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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic32at.txt

Modification for Icom 32at Handheld


                    MODS FOR ICOM 32AT

1.  Remove battery and antenna.
2.  Loosen two screws on top of unit as much as possible without removing them.
3.  Loosen 4 flat head screws on bottom of unit 1 turn.
4.  Loosen 2 screws near PTT switch 1 turn.
5.  Remove 4 black screws on back of unit. 
6.  Lift bottom of front cover .25 inch, slide it down .25 inch, then lift
    front cover up 1 inch.
7.  Disconnect plug on 4 wires coming from the speaker. 
<< THe flex cable can be disconnected from the main board by gently
pulling up on the ears of the connector for that cable on the main board>>
8.  Lay front panel on table up-side down being careful of the flex circuit.
9.  All mods are done to the back of the front panel.  Notice places for 5
    axial diodes, which I will call 1 through 5, 1 being nearest the display.
<<These are on the right hand side of the back of the front panel>>
    Add/remove diodes so there are diodes in positions 3 and 5.  This will
    open up receive coverage for VHF & UHF and enable keyboard entry of the 
    10 MHz digit.
<< I seemed to have the same coverage with and without diode #3 installed>>
   When you go out of the range the radio will receive a U appears in
   place  of the memory channel number.  It means the PLL circuit has
   lost lock and the radio will not work.  

10. Notice 4 surface mount resistors slightly left of center directly
    above the speaker, lined up in a row.  Solder the anode (the side
    without the bar) of two diodes to the right side of the lower of
    the four resistors.

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