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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at11.txt

Modification for Icom 32at


10. Notice 4 surface mount resistors slightly left of center directly above the
    speaker, lined up in a row.  Solder the anode (the side without the bar)
    of two diodes to the right side of the lower of the four caps. Now find
    the CPU.  It's the PGA under the shield near the top of the board.  Find
    the row of pins on the CPU nearest the speaker.  Notice the the 8th pin
    from the right has a thicker trace coming from it.  Now notice that there
    are small solder pads about .25 inch toward the speaker on both the fat
    trace and the two traces to the right of it.  Solder one each of the
    cathodes of the 2 diodes to the solder pads on the two smaller traces.
    This will open up the transmit for VHF & UHF.
11. Put unit back together in reverse order.
     This procedure worked for my unit (and many others), but I can't
guarantee it will work for yours.
Bill Pherigo

--  from WB5RZX @ WB5RZX. -----RELAYED  BY  N0KGX...GENE

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