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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic735_1.txt

Icom IC-735 Unlock mod


Subject: IC735 Remote Working
Hi All,
       I have finally got the remote control working on the IC735.
       The interface is home-made and uses just 2 transistors, 1 diode,
       5 resistors, DB25 and a DB15(to get 5v from games port).
       The software is a major re-hash of VK7TM's FT757 effort in ARA.
       All functions are driven from the XT keyboard and the software
       allows scanning of a LARGE number of frequencies on the same or
       on different bands.
       The trials and tribulations of all this effort were NOT assisted
       in any way by the manufacturers local office in Melbourne.  A call
       for information was not very successful.  (try it and see!)
       If you are contemplating the idea of turning your IC735 into a
       multi-channel HF scanner, I may be contacted @ VK3YZW BBS..
       The software is suitable for use with XT/AT Clone...
       Available control functions:
       Send a new frequency to the radio from the keyboard.
       Send a new Mode to the radio.
       Select VFO  A  or  VFO  B.
       Select a different memory channel
       Enable the selected memory channel
       Write current  Freq/Mode to selected memory channel.
       Write current  Freq/Mode to last used VFO.
       Read/Edit/Use a frequency file from Disk.
       SCAN frequencies in a frequency file.
       The frequency files contain frequency/mode/description of station
       all of which is displayed on the screen when the file is active.
                                                   73, Bob  VK3CDE


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