunes, ID's as "Radio Camilo Cienfuegos", many mentions of Cuba. 
  Moved here to escape Cuban jamming on nominal 9942v KHz which the 
  Cubans are still jamming even though the station has moved. 
  Cuban jamming also on 9955 KHz directed at Lv de la Fundacion 
  via WRMI and on 9965 KHz directed towards Radio Caiman which 
  is apparently a CIA sponsored station based in Costa Rica. 
  While tuning around, I also noted the same "Cuban Style" jamming 
  on 7340 KHz an old LV del CID frequency, guess Castro's not 
  taking any chances! (ED 353)


ITALIAN RADIO RELAY SERVICE - Casella Postale 10980, I-20110 
Milano, Italy
  DEC 3 - 2300-2309* - 7125.0 KHz - USB - OM ancr w/ ID, request 
  for reception reports, music by Journey & S/Off w/ National 
  Anthem. (ED 232 w/ ARO CW QRM, just missed the SWR block!)

KIWI RADIO INTERNATIONAL - PO Box 3103, Onekawa, Napier, New 
  NOV 27 - 0657-0703* - 7445.0 KHz - USB - Graham Barklay w/ 
  test transmission running 350 Watts. Nat King Cole's 
  "Unforgettable", ancmnts, music. (ED 353!)
  DEC 3 - 0645-0825* - 7445.0 KHz - USB - Graham Barklay 
  running 100 Watts(!) w/ a Radio Relay Services FM (From the US) 
  relay, Kiwi programming at 0722 w/ oldies like "Crocodile Rock", 
  "Unforgettable" & "Happy Days", Phone #, ACE plug, Drunk Driving 
  PSA, K-I-W-I Jingles, "In stereo, This is Kiwi Radio, K-I-W-I", 
  "Rock of the South Pacific". (ED 252, the NOV 27th test was 
  much better)(Michael Folk, KY S2 w/ S3 peaks.)(Chris Lobdell, MA 
  ??? my first Pacific Pirate!)

RADIO RELAY SERVICES 96.5 FM Relay - Will QSL via Wellsville
  DEC 3 - 0645-0722 - 7445.0 KHz - USB - Relay via Kiwi Radio - OM 
  ancr w/ vocal rock music, Dark Shadows theme music, "All over the World, 
  You're listening to...". (ED 252 ancr very difficult to understand!)
  (Michael Folk, KY S2 w/ S3 peaks.)

  DEC 10 - 2208-2212, 2256-2300 - 7125.0 KHz - USB - Relay via IRRS - 
  OM ancr in GG & EE w/ rock music. (ED 121 @ 2208 w/ QRM de Guinea, 
  CBC S/On @ 2212, 232 @ 2256 w/ ARO QRM)


RFM "Radio Free Massachusetts" - Blue Ridge Summit & Wellsville
  NOV 26 - 0500-0545 - 1625.0 KHz - AM


BLACK RIDER RADIO Relay - Wellsville, Picture postcard of your 
hometown & 2 Stamps for QSL
  NOV 20 - 0348-0357* - 7459.0 KHz - LSB - Relay via KDED - 
  OM ancr w/ "You are listening to Black Rider Radio", "
  program service of KDED". (J.D. Stephens, AL 242)
  DEC 3 - *2326-2356* - 7470.0 KHz - LSB - Relay via KDED - 
  OM ancr w/ music by Cap'n Beefhart & others, poetry readings 
  by OM. (ED 454 & good audio!)(Michael  Folk, KY 232+, S3 as 
  UNID, real tough tuning it in!)(William Hassig, IL 222 who 
  caught the tail end of the show.)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 242)
  DEC 4 - 0230-0231 - 7473.0 KHz - LSB - Relay via KDED - 
  (Barry Williams, AL ???)
  DEC 9 - 2300-2301 - 7470.0 KHz - LSB - Relay via KDED
  DEC 10 - 0001-0030+ - 7530.0 KHz - LSB - Relay via KDED

  NOV 19 - *2200-2245* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Count Whip w/ Love Boat theme, music, "Radio is like a box 
  of chocolates...". (Michael Folk, KY 343)(Paul Grote, MO 243/242)
  NOV 24 - xxxx-0255* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Repeat of NOV 19 2200 broadcast. (Paul Grote, MO 141 who 
  heard the NAPRS relay ancmnt at the end of the broadcast 
  "This is Richard T. Pistek, Have a great Fall & Winter DX 
  season....oogah, oogah")

CUMM "The Masturbation Station" - QSL Information Unknown
  DEC 10 - 2320-2334* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Jack Off w/ The 
  Rosyln Elders show, ID by YL as "C-U-M-M, Charlie Uniform 
  Michael Michael", self-abuse music "Turning Japanese", 
  "She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper, OM w/ "Cocaine is OK but masturbation 
  will get you fired.", Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Under the Bridge". 
  (ED 353/555 at S/Off, superb audio, great "Format" PSE QSL!)
  (Barry Williams, AL ??? good signal with some fading but clean.)
  (Micheal Folk, KY 353 S5 no "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, PSE QSL)
  (Ed Rausch, NJ 444 PSE QSL)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 242 PSE QSL)
  DEC 10 - 2346-2351 - 7415.0 KHz - LSB - Repeat of DEC 10 2320 
  broadcast. (Joe FIlipkowski, RI 343 lost @ 2351, PSE QSL)
  DEC 11 - 1457-1459* - 7415.0 KHz - USB - Repeat of DEC 10 2320 
  broadcast. (Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO poor w/ audio problems, PSE QSL)

  NOV 25 - 0238-0243* - 7479.9 KHz - USB - ECBD & WFU2 at the 
  mike w/ C&W Drinking song. (Rob Keeney, KS 444 a bit over-modulated)
  NOV 25 - 0328-0358* - 7465.0 KHz - AM? - more drunken humor. 
  (Rob Keeney, KS 544 was this USB or AM riding Nairobi's 
  carrier? Splash all the way up to 7470!)

  DEC 3 - *2058-2119* - 7375.5 KHz - AM - Moishi started program 
  @ 2100 w/ music box IS "Happy Hanukkah Interval Signal at Zero
  " rptd, Bells, OM ancr w/ "Hello boys and girls, you're 
  listening to Happy Hanukkah Radio", children's Hanukkah music 
  including "To Life" from Fiddler on the Roof & talk by OM & YL. 
  (ED 353, 454! @ 2110, low modulation, also had test at <2036-2042*)
  (John Arthur, NY 333-000 F/Out @ 2101)(MIchael Folk, KY 333, S4 w/ 
  muffled audio)(Chris Lobdell, MA ??? w/ QRM de local vacuum cleaner
  .)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 3-444)(Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO poor)

HE MAN RADIO - Blue Ridge Summit & send $12 for a "Manly Green"
  DEC 3 - 2201-2232* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - He Man w/ talk abt 
  frequencies & "New" 43 Meter pirate band, NFFR, NFL, 3rd or 
  4th bcst of 1994, plug for T-Shirts, music by Bachman-Turner 
  Overdrive, sending a free T-Shirt to Grandma Gigi, special 
  QSL for women only, letter from MIchael Folk & He Man said 
  he was not feeling ill at all, favorite SND EFXs, hrd Jurassic 
  Radio & asked for a QSL, "Broadcasting from a hill-top in Ohio", 
  comments by Radio Bob after the show. (ED 252+ not a real "manly" 
  signal but no noise so 100% copy!)(Michael Folk, KY 344, S4)
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 555/354 started to fade near end of pgm.)
  (Alan Masyga, MN 111)

HEAVY DUDE RADIO Relay - HDR c/o Lund & Ytterby drops in Sweden.
  DEC 5 - 0110-0144* - 6955v KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - Mr. 
  Heavy Dude w/ Heavy rock music by Def Leppard, Ozzy, 
  Firehouse, AC/DC & others, mentioned back on SW after 11 months, 
  started broadcasting on November 22nd, 1992, 
  "The Heaviest Rock Station on Earth, This is Heavy Dude Radio". 
  (ED 252 not real strong but 100% copy due to lack of noise & 
  QRM, a little QSB.)(Barry Williams, AL ???)

HIGH TIMES RADIO Relay - Faribault
  DEC 3 - *2120-2200* - 7375v KHz - AM - Relay via WREC - IS w/ 
  alternating ID by Samantha Jones & Cap'n Ganja, music "Johnny B" 
  by The Hooters, "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd & 
  The Beatles. (ED 343 fair modulation, MARS net QRM @ 2158 
  de 7373.5!)(Michael Folk, KY 333, S4 under-mod or muffled audio.)
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 343)(Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO, fair)

KMCR "Magic Carpet Radio" - Blue Ridge Summit
  NOV 24 - *2000-2330* - 15050v KHz - AM
  NOV 25 - *0115-0430* - 7470.0 KHz - AM - Magic Mike w/ R&B 
  type music, code IDs. (Rob Keeney, KS 342 one of the better 
  signal's I've heard from KMCR!)

KTVI - Faribault
  NOV 13 - 2325-2326 - 6958.0 KHz - USB - Jamming by Radio is 
  not Radio (Barry Williams, AL good sig!)
  NOV 27 - 0722-0733 - 7445.0 KHz - USB - OM talk, music. 
  (Graham Barclay, NEW ZEALAND weak)

LASER HOT HITS Relay - Merlin
  DEC 4 - *2217-2249* - 7415.0 KHz - USB - OM Brit accented ancr w/ 
  rock music, mentioned 7415, laser SND EFX, "All Hit Radio". 
  (ED 232 w/ QSB & WEWN slop)

  NOV 24 - 0204-0255* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Richard T. Pistek with an 
  encore performance of the Second Aniversary broadcast featuring 
  out-takes of programs relayed over the past two years. 
  (Barry Williams, AL TNX QSL!)(Jesse Rose, VA 222)

  DEC 10 - *2208-2228* - 7490.0 KHz - AM - Joe w/ return program 
  #1a, medical talk about weight, arthritis, kidney disease, exercising, 
  "Think, Live & Be Healthy.". (Joe Filipkowski, RI 343 interesting 
  show, welcome back!)(Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO weak as TENT)
  DEC 11 - *1445-1505* - 7413.6 KHz - AM - Repeat of DEC 10 2208 
  broadcast. (Joe Filipkowski, RI 232)

  NOV 14 - 0338 - 6955.0 KHz - USB - (Barry Williams, AL good 
  signal after some QSB at first)

  NOV 20 - *0100-0148* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Cap'n Eddy & 
  Billy Bob Joe Smith broadcasting from the Piper J3 Cub w/ 
  2nd Anniversary program featuring bits from previous programs 
  like crank calls to Mr. Pinhead at the FCC, guest IDs by Nemesis, 
  "Cover of the ACE" song sung to "Cover of the Rolling Stone", 
  Ad "Hall & Oat Bran cereal", "Billy Bob Joe Smith's Greatest Hits" 
  & "Honesty Airlines". (John Arthur, NY 455 strong sig but 
  slightly overdriven.)(J.D. Stephens, AL 353)(Michael Folk, KY S5)
  (Chris Lobdell, MA 232)(Ray Pfaff, VA 212)(Barry Williams, 
  AL hard to get a good signal, weak but finally got it locked 
  in, poor propagation, don't think my R-2000 would have picked 
  out the signal from the noise.)(Jesse Rose, VA 322)
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 232)(Alan Masyga, MN 111)

RADIO AZTECA Relay - Wellsville
  NOV 25 - 0202-0217* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Bram Stoker w/ show #12?, Rocky & Bullwinkle theme, mailbag, 
  Glen Hauser interview, top 10 list, Actual Stuff segment w/ 
  story about a stolen pickle, Dr. Radio "Why does my radio need 
  an antenna?", "What goes in the hole in the back of the radio?
  " & "What's so disgusting about Radio Spam's QSL?", NAPRS promo. 
  (Paul Grote, MO 233)(Jesse Rose, VA 111 very funny program but 
  very weak and lotsa QSB & QRM/N)
  NOV 26 - *0231-0311* - 7470.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Repeat of NOV 25 0200 Broadcast. (Paul Grote, MO 334 good reception.)
  (Jesse Rose, VA 323 much better reception this time!)
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 343/242 started decent but went downhill fast! 
  [The Signal or the Program? ED])
  DEC 2 - 2345 - 7490.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - Bram Stoker 
  w/ show #13, Animal Stories w/ Larry Jujack, gross out, mail scrotum, 
  ID by Jack Boggan of WLIS.
  DEC 3 - *2310-2350 - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - Repeat of 
  DEC 2 2345 broadcast. (Michael Folk, KY 242, S3 great and funny as 
  always)(William Hassig, IL 111 funny stuff.)(Joe Filipkowski, 
  RI 2-343)(Barry Williams, AL ???)(Alan Masyga, MN 111)

RADIO CITY Relay - Wuppertal
  DEC 10 - 2146-2202* - 7490.0 KHz - USB - Relay via ??? - OM ancr 
  in German and English w/ mix of music incl Frank Sinatra's 
  "Married With Children" theme, "Offshore Echo" magazine plug. 
  (ED 353)(Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO poor)
  DEC 11 - *1700-1729* - 7415.0 KHz - USB - Relay via ??? - 
  "Battle of Kookamonga" by Homer & Jethro, "Ernie, the Fastest 
  Milkman in the West" by Benny Hill, Sheb Wooley Xmas song, 
  German versions of a Connie Francis song, spots including 
  Studebaker & Ross Revenge Luxury Estates, English relay ID at end 
  [Who?, ED]. (Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO fair)(Michael Folk, KY 322 S5 
  couldn't get enough details to report.)(Joe FIlipkowski, RI 455 
  good show)

  NOV 19/20 - *2300-0059* - 6954.0 KHz - USB - Nemesis w/ 1st 
  Anniversary program. "Warmed Up" frequency w/ Radio Caroline 
  jingle's @ 2157-2158 & 2250-2258, music by Alan Parsons, Dire 
  Strait's "Money for Nothing", spot ragging/appealing Alliance 
  4FR for QSLs, comedy, music, "Numbers Lady  w/ 452, 14895". 
  (John Arthur, NY 344 must have been a broadcast from the grave, 
  fair to good sig w/ minimal fading, I thot their first "real" 
  bcst was the New Years "Insanity"?? I guess dead DJs can't tell time!)
  (Michael Folk, KY S5)(Chris Lobdell, MA 333 well produced, 
  longest show I've heard since WSKY's marathon a few years ago!)
  (William Hassig, IL 345 Excellent Audio!)(Paul Grote, 
  MO 121/111 unreadable signal/lousy copy)(Richard McCarthy, 
  AL 121 who logged the Caroline jingles @ 2257)(Barry Williams, 
  AL as UNID who heard the last couple of minutes)(Joe Filipkowski, 
  RI 232)

  NOV 13 - 1942-1951* - 7444.7 KHz - AM - A.J. Michaels & another 
  DJ w/ Motley Crue and other rock, mentioned Free Radio & Free Beer. 
  (Sheryl Paskiewicz, WI 353)[ED, I logged this in the last ACE but 
  thought it was WKND, sorry!]

  NOV 10/11 - 2345-0028* - 6955v KHz - USB - Fearless, Harry & the rest 
  of the crew driving around somewhere in the Northeast, ad for DAMM 
  - Drunks Against Mad Mothers, Jeffery Dahmer's BBQ Sauce that makes 
  the cheapest cuts of meat taste great, Douche Beer, Harris Xmitters
  , "Breakin' the Law" by Judas Priest. (Barry Williams, AL ??? Great 
  show and good signal!)(Alan Masyga, MN 111 as TENT.)(Joe Filipkowski
  , RI 242)

RADIO IS NOT RADIO - QSL Information Unknown
  NOV 24 - 2318-2330 - 6955.0 KHz - USB - 2 OMs having nonsensical 
  QSO concerning AY, GZ, etc. jamming UATWR bcst. (Paul Grote, MO 333 
  heard this as "Fake Radio USA" during Kulpsville SWL Winterfest.)
  (Rob Keeney, KS 212 usual "lame" crap)
  DEC 4 - 1940-2003* - 7423.8 KHz - USB - (John Arthur, NY 454 nice 
  signal, fortunately they were so grossly overmod that almost nothing 
  was intelligible - but that's the norm for them. PSE DON'T QSL!)

RADIO LUXEMBOURG Relay - You might try 45 Boulevard Pierre Frieden, 
L-2850 Kirchberg, Luxembourg
  NOV 20 - *1439-1504* - 7416.2 KHz - AM - Relay via UNID NA Pirate 
  - Female ancr w/ program of music featuring Rod Stewart's "People 
  Get Ready", Jeff Beck & Eurythmics "Thorn in my Side", mentioned 
  "Best music 24 hours a day", "Legendary Radio" & "Satellite Radio", 
  S/Off quickly. (Joe Filipkowski, RI 455 great signal & audio, PSE QSL)
  (Jesse Rose, VA ??? as UNID, PSE QSL)(Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO poor as 
  UNID)[EDITOR's NOTES: RTL is available on a US Satellite so this is 
  probably where the material originated.]

RADIO MARABU INTERNATIONAL Relay - Blue Ridge Summit, Merlin, Wellsville 
& Wuppertal
  NOV 20 - 1835-1900* - 7416.0 KHz - AM - Relay via WREC - Rock music 
  from Germany, mentioned info line. (Chris Lobdell, MA 333)

RADIO MIRAGE INT. Relay - Wuppertal, 2 IRC's or $1 requested for QSL 
  NOV 25 - *2100-2146* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Ian Paige w/ 10th Anniversary special broadcast for North America, 
  "A British Free Radio station.", "SW Free Radio band", German 
  pop/rock music "Hard Hearted Woman", "Tropical Heat" by Ashra, 
  Marillion, "Celebrating 10 years of broadcasting.", NAPRS relay 
  ancmnt. (Paul Grote, MO 333)(Rob Keeney, KS 434)(Joe Filipkowski,RI 
  232 w/ F/Out @ 2129)
  NOV 25 - *2230-2317* - 7414.8 KHz - LSB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Repeat of NOV 25 2100 broadcast. (Paul Grote, MO 444 strong, 
  clear signal.)(Rob Keeney, KS 412)(Michael Folk, KY 333, S5 
  w/ lots of typical 41M noise.)(Barry Williams, AL)
  (J.D. Stephens, AL 343)
  NOV 27 - *1500-1545* - 7415.0 KHz - LSB - Relay via NAPRS - 
  Repeat of NOV 25 2100 broadcast. (Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO fair)
  (Jesse Rose, VA 211 very weak, F/Out @ 1537.)(Joe Filipkowski, 
  RI 242/343 signal improved near end of show)

RADIO QUADRO Relay - Station has been gone for many years hence 
QSL Information Unknown.
  DEC 4 - 1710-1736* - 7444.1 KHz - AM - Relay via UNID NA Station 
  - Relay of old German pirate, rock music "We Got the Beat" 
  by the Go-Go's, "Shake it Up" by The Cars, "Angel is a Centerfold" 
  by The J. Geils Band, "Long Distance Runaround" by Yes, 
  comedy by George Carlin, addr as Box 1243, D-2940 Wilhelm, 
  Germany or Box 1203, D-29030 ???, Germany. (Chris Lobdell, MA ???)
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 343 PSE QSL)

RADIO TELSTAR Relay - Station has been gone for many years hence 
QSL Information Unknown.
  DEC 4 - *1738-1811 - 7444.1 KHz - AM - Relay via UNID NA Station 
  - relay of old Radio Telstar program w/ DJ Danny King, music 
  "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, "We Love the Pirate Stations" & 
  German and Russian stuff, MW & 108.5 FM frequencies ancd, ad for 
  a jingle producer in Europe, gave old Free Radio Campaign, PO Box 542, 
  Wescosville, PA drop. (Chris Lobdell, MA ??? I checked my QSLs 
  and have one from 1980!)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 3-444, lost @ 1811, 

  NOV 13 - 1515-1544* - 7413.0 KHz - USB - Relay via NAPRS - Duncan 
  James w/ 19th Aniversary broadcast, "Listening to Duncan James is 
  better than a poke in the eye!". (Jesse Rose, VA 333)

RADIO TORONTO - QSL Information Unknown
  NOV 26 - xxxx-0330* - 6954.0 KHz - AM - testing.
  NOV 26 - 0459-0507* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - "This is Radio (Static)... 
  I don't know if anyone is hearing me", said would send QSL, unable to 
  copy addr (Totonto?), melody repeating same word over and over 
  (Bob...Bob...Bob)?? or something. (Paul Grote, MO 222 as UNID, 
  lotsa static)

RADIO USA - Wellsville
  NOV 19 - 2125-2136* - 7384v KHz - USB - Repeat of OCT 29 2132 
  broadcast. (ED 555 S9+++ a "Bone Crushing" signal! One of the 
  best pirate signals I've ever heard!)

RADIO X - Pittsburgh
  NOV 20 - 2300-23?? - 6800.0 KHz - AM

  NOV 27 - 1557-1631* - 7415.0 KHz - USB - Dr. Love & B. Bop Brown w/ 
  music by Ray Charles "Georgia on my Mind" & "America the Beautiful", 
  "We're not just another radio station, we are totally involved in the 
  community". (Jesse Rose, VA 222 weak but audible, alot of QSB.)
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 242 as UNID)
  DEC 11 - 1357-1440 - 7415.0 KHz - USB - Dr. Love w/ rock music. 
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 1-232 weak copy)

STARSHINE RADIO Relay - Wuppertal, requests $2 for QSL service.
  NOV 26 - *2005-2057* - 6956.0 KHz - USB - Relay via Radio Doomsday 
  - Kim Hawk singing along w/ a mix of 50s, 60s & 70s music like 
  "Runaway", "It Hurts to be in Love", "At the Hop", "The Twist", 
  "Saturday Night at the Movies" & "The Game of Love". 
  QSO of Radio Doomsday, UATWR & Radio Bob after show. 
  (Rob Keeney, KS 242 tough copy, only caught a couple of IDs)
  (Michael Folk, KY 444, S6 w/ S8 peaks)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 2-343)
  (Alan Masyga, MN 111)
  NOV 27 - *2300-2353* - 7490.0 KHz - USB - Relay via Radio Doomsday 
  - "Warmed Up" frequency w/ Laser 558 & Radio Caroline jingles 
  @ 2250-2258, Kim Hawk singing along w/ a mix of 50s, 60s & 70s 
  music like "Shake Your Booty", "Y.M.C.A.", "Kung Fu Fighting" & 
  "Disco Duck", station history started on FM in 1985, SW in 1992, 
  S/Off w/ "We Love the Pirate Stations", Relay ancmnt. (Rob Keeney, 
  KS 242 clear frequency w/ WJCR off but poor signal)(Neil Wolfish, 
  ONTARIO fair WJCR Off today, Darn!)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 2-343)

UNDERGROUND RADIO - PO Box 1212, Fort Meyers, FL  33902
  NOV 22 - 0635-0651 - 743x.x KHz - AM - Dale with "Headbanger" 
  Heavy Metal music. (Mike Elcsisin, CA)[ED, Not sure about this, 
  a WWCR program ?!?]

UP AGAINST THE WALL RADIO - Wellsville, Programming comments appreciated.
  NOV 20 - *0151-0232* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - owsley w/ repeat of show #5 
  "The All Vinyl Show" dedicated to relay station X-Ray Yankee Zulu, 
  music "Poke My Daughter till the Cows Come Home", Steppenwolf's 
  "Born to be Wild", "White Bird", Sam Kinison skit, Off w/ "Oogah" 
  Horn, QSO w/ Nemesis after show. (John Arthur, NY 444-F/Out @ 0220)
  (J.D. Stephens, AL 353)(Michael Folk, KY S5)(Paul Grote, MO 444)
  Barry Williams. AL ???)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 131)(Alan Masyga, MN 111)
  NOV 24 - *2300-2328* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - owsley w/ 
  "Alices Restaurant", jamming attempt by Radio Is Not Radio, 
  Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song", Congrats to Nemesis. 
  (Rob Keeney, KS 423 very poor audio)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 242)
  NOV 24 - *0300-0301 - 6955.0 KHz - USB - IS, ID a few times then 
  lost reception. (Joe FIlipkowski, RI 242)
  NOV 26 - 2219-2220 - 6955.0 KHz - USB - owsley w/ 
  "A DOSe of Pirate Radio Insanity" promo. (Rob Keeney, KS 555 
  but poor audio)
  NOV 26 - 2230-2231 - 7415.0 KHz - USB - as above. 
  (Rob Keeney, KS 555 again w/ poor audio)
  NOV 26 - 2307-2310 - 6955.0 KHz - USB - as above. 
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 242)
  DEC 3 - *2244-2258* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - as above. 
  (ED 353)
  DEC 5 - *2248-2259* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - as above. 
  (Alam Masyga, MN 111)
  DEC 6 - 2050-2100* - 6955.0 KHz - USB - as above. (
  Barry Williams, AL ???)

  DEC 11 - *1737-1814* - 7415.0 KHz - AM - Cowboy Stan Huxley, 
  Paul Harvey Huxley and Ghengis Huxley with an encore 
  performance of their 10th aniversary show icluding clips 
  from past shows. (Neil Wolfish, ONTARIO weak)(Joe Filipkowski, 
  RI 455, great program guys!)

WKHz - QSL Information Unknown
  DEC 4 - 1405-1429* - 7415.8 KHz - USB - OM ancr w/ "Test to 
  evaluate Transmitter Facilities.", Theme music from The Jetsons, 
  2001 A Space Oddesy, Addams Family, Instrumental Jazz & ZZ Top 
  music. (John Arthur, NY 344 decent sig, QRM de SS SSB, slow 
  upward drift, PSE QSL)(Michael Folk, KY 111+, S2 PSE QSL)(Chris 
  Lobdell, MA ??? PSE QSL)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 344/141 F/Out @ 1424, 
  lost @ 1427, PSE QSL)

WKND "We're Kanine Dog" - Blue Ridge Summit
  NOV 19 - 2214-2248+ - 7444.9 KHz - AM - Radio Animal w/ song 
  dedicated to Wild Steve, talk, rock music, talk abt German 
  Free Radio, letters, QSLs rcvd, A*C*E plug, comedy skit abt a 
  dog,  (ED 232v het de UNID (KPA2?) stn on 7445.0 KHz, QSB, sig 
  lvl S9+ @ 2237! Great condx this weekend!, when UNID S/Off @ 2243, WKNDs sig dropped into the noise, piggybacking?!?)(Joe Filipkowski, RI 2-322 w/ 2243 F/Out)

WLIS "We Love Interval Signals" - Blue Ridge Summit
  DEC 4 - *1452-1505* - 7415.6 KHz - AM - Salute to Mike LeClerc, 
  IS de WEWN, Off suddenly. (Jesse Rose, VA 211)(Joe Filipkowski, 
  RI 444)

WREC "Radio Free East Coast" - Blue Ridge Summit & Wellsville
  NOV 26 - 0105-0124 - 6955.0 KHz - AM - P.J. Sparx testing on 43 
  Meters w/ old Vo Bono program. (Paul Grote, MO 233)
  NOV 30 - 0100-0103 - 7490.0 KHz - AM - P.J. Sparx testing w/ unid 
  tape. (Rob Keeney, KS 454! Best I've ever hrd him!)



  JAN#0 - NOV 20 - 1631-1641* - 7465.1 KHz - AM - On/Off w/ mx from 
  "Rocky Horror Picture Show" & audio from "Night of the Living Dead". 
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 444)
  JAN#1 - DEC 3 - *2142-2159* - 7415.0 KHz - AM - 40s music. 
  (Alan Masyga, MN 111)
  JAN#2 - DEC 4 - 1857-1858 - 7444.1 KHz - AM - "The End" by the Doors. 
  (Joe Filipkowski, RI 333, PSE QSL)[EDITOR's NOTE: Probably related 
  to the Radio Quadro/Telstar relays given freq, mode, date & time.]
  JAN#3 - DEC 5 - 0141*, *0143* - 6963.0 KHz - USB - On/Off w/ music 
  w/ a YL singer. On during Heavy Dude Radio. (ED 252)
  JAN#4 - DEC 10 - 2100 - 7470.0 KHz - USB - Unid music, very 
  wk, hvy QRM/QRN. (Barry Williams, AL ???)


  I am pleased to announce the first ACE Pirate DXer of the Year 
  competition! This year long contest will start on 0000 January 1st, 
  1995 and ends on 2359 December 31st, 1995. Scoring is as follows: 
  Distant Lands loggings are worth 4 points, North America MW, SW & 
  FM and Clandestine loggings are worth 2 points, Submitting material 
  for D-Xtra and IDing UNID's will get you 1 point per item, and 
  UNID logs are worth 1/2 point. Your total points are then multiplied 
  by the total number of different stations heard for a final score. 
  I will and try to keep scores but your own record keeping will be 
  appreciated. Periodic scores will be printed from time to time as 
  space allows. First Prize, well you're just going to have to wait 
  but I assure you it will be very nice. Prizes will also be awarded 
  to Second and Third place scores. Good Luck and Have Fun!

  Graham Barklay from Kiwi Radio checks in this month. Graham is 
  offering 30 minute blocks of airtime to be relayed via Kiwi Radio. 
  Keep in mind that Graham does NOT support "studio pirates" 
  so I assume this offer is only good for those that do their own 
  transmitting. If you're interested, contact him at PO Box 3103, 
  Onekawa, Napier, New Zealand. Radio Kiwi has also changed their s
  econdary 41 Meter frequency from 7455 KHz to 7460 KHz. That should 
  be a better choice for us in North America. That frequency is used 
  after 0850 GMT.

  The name conflict of Radio Dublin has been straightened out, 
  it's Radio Dublin. I have no idea where the Dublin Community Radio 
  IDs originated. They have also moved to 6915v KHz and appear to 
  operate irregularly or at least no longer on a 24 hour schedule.

  Jesse Rose checks in this month posing the question "I wonder how 
  fair the SIO code is to the stations?". Jesse also adds I have been 
  hunting pirates about 5 months now. Currently I'm using a portable 
  radio with no fancy features such as Sync Detection and a 23 foot 
  reel-in antenna. How could this radio compare with a nice tabletop 
  & antenna? I am currently saving for a tabletop and should have it 
  in 3 or 4 months, I LOVE CHASING PIRATES! Well Jesse, in answer your 
  first question, that's why it's important in your reception reports 
  to tell the station what kind of gear you're using so they can take 
  that into account when judging reception. SIO is a relative indication 
  and was never intended to be precise. The (I)nterference value is 
  one of the more important fields and you should also discern 
  between QR(N)atural or QR(M)an Made interference. If your next 
  radio has an S-Meter, it's always helpful to include S-Meter 
  readings as well. I hope this helps.

  Jonny Augustsson produces one of the most timely and up date 
  sources of European pirate information available anywhere, 
  The SRS News. If you have an Internet account it's free and is published 
  every week and is mailed on Tuesdays. E-Mail Jonny,, and ask him to put you on his 
  mailing list. For those of you without Internet or a Modem, 
  Jonny has authorized me to provide copies via Snail Mail. The cost is 
  50 cents per issue and will be mailed out Tuesday night meaning 
  you should get yours in a couple of days. The SRS News is also 
  re-posted on the Free Radio Network BBS, who will also have all of 
  the back issues on-line and Kirk Baxter re-posts them from time to 
  time on the ACE section of the ANARC BBS.

  This month, 18 DXers from 14 States, 1 Provinces & 3 Countries. 
  Next deadline is the 20th of January, please submit loggings 
  dated December 9th or later. A special thanks to The Dead Guy of 
  Voice of the Dead, P.J. Sparx of WREC , Ralph "Ralphus" 
  DesRosiers of Witch City Radio, Mr. Blue Sky of Radio USA, 
  owsley of Up Against the Wall Radio, Graham Barclay of 
  Kiwi Radio and William I. Makempa M.D. on behalf of John Smith 
  from The Asylum for the "Pirate Booty" & cool QSLs and to all 
  that have been sending in their loggings You may send loggings, 
  news, hot DX tips or whatever via INTERNET to [OZARKS.SGCL.LIB.MO.US but use 
  lowercase!], FREE RADIO NETWORK BBS at (417) 624-1809, 
  ANARC BBS at (913) 345-1978, and via "Snail Mail". 
  What have YOU been hearing? May your DX be rare and your mailbox full!


Joe Filipkowski, 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI  02886
Michael Folk, 810 Dalewood Drive, Villa Hills, KY  41017
Paul Grote, 1701 Calvin Drive, Hartsburg, MO  65039
Chris Lobdell, PO Box 146, Stoneham, MA  02180
Ed Rausch, 17 Vanderberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ  07009-1039
Jesse Rose, 100 Margaret Drive, Hampton, VA  23669
Barry Williams, 
Neil J. Wolfish, 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7 Canada



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