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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2sat_8.txt

Modification for Icom 2SAT


Date: 5 Jul 90 18:46:11 GMT

A friend of mine in Germany mailed me a *very* intriguing photocopy of
a letter he received from someone who works for Icom-Europe.  It's an
internal ICOM memo with details on how to do all sorts of nifty tricks
with the IC-2SE (which may nicely translate to IC-2SAT tricks).

I have attempted to exactly duplicate the memo below, mangled spelling,
unclear passages, and all.  I don't have an IC-2SAT service manual yet,
and so I'm not qualified to say if this is all really applicable or not.
And, the German at the closing is a mystery.  I typed "fu:r" to indicate
"f<u-with-umlaut>r".  Anyone with more details, please let us know!

                                Bob Cromwell   KC9RG

ps:  For the people asking "what was your original diode matrix, that appears
     at the end.  There was some thought that the matrix programming changed
     after the first few (hundred? thousand?) models.  This is from the
     schematic that came with mine, with serial number in the 9500's.
pps: Before you ask "where's part 1", that was the article titled "Icom
     IC-2SAT", where I gave results of signal generator testing....

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ICOM                                            ICOM (Europe) GmbH
                                                Himmelgeister Strasse 100
                                                4000 Du:sseldorf 1
                                                F. R. Germany
                                                Phone: 0211 / 34 60 47
                                                Fax:   0211 / 33 36 39
                                                Telex: 8588082 ICOM D
                                                To:  Icom Dealer
                                                Dusseldorf, 14.4.89

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