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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2sat_6.txt

Modification for Icom 2SAT


Subject: IC-2SAT TX/RX mod

I read a posting a few weeks ago where a gentleman was interested in any
mods for the IC-2SAT that extended transmit or receive frequency range.
I didn't pay much attention to it then, but when the XYL got one for me
as a birthday present... that attitude changed markedly!  :-)

Well, I gathered up all I could find on the issue and broke out the
soldering iron and took apart the radio that was less that one day old.
                     (OH NO Mr. Bill!!!!)

Here's the straight scoop and I HAVE tried this but you still proceed at
your own risk (in case you were so foolish as to not know that :-)

Take the battery cover off the bottom and remove the two screws.
Remove two screws directly behind PTT button.
Remove one screw where handy-carry strap goes.

Gently pull on the front half of the radio and the radio will split apart
but don't pull TOO far because the front half of the radio is still attached
to the back half with that flexible plastic film wiring stuff.  Fold front
half to the right and lay it down.

WARNING:  The battery//cover release button can now pop out and a little
itsy-bitsy tiny spring can take off for parts unknown. (Ask me how I know
this... I spent 2 HOURS looking for that little sucker!)  Pull the button
out of the case NOW and watch out for that blasted little spring!

All work is done on the circuit board inside the FRONT half of the radio
(the part that you just pulled off).


Look along the RIGHT side of the circuit board and about halfway down the
right side you will see a tiny circuit board that is mounted VERTICALLY
on it, aligned from top to bottom.  Look at the TOP of this little tiny
board and you will see a normal diode (D-9) that is vertically mounted on
the vertical board.  Sounds confusing, but you can't miss it, it's right
on the top end of the board.

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