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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic3200a.txt

Icom IC-3200A mods


Here is one modification that I found that will convert your ICOM IC-3200A
for operation on the 430-440Mhz band.
This is a very simple modification and does nothing to harm the radio,
no trace cuts, changing IC's or any of those problems.
The only minor problem is that you lose all your memories when it is
first done, so if you need to, wrtie those 2 meter assignments for re-entry
afterwards. Since the radio will only operate on the 430-440Mhz portion of
the UHF spectrum afterwards use on 440-450Mhz can only be done only after
the modification is cancelled.

Just inside the front panel of the ICOM IC3200A on the top there is a
circuit board that can be seen with the top cover of the radio removed.
There are several componets that can be viewed from this angle, look for
a jumper marked "J-8", this is for reference only.

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