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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic3200a1.txt

Icom IC-3200A mods

To the side of this jumper, towards the small ribbon cable going to the
display there is another jumper labled "J-10", this is next to the
Capacitor labeled "C-4", also in this neighborhood is a mounting screw
(just for reference).   The only "mod" that you need to make is to lift
the jumper "J-10" for a few minutes and re-install the jumper back in the
same location that it was removed from - THAT is all!

To un-do your "mod" turn off the radio and at the same time depress the
"function" button and indicated in the owners manual and normal operation
of the ICOM IC-3200A is resumed.

I have verified the frequency and sensitivity of the radio after the "mod"
was completed and the frequency display is accurate but the sensitivity at
the lowest portion of the band on my '3200 was a bit deaf, with proper
tuning of the VCO would certainly allow better preformance.

Anyone with other "mods" for this radio?
I'm still looking for the same type of "mod" for use with my
ICOM IC-471H if anyone knows of one.

de N7FSP - San Jose, California.

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