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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at17.txt

Modification for Icom 32at


Subject: ICOM 32AT as a "mini repeater"

Remove D912 on the logic board.  This is the board on the inside of the
front cover.  With the front cover removed from the radio, look for
a half-inch by 2 inch section of board beside the speaker. There are five
pairs of solder pads on this section which may or may not have diodes
installed. The one you want is the second from the bottom of the five.

To enable the repeater function,
program your desired transmit and receive frequencies into the two VFO's
and set the radio to the VFO that contains the receive frequency. Press
and hold the FUNCTION switch and press the C, the 6, and the D.
Whenever the squelch is opened on the receive frequency the rig will
simultaneously transmit on the transmit frequency.

To cancel the repeater function, Press and hold the FUNCTION switch and
press the D, then the C keys.

WARNING.  Ensure the receive frequency is clear before enabling this
feature.  When I tried this (just a few minutes ago,) the PS/2 on my
desk was radiating a spurie on the receive frequency I had set.  This
opened the squelch and caused the rig to transmit.  The repeater
function cannot be cancelled while the squelch is open and the rig is
transmitting.  I had to move away from the PS/2 to close the mute.

If you want to use this feature, try it before you open the rig. Mine
was already done, so I opened the rig for nothing.  Interesting
exercise, tho.  Use this feature with caution.  I can see that a long
over on high power could overheat the rig before the batteries are

Glenn McAllister  ZL2TLD
Wellington   New Zealand

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