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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icr70003.txt

Icom ICR7000 mods

Long live tinkering!

  Jack Albert, WA9FVP, reports that he tried  a  modification,
  and  it  works!  Jack doesn't have the remote control option
  in his R7000, so he elected to use the  front  panel  REMOTE
  switch as a bank switch.

  He installed a 48,000 ohm resistor between IC8  pin  19  and
  ground,  and  ran  a  wire from the REMOTE switch to pin 19.
  When you switch between banks,  you  must  also  rotate  the
  channel selector knob, forcing to the microprocessor to read
  from memory.

A word of warning:

If the remote switch is used to directly select the new bank,
you will be placing 13.8V on pin 19 of IC8, which is too high.
Instead, make a voltage divider by putting a 68k resistor between
the output of the remote switch and pin 19, and a 39k resistor
between pin 19 and ground.

Bob Morrow

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