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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic900_5.txt

Icom IC-900 mods

#: 79969 S7/Vendor Support
    16-Aug-88  23:54:53
Sb: IC900.MOD Correction
Fm: Larry A. Bronstone 72667,3201
To: sysop (X)

I just downloaded the file IC900.MOD and noticed a few errors.
       1.      On the 220 band install a diode at 2C not 1C (1C is for the
               144 band).
       2.      The diagram showing the stock matrix layout has a diode at
               2H.  The diode is actually at 3H. As a point of clarification
removing diodes 4B, 3B and 3D gives maximum receive coverage on all bands.  The
diode that ICOM uses on their matrix board is 1SS211.  The matrix is inside the
REMOTE CONTROLLER along with all of the memory settings. MINI-REPEATER
instructions (addition of diode 1A on matrix and (S1 & S2 both in position 2 -
interface unit A).
       1.      Both frequencies in the MAIN and SUB bands must be in the
       2       The LOCK switch acts as the repeat on/off switch.  With the LOCK
switch activated, the LOCK indicator will flash.
       3.      When a signal is received on the SUB band it will be
retransmitted on the MAIN band.  If a signal is received on the MAIN band, the
unit will reverse the MAIN and SUB frequencies, then retransmit on the MAIN
       4.      If either of the band units have DUP activated, the LOCK switch
will function as normal.  The LOCK switch disables the front panel controls
when activated even in repeater mode.
       5.      The MINI-Repeater operation will also operate if the optional
tone units are installed, however, both bands to be used in the Mini-Repeater
operation MUST have the option installed and activated.

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