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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icciiv4.txt

Computer Control of Icom Amateur Gear

                          Control Codes and Responses
               Most of the following codes are adesses an acknowledgement packet to the <TX>
          contained in the control packet.  The first two codes, 00
          and 01, can be sent to the "group call addres          nowledgement.           without computer intervention.  Rigs can be inhibited from
          sending and receiving group call packets by an internal
                                     - 4 -
          jumper.  See Appendix 2 for more details.  These codes can
          also be sent with a specific, non-zero <RX>, in which case
          they will be recei          
          00   Set frequency.  See above foode desired.
                                Data      Mode
          02   Report tuning range.  No data required.  The rig will
               report its frequency limits in the format
                FE FE <RX> <TX> 02 <upper limit> 2D <lower limit> FD
               (Hex 2D is the ASCII hyphen.) According to ICOM, some
               rig               format
          04   Report modulation mode.  No data required.  The
               return an additional byte indicating the bandwidth.
 h> FD
               The bandwidth codes are:
                            Data      Bandwidth
                            01        Width 1 (widest)
                            02        Width 2 (narr          

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