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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icciiv2.txt

Computer Control of Icom Amateur Gear

ICCIIV.2                                     - 2 -
          model CT-17 level converter for RS232.
               The interface uses a "carrier-sense, multiple-access
          with collision detection" local area network protocol, so
          that multiple rigs can be connected in parallel without dif-
          ficulty.  Thus, you can use the same RS232 line and level-
          converter interface to control many rigs.  Each rig must
          have a unique address, which is set by internal jumpers.
          Each model comes factory preset to its own address, which is
          04 for the 735 and 08 for the R7000.  Appendix 2 has infor-
          mation on the jumper settings.
               I will use the words "receive" and "send" to refer to
          data transmissionhe word "rig" to mean an ICOM product using the
          CI-V interface.
               The rigs send and receive data in variable length pack-
          ets, which are formatted as follows:
                  Byte #    Contents
                  1         hex 'FE' (i.e. 11111110 binary, 254 decimal)
                  2         hex 'FE'
                  3         <RX>
                  4         <TX>
                  5         <Code>
                  6-n       <BCD data of variable length>
                  n+1       hex 'FD'

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