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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at14.txt

Modification for Icom 32at



                  MODS FOR NEW MODEL ICOM 32AT

1.  Remove battery and back screws (4).  
2.  Loosen (only) top screws (2), bottom screws (4), and PTT
    screws (2).
3.  Lift bottom of front panel 1/2" and slide down 1/2".
4.  Unplug speaker/mic connector.  Try not to disconnect ribbon cable.
5.  There are five diode locations to the LEFT of the back of the speaker.
    (Note:  If they are to the RIGHT of the back of the speaker, and if there
    are some components above the back of the speaker, you have an older model.
    Just move the diodes until they are in positions 3 & 5 (counting from the
    top down).  This will only enable expanded UHF & 10 MHZ digit entry, not
    crossband repeater operation.)
6.  Diodes should be found in locations 2 & 4 counting from the top.
7.  If so, move the diode from location 4 to location 1 (leave the diode at 2).
8.  This expands UHF receive & allows keypad entry of the 10 MHZ digit.
continued in file ic32at.15

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