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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic725_1.txt

Icom IC-725 mods


 12) The radio will now transmit from 1.5 MHz to 33 Mhz.  (It will transmit
     even lower but the power output drops off and I don't know if doing so
     will damage the transmitter.

     ENABLE PREAMP Bve bottom cover.

  2) Locate Q12 on Main Unit.  1/3 way from left side of board.

     Q12 is the transistor that bypasses the preamp below 1.5 MHz
     to avoid overload when listening to AM Broadcast Stations.

  3) Clip the lead of Q12 closest the front of the radio.

  4) That's it, the preamp will now work below 1.5 MHz!


   1) Remove bottom cover.

   2) Locate R44 on Main Unit (100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor).

   3) Lift the side of R44 closest the front of the radio.

   4) Solder a piece of wire to the end of R44 that you lifted.

   5) Solder the other end of the wire to W54 which is located near the left
      side of IC15.

      This will supply a constant 8 Volts lly the 8 Volts is only present
      when in CW or SSB Modes, disabling the noise blanker in AM & FM modes.

      I have done all of the above mods to my own 725 and they work great!
      These mods should also work with the IC-726.
      I'll let everyone know for sure when I get one!

        <<Preamp and Noise Blanker Modifications courtesy of N1FCJ>>

P.S.  If you have any good modifications for any radios, please pass them
      along to me.  I am starting a database of modifications for various
      radios and I'm happy to pass along info to anyone who needs it.

      Homebrew mods are especially welcome!

      Joe Musto - N1FCJ>>

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