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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icciiv8.txt

Computer Control of Icom Amateur Gear

                        Appendix 2 -- Jumper Selections
               There are jumpers in the ICOM rigs to set the device
          address, baud rate, and to enable the group call feature.
          You must look on the schematic to find them.  The jumper to
          enable the gr          transceive enabled.
               I have specific information           the 735 codes and the schematic.
          For the 735 -
               The jumpers use lines labeled DB0 through DB5 a          nector J22 on the PL board.  Lines DB0 through DB2 set the
          device address.  Line DB3 is the transceive enable.  The
                       DB4  DB5  Baud
                  0                    1    1    300
          The 735 is set at the factory to add    frequency or modulation mode manually.  You will receive a
          group call packet that contains as its 4th byte the address
          of the rig.

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