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TUCoPS :: Radio :: icciiv.txt

Computer Control of Icom Amateur Gear

                     Computer Control of ICOM Amateur Gear
                              Carl Clawson, N7KBV
                              General Description
               Several ICOM products feature a built-in computer
          interface connected to a 1/8" phone jack on the rear panel.
          However, ICOM gives no information about this interface in
          the instruction manuals that I've seen.  The information
          exists within ICOM, and my dealer managed to get it for me.
               This interface, called the "CI-V" by ICOM, is standard
          on the following models:  735, 761, 275, 375, 475, and
          R7000.  Earlier models used the CI-IV parallel interface,
          which can be connected to CI-V by ICOM's UX-14 converter.
          Models using the CI-IV are the 751, 271, 471, 1271, and R71.
          The information I got from ICOM was written with the 735 in
          mind, but a listing of a BASIC program to control the R7000
          was appended.  I believe it will help with the other models,
          too.  The control codes and data format should be the same
          for all of them.

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