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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic720_2.txt

Modify Icom 720 for Mtel Part 2

On the brand new ICOM 735, to unlock the transmitter, you
simply cut diodes D33 and D34 that are standing on end near
the microprocessor section toward the rear top of the radio.
On the IC-745, locate the RF board on the side of the radio
and cut the light brown wire at jack 7, which is going to pin
1.  Your transmitter is now unlocked.
On the IC-751, locate the RF board on the side of the radio
and cut the black wire going to pin 1 of jack 2.  Your
transmitter is now unlocked.
The ICOM thumbwheel VHF handheld IC-2AT, can also be modified
for 150 MHz transceive, but once you make the mod, you lose
all of your 2-meter frequencies.  You would be better to
simply go out and buy a type-accepted VHF transceiver as
opposed to ruining your present 2-meter ICOM IC-2AT!
The older high frequency radios with VFO tuning (as opposed
to PLL tuning) do not easily allow any type of modification
for expanded transmit or receive coverage.  It would require
so much modification that you would be ill-advised to try and
step up any Yaesu FT 101 series, 980, Kenwood 120, Kenwood
520, 820 or any of the older ICOMs.
For the old ICOM 720, the transmitter is unlocked by snipping
the blue wire that's at the very end of the top hatch cover
to the left middle side of the transceiver.
Again, using your ham radio outside of normal ham radio band
limits is illegal except in an emergency or where
specifically authorized.  Keep this in mind before opening up
your set and attempting any modification.  This article is
presented purely for the safety sake of mariners, aviators,
and backpackers who lay their lives on that one piece of
radio equipment that will come to the rescue when an
emergency should arise.
                  RELAYED   BY...N0KGX...GENE

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