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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic900_4.txt

Icom IC-900 mods

IC 900.4

	Mobile extender (cross band link) operation:

	Install a diode in position (1,A) in the control head.

	Open the Interface A unit, and look for two switches near
	where the optional tone and digital squelch boards go.
        (next to the "option 1" space"
    	Put these two switches in position 2, then reassemble unit.

	To operate as a crossband link:

        Set radio in VFO mode, and select  frequencies (simplex 
	mode) in the two bands of interest, then turn on the "lock"
	switch on the side of the control head. The "lock" indicator
	on the LCD display should blink. 
	A signal recieved on band 1 will be repeated on band two, 
	and vice versa.	For example:

	223.500 MHz <======> IC900 <======> 146.520 MHz
        The frequencies on the display will swap back and forth 
        depending on the frequency being transmitted at the time.

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