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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at15.txt

Modification for Icom 32at

9.  But, the further you get from the ham band, the more unstable the rig is.
    If there's a U where the memory channel should be, you've lost phase lock.
10. Install a diode at 5 if you want to make your rig a crossband repeater.
11. Do a CPU reset by holding both FUNCTION and [A] then turning on power.
12. For crossband repeater operation, enter a simplex frequency in the VHF
    VFO and then enter a simplex frequency in the UHF VFO.  Hold FUNCTION and
    consecutively press [C] [6] [D].
13. To stop crossband repeater operation, you must be in receive mode (i.e.,
    nobody transmitting).  Hold FUNCTION and consecutively press [D] [C].


  (At the LEFT of the back of the speaker, counting from top down)
  (Original diode locations marked with *)

  1.  Install for 10 MHZ digit keypad entry
* 2.  Leave in place for expanded VHF receive
  3.  ?
* 4.  Remove for expanded UHF receive
  5.  Install for crossband repeater operation

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