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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at9.txt

Modification for Icom 32at

1.  Unplug and remove the PTT/FUNCTION circuit board and lay it aside.
2.  Remove the top circuit board by removing the screws located in
    each corner of the board. These are the ones that are recessed and
    not the ones on top of the board.
3.  Carefully pry up the circuit board until it can be folded out.
    Plug in the PTT/Function button circuit board cable.
4.  Hook up the battery and reset the CPU by holding down the
    "Function" and "A" buttons and cycling power off and on.
5.  On the bottom circuit board are located the two VCO's (refer to
    figure 2).  The left hand VCO is for VHF and the right hand VCO
    is for UHF.  Located just to the left of the UHF VCO is a resistor
    standing on end. Hook the V. O. M. positive lead to the top of
    this resistor. The negative lead goes to ground.
6.  Under aluminum tape on each VCO is the adjustment point. Normally,
    the VHF VCO will not require adjustment.  The VHF adjustment is
    L554, the UHF adjustment is C510. Adjust the desired VCO for
    a +.5vdc reading for the lowest frequency you wish to tune on that
    band.  Don't forget to retape the holes on the VCO's.
7.  Disconnect the battery and carefully reassemble the radio.  DON'T

continued in file ic32at.4

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