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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icciiv3.txt

Computer Control of Icom Amateur Gear

                                     - 3 -
               Bytes #6 through #n contain any data required by the
          control code, in BCD format with 2 decimal digits per byte.
       ing the
          1-Hz and 10-Hz digits.  These digits are sent even if they
          are not used by the rig, so that the data format is the same
          for all rigs regardless of their frequency coverage and
            MHz.  This is broken up into two-digit groups:
                                 25  13  24  40
          It is then coded in BCD.  In other words, consider each
          digit group to be a hexadecimal number instead of decimal.
                 FE  FE  <RX>                 If you have more than one 
         rig on the network you may
         collision has occurred.  Each rig, when sending, monitors
          the interface.  If it does not receive exactly what it sent,
          then a collision occurred,          sending a packet, it will 
          wait until the network is idle,
          then send the jammer code.  A rig that receives this code
          will realize that a collision has occurred and ignore the
          ports are bi-directional, your computer wi          


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