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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icciiv5.txt

Computer Control of Icom Amateur Gear

                                     - 5 -
          05   Set frequency.  The data format is given above.  If the
               data contains fewer digits than the rig uses, the
               digits sent will be changed and the rest will remain
                            within its tuning range, it responds with a packet con-
               taining the d               If it didn't like the data, it responds with the data
               These acknowledgement codes are used by all following
         cy data by
               sending the "FA" acknowledgement and: 1) If the        quency data that is more than 30 MHzne byte is sent, it sets the
               mode per the above table.  If tw          07   Set VFO status.  If no data is sent, the rig changes
               from MEMORY mode to VFO mode.  If data 00 or 01 is
               sent, the          08   Set memory channel.  If no data is sent, the rig
               changes from VFO mode to MEMORY mode.  If BCD channel
               data is sent, the rig changes to that memory channel.
          09   Store displayed frequency and mode into displayed
               memory channel.  No dat     to a VFO.  No data required.
                 I will give a few examples of codes and responses for
          the 735.  The 735 is at address 04 and the computer nnel, and code 03 to read the frequency).
          Assume the 735 has the frequency 7.12750 MHz stored in
          memory #1.

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