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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at6.txt

Modification for Icom 32at

<<I followed the trace to an small unused pad to the right, and used
that as a connection point.  The rightmost pad of the 5 diode pad set
on the lower right of the CPU board is also connected to that trace.>>
    Now find the CPU.  It's the PGA under the shield near the top of
    the board.  Find the row of pins on the CPU nearest the speaker.
    Notice the the 8th pin from the right has a thicker trace coming 
    from it.  Now notice that there are small solder pads about .25
    inch toward the speaker on both the fat trace and the two traces
    to the right of it.  Solder one each of the cathodes of the 2
    diodes to the solder pads on the two smaller traces.
    This will open up the transmit for VHF & UHF.
<< Oh yes, note that memory channels clear when you do these.  And the
<<right diode opens xmit on VHF, the left on UHF.  You should probably
<<do a microprocessor reset when you power back up. >>

11. Put unit back together in reverse order.

     This procedure worked for my unit, but I can't guarantee it will work
 for yours.

<<After the diode is installed in position #5, this will work>>

Last but not least to enable cross band repeating first choose a pair of
frequencies with the two vfo's for VHF and UHF.Then press and hold function
key while pressing  with the other hand the following "C" "6" "D". The radio
will start scanning the two frequencies continiously, if a station is heard
in one of the two it will retransmitted from the other! The two frequencies
must be simplex, no cross band repeaters yet sorry!

 WR0Y, SV1IW, N1BIP, NV7F, and N7HMF all contributed to this.

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