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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic3220a.txt

Icom IC3220A/H band expansion, mini-repeater


                       ICOM IC-3220A/H
              Frequency expansion/Mini repeater
Frequency expansion:
To extend the receiver range on VHF:
118.000mhz (AM) to 174.000mhz (FM)
Cut D6 on the LOGIC board (located on the front of the radio)
To extend the receiver range on UHF:
400.000mhz to 479.000mhz
Cut D4 on the LOGIC board.
To extend transmitter range on VHF:
136.000mhz to 174.000
Solder a bridge between the solder pads next to D9
To extend transmitter range on UHF:
400.000mhz to 479.000mhz
Install 1SS190 (diode) at D9 position on the LOGIC board.
1.  Set rig to "DUAL" by using the BAND switch.
2.  Set frequencies in VHF and UHF.  You may set in offset on
    either band.  You may also set it up in VFO or MEMORY.
3.  Simultaneously hold BAND and SET key.  The memory number
    will display a flashing "L".  It will be in repeater mode
To disable repeater mode, depress and hold "SET" key until
the flashing "L" goes to a memory number or VFO mode.
The repeater mode will not be disabled by turning the rig off
and on.

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