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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at1.txt

Modification for Icom 32at


From    : WB5RZX @ WB5RZX
Subject : IC-anded xmit range
                     MODS FOR ICOM 32AT
1.  Remove battery and antenna.
2.  Loosen two screws on top of unit as much as possible without removing them.
3.  Loosen 4 flat head screws on bottom of unit 1 turn.
4.  Loosen near PTT switch 1 turn.
5.  Remove 4 black screws on back of unit.
6.  Lift bottom of front cover .25 inch, slide it down .25 inch, then lift
    front cover up 1 inch.
7.  Disconnect plug on 4 wires coming from the speaker.
8.  Lay front panel on table up-side down being careful of the flex circuit.
9.  All mods are done to the back of the front potice places for 5
    axial diodes, which I will call 1 through 5, 1 being nearest the display.
    Add/remove  there are diodes in positions 3 and 5.  This will
    open up receive coverage for VHF & UHF and enable keyboard entry of the
    10 MHz digit.

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