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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at16.txt

Modification for Icom 32at


 Model:         IC-32AT

 Division:      Amateur

 Note:          This service bulletin is meant for technical per-
                sonnel with experience working on solid state com-
                munications equipment.  Damage caused by im-
                properly installing this modification may cause
                ICOM to charge for subsequent repairs to the
                product.  ICOM does not warrant this modification.

 Bulletin #:    13889-004

 Date:          May 1, 1989

 Subject:       Elimination of possible faint pulse noise from
                speaker when radio is in power save mode

 Information:   The power save mode employs a circuit which
                creates a high level square wave signal used in
                the power save function.  This modification alters
                the square wave characteristic to eliminate the


  1.  Remove the covers from the radio and locate the main board.

  2.  Locate C-749 and replace it with a 2.2 uf 16 V tantalum chip

  3.  Reassemble the radio, power up and allow the unit to enter
      the power save mode.

  4.  Check to see that the pulse type noise has been eliminated.

  5.  Replace the covers and return the radio to service.


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