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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic751_6.txt

Icom IC-751 Mods

Let me put it bluntly - if
you get caught using ham radio equipment on frequencies that
you're not authorized to use, you could lose your license and
might also face stiff fine or imprisonment.  Before even
contemplating making any modification to your equipment,
weigh carefully the consequences of operating on frequencies
outside of your license category.
The ICOM 02-AT 2 meter handheld will go into the 150 MHz
range with some modification.
On the ICOM 02-AT, as well as on the ICOM -4-AT for VHF
and/or UHF work, both units require semi-major diode surgery
for frequency expansion.  For VHF, two diodes are removed and
three are added for the ICOM 02-AT to extend all the way up
to 165 MHz.  For UHF work, two diodes are added to extend the
range of the ICOM 04-AT.  The modification is tricky, and a
bit complicated.

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