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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic725.txt

Icom IC-725 mods


From    : N1FCJ @ N1EDF.MA.USA.NA
Subject : IC-725 MODS

                         ICOM IC-725 MODIFICATIONS


    This modification allows the radio to transmit outside of the designated
    Amateur freq.  Transmitting where you are not licensed to do so is

    Disassemble radio following instructions on page 24 of Instruction
    manual, steps 1 - 7, or as follows:

    NOTE: All instructions with the radio's front panel facing you unless
    otherwise specified!

 1) Remove all black screws from top & bottom covers and remove both covers.

 2) Remove the 2 flat head screws that hold the PA unit to the front unit.
    (top front of radio - Not the screws that are in the plastic front panel.)

 3) Remove the 2 screws that hold the PA unit to the rear panel.
    (Looking at the rear of the radio, 1 is above the ext. speaker jack &
    1 is above to ACC(1) jack.)

 4) Unplug the 2 plugs from J11 & J12.

 5) D

 6) Disconnect the large black connector on the left side of radio.

 7) Slide up and out, the TUNER CONTROL SOCKET from it's holder in the rear

 8) Remove the tape from the right side of the PA unit.

 9) Swing the PA unit up to the left and lay over flat.
    located to the left side, rear of the board, next to J4.
    You may have to remove J4 to allow access to D-5.

 11) Reassembly is As if you were
    opening a book!  You now have the PLL unit exposed.

 10) Cut Diode D-5 from the PLL unit.
     D-5 is loca reverse of above.

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