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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2sat_9.txt

Modification for Icom 2SAT


I C O M     S E R V I C E     I N F O R M A T I O N     I C - 2 S E

Push Key + switch on    Requested Mode                  Remark
LIGHT + MON             CPU RESET                       Clear all Memories
LIGHT + FUNC            FULL DISPLAY                    Display Func Test
LIGHT + V/M             SIMPLE MODE                     Info on Equipment
LIGHT + C (SCAN)        MULTI-FUNCTION MODE             Details in Handb.
LIGHT + FUNC + V/M      RECEIVER MODE (All Band)        All Band - no Tx
1.  Start SIMPLE MODE   TRANSCEIVER MODE/               Tx only HAM-Band/
2.  Light + FUNC + C    multi-function mode             Rx see list below
Extent Transmitter      Install Diode AD (D6)           Tx: 139-163 MHz (FM)

Manual AM/FM Mode Change all Bands:                     Rx Band Ranges:
1.  Change to RECEIVER MODE (not receive mode)           75 - 106 MHz (FM)
2.  FUNC + PTT (working in RECEIVER MODE)               108 - 130 MHz (AM)
                                                        138 - 169 MHz (FM)
Note:  (+)                                              174 - 192 MHz (FM)
1.  keep pushing each key at same time,                 204 - 243 MHz (FM)
2.  switch on equipment,                                250 - 291 MHz (FM)
3.  hold (about 4sec.) until "SET" appear,              310 - 370 MHz (FM)
4.  release keys and requested mode appear;

Easily tunning step change (5 - 50 KHz):
1.  push and hold FUNC key for 2sec.
2.  rotate TUNING CONTROL.
3.  Push FUNC to return to previous mode.

Frequency ranges are appoximately and not garantied.  Receiver
sensitivity garantied only in HAM-Band (144 - 146 MHz).

In RECEIVER Mode equipment running exclusively as a Receiver, cannot
transmit at all.

Achtung: nur fu:r den Fachha:ndler zum Zwecke des Service bestimmt.
         Es mu:ssen die Bestimmungen des Fernmelde-Anlagengesetz
         heachtet werden.

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