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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at10.txt

Modification for Icom 32at


  Top of the radio ^

     [[-[>--[[           The number of diodes installed in the top 3 pads

     [[-[>--[[           depends on the frequency coverage of the rig, maybe

     [[     [[           two or all three.

       @DDAD             This is a small diode, by removing it the unit will
                         receive from 300-370 Mhz but this is an untested mod!

     [[-[>--[[           When you cut this one crossband repeater is enabled!
     [[   \ [[           If you put this diode crossed and have full frequency
                         coverage not only you enable cross band repeater but
Bottom of the radio      you can insert the frequency from the keypad starting
where battery plugs      from second digit (without this mod when you wish to
                         insert a frequency in another decade from the one
                         you already are, you have to go there manually).

Last but not least to enable cross band repeating first choose a pair of
frequencies with the two vfo's for VHF and UHF.Then press and hold function
key while pressing  with the other hand the following "C" "6" "D". The radio
will start scanning the two frequencies continiously, if a station is heard in
one of the two it will be retransmitted from the other! The two frequencies
must be simplex, no cross band repeaters yet sorry!
Happy crossing manos SV1IW @ SV1IW

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