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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icr71a_1.txt

Icom ICR71A mods

           Continue rocking both the controls until  a  fre-
           quency of 0.000.0 appears on the digital display.

       4.  Depress the WRITE button.  This stores the  0.000
           MHz frequency in a memory channel.

           You can now rotate the MAIN TUNING knob clockwise
           to  tune  up  from 0.000 MHz to the frequency you
           want.  Be careful: if you rotate the MAIN  TUNING
           knob counterclockwise, the radio will immediately
           revert to 29.999 MHz.

     To tune below 100 kHz in the future,  just  recall  the
     0.000 MHz frequency from the memory channel and use the
     tuning knob to tune upward.  That way, you  don't  have
     to  use  two  hands  every  time you tune to a VLF fre-

     I used a Wavetek 180 sweep/function generator to verify
     that  the R71A is indeed receptive to signals below 100

Bob Parnass AJ9S,  AT&T Bell Laboratories  -  att!ihuxz!parnass - (312)979-5414

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